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Sermons from Lord's Day Worship at Christ Community Church in Johnson City, TN.

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con[TEXT]ualize - Weekly conversations looking at the TEXT (God's Word), thinking together & applying it to our CONTEXT

EQUIP - Audio from our worldview equipping seminars
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After discussing some parts of our time at General Assembly last week, we jump to the end of Revelation 11 and discuss the 7th trumpet.
1-2, Divine Protection & Worldly Opposition > 3-6, Persist in Prophetic Proclamation 7-10, Martyrdom & Ridicule > 11-14, Trust in God’s Vindication
What John Sees & Hears 8:13, Woe, Woe, Woe! 9:1-12, 1st Woe (5th Trumpet): Torment for a time 9:13-21, 2nd Woe (6th Trumpet): Death for a portion Unrepentance for the rest Think God is Sovereign in Judgment. Judgment of the Wicked is Terrifying and Agonizing. Feel Anguish at Unrepentance Zealous for Repentance Do Be Repenting Be Grateful
We discuss the 7th seal and the first 4 trumpets in Revelation 8 today.
6:12-17, The Lamb’s Wrath on That Day 7:1-8, Protected by God until That Day 7:9-17, Standing before the Lamb on That Day Serving. Sheltered. Shepherded. For All Days. Trust the Lamb now. Prayerful Evangelism. Evangelistic Praying.
We talk through the first 5 seals as the Lamb opens the scroll, bringing about God's plan for history.
1, God: Sovereign on His Throne 2-10, The Lamb: Worthy to Open the Scroll 8-14, God & the Lamb: Worthy to Receive ALL Worship
Pastor Bill joins me today (and for the next several episodes) as we discuss Revelation 2-4. Over the coming weeks, we'll chat through the texts of Revelation that we won't be preaching on (due to time).
Pastor Bill Leuzinger. Remember- "I know"- the circumstances of your life (v 1-3, 6) Repent- "I discern"- the motives and intentions of your heart (v 4) Renew- "I summon"- come to Me for what you truly need, a renewed relationship with Me (v5,7) Respond- what will you do?
HEAR: A word for the present (1.9-11) John’s predicament. Our partnership. SEE: A vision from eternity (1.12-17a) John’s vision. Our vision. RESPOND: Fear not. (1.17b-20) Be convinced: The glory of the resurrected Jesus is in the midst of his church. Be comforted: We have exactly what we need.
A glorious wedding feast. (22.1-2) A celebratory occasion and a destructive rejection. (22.3-7) A surprising invitation and different response. (22.8-10) A sober instance and a divine reality. (22.11-14)
Today we discuss our upcoming preaching series through the book of Revelation and how we are approaching the book to helpfully and faithfully hear the Lord's message in it. We share four basic principles: Keep the Aim in Mind Have the Old Testament in Your Other Hand Faithfully Consider the Symbolism See the Structure: Progressive Parallelism
The story. A few surprises. The DELUDED ASSUMPTION of the tenants. The DOUBLE EMPHASIS of the parable. Don’t be so surprised.
Jacob, with Rebekah's help, successfully deceives Isaac and cheat Esau out of his rightful blessing.
Conflict for the unconvinced. A change of mind for the converted. THE GOSPEL for the convinced.
Isaac's story - a repeat of Abraham's story. And God's presence & blessing.
Hangriness and hypocrisy. Holiness and prayer. 1. Roots tended. 2. Exposure needed. 3. Pruning requested. 4. Fruit inspected.
We discuss the birth and lives of Jacob and Esau today.
In this lesson, Pastor AJ covers Revelation 12-16. PDF Notes: Sunday Courses YouTube Playlist: