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v 1-4 Authority v 5-10 Commissioning v 11-15 A Hard Reality
Hopeful harvest.

Hopeful harvest.


The intinerary of Jesus. 35 The compassion of Jesus. 36 The expectation of Jesus. 37-38 Our itinerary. Our compassion. Our expectation.
David's last words start this chapter out, followed by descriptions of his valiant men.
Two blind men. (27-31) Faith declared (Son of David) Silence demanded. Celebration undeterred. One mute man. (32-33) Faith undeclared. Silence delivered. Celebration Undeterred. One irrational, absurd denial. (34)
David's song of deliverance which echoes Hannah's prayer at the opening of 1 Samuel.
Desperation exposed....struggle and faith. Jesus exposed...Savior and Resurrector. Christ Community Exposures of raw desperation. Exposure to Jesus the resurrection and the life.
The difference. 14 The dilemma. 14 The days. 15 The distinction. 16-17
The Person. (A testimonial. A man called Matthew.) The Party. (An unlikely gathering of people.) The Problem. (An expected question & critique.) The Physician. (A necessary image of Jesus & his kingdom.) The Point. (Go & learn what this means.)
A real need, a realer need. A great authority, a greater authority. An evil thought, an eviler heart. A glorious raising, the GLORY-est raising. A valid fear, a verified faith.
The Lord brings relief to the land through David regarding Saul and the Gibeonites (Joshua 9). Then we look at the bookends of David's fighting life: the Philistines and victory over their giants.
The disciples. The two men. The demons. The city. The herdsmen. The Son of God. The comparison.
The DESIRE to follow... 18-20 “I will follow.” But will you? 21-22 “I want to follow. But wait a sec.” The DISCIPLES who follow… 23-25 What it means. 26-27 Who is this?
David's kingship is restored after another threat of division is headed off with the help of a wise woman.
Pastor - Jim Powell. The outsider. A seismic faith. (8.5-13) An insider. A small fever. (8.14-15) The unknown. A sober fulfillment. (8.16-17)
Pastor - Jim Powell "The Many, the One, the ONLY." The MANY.  7.28-8.1 The ONE.  8.2 The ONLY.  8.3-4
Joab confronts David and David returns to the land.
Intern Pastor-Troy Cash Foundational Instructions Two "Followers" (V. 21-23)
Pastor Jim Powell.   7.12 - So about the Law and the Prophets… Then consider… 7.13-14 - The narrow hard way. (or the wide-open easy road to destruction). 7.15-20 - The notable warning.
A quelled rebellion, and a weeping king.
Pastor Jim Powell. The Repetitive Point. (7-8)  The Repetitive Point. (7-8) The Ridiculous Comparison. (9-11) The Required Gospel. The Residual Challenge. Forgetfulness. Paralysis. Control. Fear.
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