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Author: Richie Laxton (aka Richie L.)

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Christian Talk Radio Show Online, discussing today's issues from a Christian perspective and an attitude that Rocks! Join host Richie L. for the hottest topics, current events, and issues affecting this generation of Christians, plus interesting guests and the latest in cutting edge, Christian Music. It's talk radio that is thought provoking, engaging, slightly irreverent, comforting to the afflicted, and afflicting the comfortable. THIS AIN'T YOUR GRANDMA'S CHRISTIAN TALK RADIO! Listen in LIVE online, NEW TIME, 2-4 PM Eastern Time, 1-3 PM Central, every Weekday.
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On today's show, Media Matters: 'It's devastating': 25-year NPR network veteran admits super-woke, anti-Trump coverage, bosses squelched Hunter Laptop Story, exposing the partly government-funded outlet’s alleged bias - Fired CBS News reporter Catherine Herridge speaks out over seized files at Capitol Hill hearing, ‘Crossed a red line’ - Sharyl Attkisson testifies at same hearing sounding freedom of press and First Amendment alarm - most of 'Big MSM' fails to cover the hearing - we'll examine. Bidenomics: Bidenflation, Core Producer Prices up, the most since September - Bidenomics drives credit card delinquencies to record high - we'll analyze. Over The Border: Report claims unlawful migrants along US Border say they ‘Want Biden to win’ 2024 Election - ICE arrests illegal migrants released without bail after alleged assault on NYPD at Target - Democrats vote against bill adding Citizenship Question to Census - we'll explore. Plus, Rediculous comments and audio from 2 sitting politicians - but voters keep voting them in! And, Testing The Faith: 18-year-old plotted terrorist attack on 21 churches in Idaho after swearing allegiance to ISIS during COVID, FBI says - Faith groups protest Biden plan to control their employment decisions - State investigation clears Christian school, but Feds don't drop case - Biden all but DEMANDS a yellow star on Jewish-made products from the West Bank. or
On today's show, 2:06 pm CT, 3:06 pm ET: Testing The Faith: Taxpayers burned by state's anti-Christian 'non-discrimination' agenda, court ordered payments to web designer to be determined - Media giant skewered for leaving facts out of report on Bible instruction - Agnostic editorial writer concerned about churches going "bust" and possible negative effects on society - Christian Woman accuses famous coffee shop of firing her for opposing a particular display and addressing employees by their actual name. - we'll examine. Borderline: Mexico NOW aggressively rounding up unauthorized migrants approaching Texas Border from Juarez - DHS Chief Mayorkas pressed to answer how terrorists were reportedly freed into U.S. - Sen. Schmitt claims illegal aliens 'Prioritized' for Govt college loans - unauthorized migrants continue breach of El Paso border barriers after March attack on Texas Guardsmen - Gun sales skyrocket in the face of US Southern Border invasion - we'll analyze. Election 2024: Jill Biden gets testy when CBS anchor confronts her over Joe's dismal polling: 'Losing in all the battleground states' - Report shows Latino support for RFK Jr. could derail Biden - Furious Karine Jean-Pierre hangs up on radio interview after being asked if Biden has dementia and about the economy - Report claims Democrat Strategists gripe WH not pushing back enough on Biden frailty concerns - RFK Jr. says in interview Biden ‘Much worse threat to democracy’ than Trump - Is Trump too entangled in legal issues to govern effectively if elected? - we'll explore. Plus, DOJ demands jail for woman who 'stole' Ashley Biden's diary - does this mean diary not a fake? or
On today's show, 1:06 pm CT, 2:06 pm ET: Faith Under Fire: Teacher prays before school begins, all hell breaks loose - Biden Admin. jailing people for PRAYING? - Reports say major company seriously discriminates against Christians - we'll examine. Borders No More: Illegal migrants apprehended at NORTHERN US Border Sector exceed last 12 years combined - ANOTHER caravan of 2,000 illegals predicted to breach U.S. southern border - Poll shows majority of Hispanics disagree with Biden, say calling Laken Riley’s alleged killer ‘Illegal’ is appropriate - latest poll shows illegal immigration bigger Issue than inflation, economy - we'll analyze. Plus, Inflation Nation: Feb. numbers show inflation remains stubbornly high as Fed’s Preferred Gauge rises 2.5 percent - reports say America’s electric grid is weakening though energy prices keep rising - Van Jones claims food, mortgage inflation making people not feel ‘actual reality’ - Could the economic consequences of the Baltimore catastrophe be felt broadly? - we'll explore. And, Poll reveals Church attendance decline among most U.S. religious groups. or
On today's show, Run For The Border: Morning Joe blames Trump for Border for escalating Border Crisis - Nonprofit caught on video handing residency papers to man without ID - Federal judge tossed lawsuit challenging D.C.’s nonresident voting law - we'll analyze. All In The Family: Rep. Comer says Biden Invited to 'Defend Himself' in impeachment inquiry - 'Compromised' Biden leading U.S. to disaster, says Air Force general, something brewing at home that will take many by surprise - Dem Rep. Goldman claims GOP House ‘Conspiring with Russia to Interfere in our elections’ on behalf of Trump - we'll explore. Your Government At Work: IRS corruption claims that agency spying on taxpayers 'en masse', Feds accused of watching bank accounts without legal justification - Biden administration sought advice on how to censor people, emails confirm - Government employees hit new milestone: 23 million strong - Supreme justice says 1st Amendment 'hamstrings' govt. - what Federal judge nominee said about guns and a Senator who wrecked her - we'll examine. And, looming Federal debt crisis Congress not willing to deal with, what Ron Paul is saying and how Christians may want to prepare. https://christiantalkthatrocks.nett or
On today's show,: Bidenomics: Bidenflation surges to new hot level for Feb., feds report, ‘Super Core’ inflation soared in January, worst In nearly two years - Iconic discount chain to shutter 1,000 stores as Bidenomics taking toll - Zillow says Homebuyers need to make 80% more than in 2020 to comfortably afford a home, Average mortgage payment has nearly doubled since January 2020 - Home foreclosures are soaring nationwide and rising fastest in 5 states - we'll analyze. Borderline: Darien Gap Highway to global catastrophe being built, this is war says former Green Beret - News host grills Dem strategist over Biden border crisis - Texas lawsuit accuses Colony Ridge developers of 'pernicious business model' - 'Border Czar' US VP Harris to talk with rapper about marijuana reform in White House as border disolves - we'll examine. No Jews Allowed: Anti-Israel protesters beat up Jewish man at theater in Chicago - Staffers at top college sue to stop release of docs to Congress in Anti-Semitism probe - we'll explore. Plus, Testing The Faith: Government launches holy war on pastor for home-churching - California ranks worst for employment-related religious discrimination charges. And, law professor Dershowitz believes Ga. Judge in Fani Willis Case 'Utterly dishonest.' or
On today's show, On The Border Of Insanity: Biden Admin. 'secretly flying' hundreds of thousands of illegals into 43 cities - Elon Musk: 'The groundwork is being laid for something far worse than 9/11' - AZ Governor vetoes bill greenlighting police arrests of illegals - Senator thwarts effort to pass bill detaining illegal immigrants charged with violent crime - West Virginia Governor rips network hosts who mocked voters concerned about border - Fox News reporter puts MSNBC hosts in their place for mocking voters worried about border crisis - Texas AG declares states have 'Right to Self-Defense' - Spate of assaults, murders, and rapes across the country has been characterized by critics as an illegal 'migrant crime wave' - we'll analyze. Election 2024: Democrats urge Biden to see 'warning sign' after voters abandon him, 'Not something that should be ignored' - 'Practice run for November?' Facebook, related sites go dark on Super Tuesday - Biden avoids media questions, 'I'll Get in Trouble' - we'll examine. Secessionitis: A quarter of US adults want their state to secede - Texans, Californians, and New Yorkers are closest to the exit, but another state wants out the most!Plus, Judge sides with grocery store employee who was fired for thwarting shoplifter in California: 'The dumbest cruelest incident.' And, Faith Under Fire: Report: U.S. Sees Spike in Attacks on Christian Churches.https// or
On today's show, Borderline: New Polls show Americans are now most concerned about illegal immigration insanity - Swing-state voters blame Biden, Democrats for border catastrophe - Poll shows 62 Percent Support Mayorkas Impeachment - 'Sanctuary' city cutting some workers to zero hours so it has money for illegals - Governor Kathy Hochul moves forward with plan to prioritize Illegal Immigrants for NY State jobs - Judge blocks Texas law that gives police broad powers to arrest migrants who illegally enter US - we'll examine. Testing The Faith: Christian groups demand apology from Politico over reporter's viral comments about rights coming from God - Hulu hits reverse when confronted for censoring church ad - Supreme Court justice's warning for Christians is being ignored, landmark decision has people of faith targeted simply for obeying Jesus - we'll explore. Election 2024: Did the Supreme Court hand a 'gift' to Donald Trump — and is it a big problem for Jack Smith? - Comer says impeachment inquiry moving to 'next phase,' with Hunter Biden testifying at public hearing - we'll analyze. Plus, Cow Flatulence: New York AG sues JBS, world’s largest meatpacker, over sustainability claims - Corporate media calls for bans on public eating meat to ‘address Climate Change’: ‘Cows are the new coal.’ or
On today's show, Cyber Hits?: Pharmacies nationwide face delays as healthcare tech company reports cyberattack - AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile Customers Hit by Cell Network Outages Throughout Country - FLASHBACK FBI Director Says China Cyberattacks on U.S. Infrastructure Now at Unprecedented Scale - Cyber security expert warned Congress recently about infrastructure vulnerabilities due to cyber attacks and who's to blame - we'll analyze. Run For The Border: Massachusetts Spending $64 a Day to Feed Each Migrant, On Track to Spend $1 Billion By 2025 - Organized Migrant ‘Theft Groups’ Plague Pennsylvania Town - Now illegals surging across America's NORTHERN border - Dogged by Election-Year Border Woes, Biden Weighs Executive Action on Asylum - Van Jones: Biden’s Acting on Border Because Even Dems Think It’s Bad - What the US Constitution and state constitutions say about what Congress and governors can do to repel border invasion, even if the president does nothing - we'll examine. Election 2024: Huge majority of independents pick this candidate if election held 'today' - As symptoms worsen, Biden under pressure to take cognitive exam - Poll finds 70 Percent Say Biden Too Old for Another Term - In Election Year, Biden's Team More Hostile Toward Press - Could Trump be in jail by election time? - we'll explore. Plus, Inflation Nation: Food Costs 11% of Income, Highest in 33 Years. And, Hundreds Turn to Jesus at #2 US Party School, Get Baptized in Fountain. or
On today's show, 2:06 pm CT, 3:06 pm ET: Borderline: Cities at breaking point in California, Colorado, and Maine over Biden Border Crisis - U.S. general says Chinese 'coming to kill us' via illegal immigration - CNN anchor can't handle the truth when lawmaker takes her to school on border crisis - Axios report claims Biden 'exploded with fury' over missing border data - we'll examine. Inflation Nation: Imported consumer goods prices see biggest surge ever - Economic reporter says Americans need to "Get Ready for inflation to get even worse" - CNBC host breaks down where rising prices are squeezing Americans - we'll analyze. All in the family: Congressional Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer announces plan to subpoena major credit card companies for Biden family records - Tony Bobulinski gives 'Explosive' testimony, claims: 'Millions' to Bidens 'because Joe Biden was in high office.' - we'll explore. Plus, 'Five Eyes': Stunning revelation of a former US President using foreign agencies to spy on a presidential candidate, declassified folder could be 'proof' many U.S. intel officials broke the law. And, U.S. county sued for imposing massive fines on home Sabbath meetings. or
On today's show, 2:06 pm CT, 3:06 pm ET: Run For The Border: 30,000 migrants with possible ties to terrorism or other ‘nefarious activity’ released into US claims report - Dr. Phil 'shocked' by recent visit to U.S. border - After whiffing on border security, Senate eyes billions more for Ukraine - Sen. Mitch McConnell defends 'Migration' Bill fiasco - President Biden NOW considering executive action for Border - Could Biden send troops to STOP Texas from protecting border? - we'll examine. Lost In Space: Biden FORGETS the name of Hamas! - Biden Again Talks About Meeting with Dead European Leaders - KJP gets angry at reporter Doocey for asking about President Biden's cognitive state - we'll analyze. Bidenomics: Over one million jobs reported in 2023 didn't actually exist - James Carville advises Democrats not to 'tell people how great this economy is' - Poll shows less than half of Americans ‘Very satisfied’ with their lives - we'll explore. Plus, is the U.N. 'secretly working with banks' to destroy American food industry? - Farmers not sufficiently 'woke' can have accounts shut down without notice. And, Persecution against Christians is worsening says World Watch List - Are we on the precipice of Christian invisibility'? or
On today's show, 2:06 pm CT, 3:06 pm ET: Iranian Proxy War: Biden says he has decided how to respond to attack on US Troops in Jordan that killed three US Service personnel- Actor James Woods rips Biden's 'ditzy dame' KJP for 'new low' - war hawks soar in both parties - we'll explore. Borderline: Mayorkas lashes out at 'baseless' GOP allegations ahead of key impeachment vote - Ex-DHS officials attack leaked Senate border deal, say Biden is trying to deflect blame - Awkward silence hits CNN airwaves when Gov. Kristi Noem confronts host for defending Biden on border crisis - is the ‘Texas Border Showdown’ wrought with political spin and misinformation? - we'll analyze. Election 2024: Calls for Ilhan Omar to ‘Resign in Disgrace’ over ‘appalling Somalia-First’ speech continue - American voters say Biden 'stoking' fires of a civil war, even large numbers of Democrats in agreement - MSM and pundits keep declaring Donald Trump and those who vote for him "a threat to our democracy," but are they setting up a real threat to our Constitutional Republic with the rhetoric? - we'll examine. Plus, It's The Economy: Gallup Poll indicates 63% of Americans say economy getting worse - Top U.S. automaker reports $1.7 BILLION loss on EVs in 4th quarter - Has America’s love affair with debt just got more dangerous? And, Can realtors legally say 'Jesus loves you'? Court issues decision. or
On today's show, 2:06 pm CT, 3:06 pm ET: The Age Of Sleazy: Republican official steps down after leaked audio of 'bribing' Kari Lake - Christian pastor accused of pocketing $1.3 million says 'the Lord told us to' - Biden turns to German propagandists to censor U.S. schools, State Department delivered funding for 'training' - we'll explore. Borderline: BORDER SHOWDOWN: Republican Governors Across U.S. claim to stand with Texas against Feds - Texas’ Constitutional Right to defend against invasion supersedes Federal Law, says Governor Abbott - Border Patrol agents 'absolutely' don't want to cut Texas razor wire, BUT ... - what Biden DOESN'T say about his border crisis - we'll examine. Plus, Election 2024: Democrat Presidential Candidate Marianne Williamson raises the possibility of Biden dying in office due to his deteriorating health - CBS News anchor admits no one he talked to outside NH grocery store during NH Primary was 'feeling good about the economy' - we'll analyze. And, Christian clubs said to be 'thriving' in backlash against 'After School Satan Clubs.' or
On today's show, 2:06 pm CT, 3:06 pm ET: Wars And Rumors Of Wars: Are we at war with Iran? - Houthis back on the terror list - Ezekiel 38 war not too far in our distant future? - we'll examine. Run For The Border: BORDER SHOWDOWN as Texas to defy Biden Admin’s order to give Feds access to park along Rio Grande - Fox’s Jacqui Heinrich Calls out KJP over Border Lies - Mayorkas Impeachment Markup slated for Jan. 31 - Angel Family of Kayla Hamilton sues Biden admin. for freeing accused Illegal Alien MS-13 killer into U.S. - US House rep spars with immigration witness if fake families cross border - we'll analyze. Faith Under Fire: State excludes Christians from preschool lunches, now pays massive price - Feds asked financial institutions to flag Bible purchases - Network edits Jesus out of winning QB's interview - Jewish students accuse university of ignoring anti-Semitism, punishing whistleblowers - we'll explore. Plus, Election 2024: State Superior Court takes control, puts Trump back on ballot - Network racist diatribe gives preview of 2024 media 'coverage' - Could Obama’s leaked confession spell the end for Biden politically? And, what one billionaire thinks is ahead for the economy. or
On today's show, 2:06 pm CT, 3:06 pm ET: All In The Family: Hunter Biden makes surprise appearance at Congressional contempt hearing - GOP Lawmakers confront Hunter Biden at contempt hearing - Biden White House blames the Media for the public’s sour mood on the economy - Daily Caller News claims almost a quarter of all jobs 'gained' in 2023 didn't actually exist - President Biden summons news agencies to say what to report about his accomplishments this campaign season - Get ready to Rumble? - President Biden targets popular free-speech video platform - we'll examine. Borderline: Many U.S. voters think Biden's border 'crisis' now a full-blown 'invasion' - US House lawmaker makes damning admission on why she needs illegal aliens - we'll analyze. American Nazi-ism: One US lawmaker and lightning rod named 'Anti-Semite of the Year' - Governor makes it easier for Jewish students to transfer amid rising tensions at schools and universities - U.S. students rally not for violence, terror or murder, but Israeli hostages! - we'll explore. Plus, Rep. Clay Higgins says FBI dressed as Trump supporters on January 6, 'Easily 200 FBI undercover assets' according to evidence. And, Christian Missionaries report Muslims meeting Jesus in dreams 'in levels we have never seen!' or
On today's show, 10:30 pm CT, 11:30 pm ET: Borderline: Biden increasingly under pressure from Democrats on migrant crisis - Released illegal migrants overwhelm Texas border town on New Year’s Day - Biden admin eyes more deportation flights to Venezuela as migrant numbers shatter records - Nikki Haley revives George W. Bush’s ‘Any willing worker’ policy to import more foreigners for American jobs - we'll explore. Hey Joe: Former AOC aide's progressive PAC pushing for Biden to drop out of 2024 election - Poll shows Biden holds worst net approval rating for a president in modern history at this time in office - House Republicans moving tor hold Hunter Biden in contempt of Congress - we'll examine. Election 2024: Hispanic leaders warn Democrats, Trump could beat Biden - Supreme Court agrees to review Colorado's ballot removal of former President Trump - Poll stunner, nearly 40% say Jan. 6 protesters 'had a point,' also reveals confidence in election processes plunging - we'll analyze. Plus, 1,300 pages of documents from Jeffrey Epstein lawsuit unsealed in third release with additional names. And, Testing The Faith! Conservative alternative to the United Methodist Church surpasses 4,200 member congregations - 'It’s God’s side and the other side': Comedian Katt Williams calls out Hollywood stars as 'plants' and 'deviants.' or
On today's show, 1:06 pm CT, 2:06 pm ET: Run For The Border: Nearly 8,000-strong migrant caravan heads toward the US, Blinken urges Mexico help end 'irregular migration' - Mexico tells pleading Biden, We’ll curb 2024 migrant flood if you aid dictators - Chicago mayor on migrant crisis, 'Entire country is now at stake’ without significant assistance from Biden - NYC Mayor Adams slaps restrictions on migrant buses coming to NYC from Texas as numbers rise - US Rep. Henry Cuellar concerned about Democrat defections if Border situation continues - Texas has arrests thousands at the US-Mexico border as state expands powers to arrest illegal migrants - we'll examine. Hey Joe: Comer & Jordan investigate whether President Biden sought to obstruct his son’s cooperation with the House’s Impeachment Inquiry - expanding Biden impeachment probe after apparent confession of crime - James Biden taped by FBI during probe nearly 30 years ago! - we'll explore. It's The Economy...: Inflation grinch really stole Christmas as Retail sales slow while Americans suffer - Key economist explains why people are unhappy with Biden's economy - we'll analyze. Plus, Muck The Vote: FBI buries documents on possible nationwide vote fraud - AP Poll shows Americans sour on election integrity, parties, primaries - Was the Colorado Supreme Court right about Trump? - learn what one Constitutional attorney says. And, Christian magazine ridiculed after insisting Jesus 'was Asian.' or
On today's show, 1:06 pm CT, 2:06 pm ET: Shock Polls: Biden’s open border’s policy smashes public support for LEGAL migration - majority of Democrats want Joe Biden’s DOJ to prosecute Hunter for defying subpoena - NY Times Poll shows Trump leading Biden with young voters - we'll analyze. Bidenomics: Christmas crash for small businesses, no seasonal business bump as consumers run out of cash - US economist predicts 2024 will bring 'biggest crash of our lifetime' - Mideast violence throws global energy market into turmoil - we'll examine. Plus, Borderline: Texas Governor signs bill making illegal migrant entry from Mexico a state crime - AZ governor sends National Guard to the border as illegal immigrants pour in - Biden's failure to stop border 'invasion' is impeachable offense according to one lawmaker - one environmentalist shocked at literal trashing of Southern Border - we'll explore. And, Faith Under Fire: Anti-Semitism surges 337% since Oct. 7, highest level ever recorded according to watchdog group - School district votes to keep the Bible on shelves after Atheist claimed Its content is ‘too controversial.’ Our guest in the second hour is PR expert and author Brian McGovern. Brian's latest book, “Beyond the Bushel,” is a comprehensive guide for churches and faith-based organizations on establishing and managing their public relations posture. or
On today's show, 1:08 pm CT, 2:08 pm ET: Hating On The Jewish: Ivy League university leaders resign amid outrage over handling of campus antisemitism - US House Rep. Stefanik shreds Harvard over 'complete moral failure' after allowing Claudine Gay to remain president - Israeli official shuts down Joy Reid grilling him on Gaza deaths - Woman slams car into Israeli Christian protest in U.S. - we'll analyze. Bidenomics: Hasbro eliminating close to 20 percent of workforce as Biden economy hammers toy sales - Bidenomics Study shows low income families spend half their salary on housing - Kamala Harris tries to sell Biden to Texan Hispanics, they didn't buy it - we'll examine. Plus, Life With Big Bro': Surrogate spies as massive expansion of gov't surveillance buried in House bill - 32 million small businesses are about to get blindsided by invasive Transparency Act - Feds claim 'Christian and affordable' colleges 10 times worse than hiding sex offenders. And, Controversy erupts when student fails quiz for answering CORRECTLY! or
On today's show, 13:06 pm CT, 2:06 pm ET: Simmering Antisemitism: Harvard president waffles when asked if calls on campus for genocide of Jews violate school policy - Ivy League school takes heat: 'Change your name to Hamas University and be done with it' - Reported cancellation of Virginia menorah lighting draws rebuke from governor - 'Where the hell are you?' Netanyahu hammers women's groups over rapes - Stories of torture, torment revealed by Israeli children kidnapped by Hamas terrorists - Longtime U.S. mouthpiece for Hamas campaigns for terrorists' agenda named as co-conspirator in largest terror-funding case in American history - we'll examine. Schools Gone Wild: Pennsylvania school board president sworn into office with sexually explicit book - School allegedly forces girl, 11, into same bed with boy - School Librarian fired for protecting kids from 'nudity, sexual references' - 'Spotless' Christian teacher fired for spilling school's dark secret - we'll analyze. Plus, Hey Joe: Network anchor schooled on shady Biden deals - Archives to divulge 62K Biden records to investigators, including alias emails - Joe Biden spoke with Hunter's associates 'hundreds of times' according to new evidence - Joe Biden’s alias exchanged 5 emails with Biden associate before 2014 Ukraine trip, 27 afterward - James Comer, Jim Jordan Threaten to Hold Hunter Biden in Contempt of Congress - New CNN poll bad news for Biden. And, Many in new poll are actually willing to ban the Bible. or
On today's show, 1:06 pm CT, 2:06 pm ET: American Nazi-ism: Kosher pizzeria in Skokie vandalized with Swastika on Thanksgiving Weekend - Jewish Groups sue UC Berkeley, and its law school for antisemitism - Wealthy Jewish families dumping elite universities - Senior CIA Official posted Pro-Palestinian image on Facebook after Hamas attacked Israel - Ex-Israeli PM spars with Jake Tapper on call to 'denazify Gaza' - we'll explore. Shut Up!: Whistleblower: Massive secret censorship launched under Obama, continued under Biden - Biden's DOJ demanded info on 'all users' who interacted with Trump's Twitter account - Biden’s media intimidation crusade takes a turn for the worse - College profs say only THEIR speech needed on campus - we'll analyze. Plus, Testing The Faith: Lawyers file opposition to Oklahoma state plan to discriminate against school over its Christian faith - Violence against Christians, 'social hostility' rockets huge amount in a Europe - Gold giant fires Christian for refusing COVID shot, now faces the music - U.S. Justice Dept. takes surprising action with church plan to feed the hungry. And, Borderline: Dem Sen. Bennet admits US Border Is ‘Overwhelmed’ But we should pass Ukraine only without Border issues resolved - Rep. Henry Cuellar (D-TX) wants to bring back the Remain in Mexico policy. or
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