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Episode #107: Knickers

Episode #107: Knickers


Hi! Here's an episode where we talk about Chumbawamba and nothing but Chumbawamba. All Chumbawamba all the time, baby. Okay, and maybe we also talk about Avatar and James Cameron a bunch. Maybe. You'll just have to listen and find out. Support the show (
Hello Chumbaheads worldwide, sorry this one's late. We get a bit doomy on this one talkin about war, sorry about that too.Support the show (
Heya friends! I think this episode is just dandy. I hope you do too. Keep on Chumbin'. | Community Action Relief Project: | Support CARP on Patreon: the show (
Is this one late? I've lost all sense of time and release schedule. Sorry lmao. Anyway here's your weekly dose of Chumbawamba gossip, NRA debates, and uninformed opinions.Support the show
Do you like prolonged rants about Disney's monopolization of mass media and its associated cultural rot? How about the idea of unionizing your podcast? Does the phrase "Celebration Florida Death Pond" appeal to you? If you said yes to any of the above, this episode of Chumbology is exactly what you need. Support the show
We talk a lot about Kid Rock and DJ Khaled on this one but that kinda fits in with the theme of this track? Maybe?Support the show (
Oh, hello there. Don't mind us, just passing through with another song for the old dusty trail. Today, we're talking about lost media, complaining about contemporary reviews of this album that seemed to have not actually listened to it, and of course, talkin' a little Chumba. Support the show (
This one goes out to all the haters who said we'd never make it to 100 episodes of a podcast about Chumbawamba. - Still Standing Series Playlist - The Foo Fighters’ AIDS denialism should be on the recordSupport the show (
Hey there, did you miss us? Sorry for disappearing for two months, we had to go buy cigarettes. Why don't we hang out and catch up on a little Chumba? Starbucks Employees Push to Unionize: the show
You know, for once, I think we stay pretty on topic for the bulk of an episode, so I don't really have a great bit to write here. Uhhh, how y'all doing? Anyone need anything? Glass of water, cuppa coffee? Anyway, let's do the Chumbology thing. Support the show (
Another day,  another dollar, another New York mining disaster. Listen in as we discuss microdosing insanity, JFK, bitcoin mining, and oh yeah, I guess Chumbawamba.More Information about the New York Taxi driver strike can be found here - CAN'T SAY NO's Crazy Frog set can be found here - the show (
Episode #96: WWW Dot

Episode #96: WWW Dot


Hey Chumbaheads, and welcome back to another riveting installment of your favorite unhinged Chumbawamba podcast! This week, we spend a LOT of time getting mad about how capitalism has ruined the internet.  Cool fun stuff! On the other hand, we also find one of the greatest YouTube channels ever. It's an emotionally complicated journey!Support the show (
Welcome to Season 2 of Chumbology! We're pivoting to being a very serious informative podcast, no more of that juvenile humor you've come to know from our previous 94 episodes. Just kidding, we spend most of this episode talking about obscure Super Mario shipping pairs, Posadism, Pythagoras, and oh yeah, Chumbawamba I guess.Learn more about the organization behind the Howard University protests here- the show (
Hey Chumbaheads! We're back! (Sort of.) Here's the last episode from our backlog that we recorded a lil while ago. We talk about Triscuits for a while, and now I'm kind of hungry. See you next week for more new episodes! Support the show (
Another week, another 'bology for your earholes, and kids, this week we're coming out in a big way. | World Central Kitchen: | Culture Aid NOLA: Support the show (
Hi Chumbafreaks! We're back with another episode of that good shit you crave. Here's wishing you health and happiness and Nicky Deuce, starring James Gandolfini and the kid who played Gibby on iCarly. Support the show (
Episode #90: Pass It Along

Episode #90: Pass It Along


Another week, another Chumbology. You know you like it, you freaks. On this episode, we get into security culture, cops faking adverse reactions to touching heroin, and way too many variations on the phrase "pass it along." We also uncover the best YouTube channel with no uploads and a list of ways Bill Gates should... you know. Support the show
Sorry this ones late it was too powerful for us to release on time. Listen up while we spend too much time talking about arcade machines and Guy Fieri.  Also Chumbawamba? Maybe?Recession Proof's cover of Be With You: the show
Hi, Chumbafriends! We'll be back next week to keep chattin' WYSIWYG, but for now, enjoy this bonus episode we released on Patreon a few months ago about the legendary Scatman John. Support the show (
Hello, friends! On this episode, we begin our 22-track journey through the absolutely chaotic album, WYSIWYG. We also spend an unfortunate amount of time talking about a new vaguely NSFW website featuring photos of Joe Biden. That's that good content you sickos crave, right? Support the show (
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Dean The Pyromancer

The best podcast a fan could ask for! Entertaining hosts and informative deep dives make this, in my opinion, a veritable pillar of the Chumbawamba fansphere! Loooove it!!

Jan 9th
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