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Author: Christ Community Chapel

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Tune in to Church Unplugged, the podcast of Christ Community Chapel, for a candid exploration of how our Christian faith and everyday lives interact. Each episode includes pastors and staff discussing common questions or issues related to our faith that may not normally be covered in weekend service. New episodes are released on the first and third Monday of every month, don't miss out on a new way to learn and grow in your faith!

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In today's episode of Church Unplugged, we'll discuss personality tests, including the popular Enneagram Test, that through a series of questions analyze and predict the patterns of our personalities. As Christians, how should we engage these materials? Tune in to today's episode to learn more! *Please note: Church Unplugged will be taking a temporary break over the summer of 2024 as we consider how to refresh and update our podcast!* 
Tune into today's episode of Church Unplugged as we discuss how to navigate being a citizen of this country while maintaining our citizenship in the Kingdom of God. As Christians, we are experiencing a "dual" citizenship to our country and to God, but it is not equal. Our identity ultimately lies in our relationship with Jesus and should be the core of our beliefs as we walk through this election season. 
On today's episode of Church Unplugged we discuss the phenomenon of work-life balance, what it means to leave work in the office, and how we can glorify God no matter our place of employment. Tune in to hear our perspective on work-life balance in the world of Christianity.   
In today’s episode of Church Unplugged, we discuss sanctification. Although it can often sound like an intimidating theological process, sanctification is simply growing into the person God created us to be. Tune in to learn more about what that process might look like and the steps necessary to achieve sanctification. 
In this episode of Church Unplugged, we discussed the possible unintended consequences of AI and how Christians should interact with artificial intelligence as it continues to develop. Tune in to hear why the fast-paced world of technology might be eliminating the boundaries people truly need. 
How do we actually hear the voice of God, and how do we know it's really his voice? In today's episode of Church Unplugged, we discuss how to not only be intentional in listening to God's voice but to trust the wisdom and discernment he has given you through your faith. 
Men's Summit Recap

Men's Summit Recap


In this episode of Church Unplugged, we have a chance to sit down and talk about what God has been doing in our church since the recent Men's Summit event. The event introduced men to the possibility of leadership not only in their careers but in their faith and, as a result, within their families.
How do we, as Christians, navigate the current culture? On this episode of Church Unplugged, we'll dive into this intimidating question and ask ourselves how much we should engage in the current culture and what it means to be a Christian in today's society.
In the recent months following the Oct. 7 terrorist attacks that took place in Israel, there's been a rise in our culture's conversation on antisemitism. This episode of Church Unplugged will dive into how we, as Christians, should respond to the global issue of antisemitism. 
In this episode of Church Unplugged, we'll delve into the significance of our understanding of God's relationship with us. Often, there is a disconnect between our professed beliefs about God and our practical beliefs. Join us as we discuss how to bridge this gap and what it means for all of us.
In this episode of Church Unplugged, we're answering the question of why Christian couples should not live together before marriage.  Join us for an honest discussion of what it means to follow Jesus in every area of our lives, including our romantic relationships.  
In this episode of Church Unplugged, we are discussing how CCC approaches making public responses to various political and cultural events.  How do we process through what we should respond publicly to, and what manner of response is most appropriate?  We're answering that question and more on today's episode.
2023 Election Response

2023 Election Response


In this episode of Church Unplugged, we are discussing the recent passage of Issues 1 and 2 in the state of Ohio. In some ways, Christians in Ohio awake to a new moral landscape with the cementing of abortion rights and the legalization of marijuana use in our state. Join us as we discuss how Christians should process these events and what comes next as we seek to follow Jesus wholeheartedly in our ever-changing culture.  
Ohio Issue 1

Ohio Issue 1


In this episode of Church Unplugged, we are discussing Ohio Issue 1. This issue will have wide-ranging implications regarding the availability and protections for abortion in Ohio. Join us as we discuss the content of the issue and the intersection of morality, theology, and politics.  
In this episode of Church Unplugged, we discuss how sermons are prepared here at CCC. If you've ever wondered how we think about the whole year and decide which topics from the Bible, this episode is for you.
When considering your giving, sometimes it can be challenging as a Christian to balance generosity and stewardship. Should you give all your money away out of generosity or save it? Let's talk about it in this episode of Church Unplugged.
You may have heard the word "community" used often in church settings. What is community, and why does it matter? We're answering these questions on this episode of Church Unplugged. 
In this episode of Church Unplugged, we're discussing gratitude. What role does it play in our lives as Christians, and how do we practice it?
Research in the American church shows that men’s attendance in church is lower than women’s. Women tend to attend church more frequently and are also more involved. Why is this? Let’s talk about it in this episode of Church Unplugged.
In this episode of Church Unplugged, we get to hear Pastor Zach Weihrauch's story. Tune in to hear how he came to faith in Jesus and ended up in ministry. 
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Katherine Shipman

Thank you CCC Group for such an open, honest discussion. I'm praying it will be used to open the eyes of others who are closed-minded to the people around them. Keep up the great work 🙏

Jul 16th
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Katherine Shipman

What a fabulous, open, honest discussion on a "don't talk about it church" topic. Thank you for taking on the tough stuff. Koodos!

Mar 19th