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CinematNIC by Nicole Russin-McFarland
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CinematNIC by Nicole Russin-McFarland

Author: Nicole Russin-McFarland

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Be CinematNIC. Filmmaker Nicole Russin-McFarland discusses movies, movies and nothing but movies. The podcast’s intimate one-on-one format gets to the heart of the matter like a personal conversation over coffee with a good friend.

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69 Episodes
The special effects were beautiful–and weird for the film.
People went crazy giving this film positive or negative reviews according to their political beliefs. The movie isn't political at all. Let's discuss!
The second of Mr. Cameron's hidden films only available for streaming on Cinemax! This movie is excellent but a bit too slow paced for a late night movie party. “The Abyss” is best fit for viewing on a lazy solo afternoon when you can really get into the story.
One of the most popular films of the 1990's has been banished to VHS, DVD, and Cinemax streaming. You cannot rent nor buy this film anywhere. Does it REALLY deserve the reclusive status and misogynistic claims? Films like American Beauty (underage actor’s scene), White Chicks (dressing as Hispanic men), and Tropic Thunder (blackface) have not disappeared from sale. Plenty of films have national security storylines. Why is this movie hidden?
Amazing visual effects, but what else is good about this Neil Armstrong biopic?
Giving it an honest review without hating on the chick flick genre.
A small film bringing attention to tiny racism in everyday life.
I crack the case with multiple reasons on why this film stands on its own apart from other blockbusters.
As I wrote today on my website regarding using a fake men's name to apply for freelance journalism jobs: "In the recent months, I used a man’s name applying to the same places I once asked for work under my real female name. Shocker! People were more respectful to me as the male alias...My experiment proves sexism is alive and well. The #metoo movement camouflages it, but it exists and shall exist well beyond my lifetime. Because I apply under a female name, I am undeserving of employment."
Paul Rudd's first big dramatic role was great. What happened with the production? What separates this film from a standard Best Picture contender?
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