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Author: Rob Ruscher

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All things surrounding the art of production
22 Episodes
Show Overview Adrian Peng Correia learned filmmaking from various video stores around Connecticut and the tutelage of like-minded individuals in and out of the industry.  He has shot various films and television shows for studios such as MGM, Netflix, Lifetime and Hulu.  These titles include Night Owls, Ava’s Possessions, GLOW, American Princess, Deadbeat and Ramy.... Read More
Show Overview Dallas Taylor is the founder and owner of Defacto Sound and the host of Twenty Thousand Hertz podcast. From humble beginnings, Dallas found a talent for the trumpet which kept him out of trouble in high school and got him a scholarship to . While there he found his way from performing to recording... Read More
Show Overview Following up from the Accounting 101 Episode, we are going to discus making the jump from full-time to freelance. It’s not an easy jump and everyone has their story on how they got there. You’ll hear about my story working at a production company full-time to going out on my own, twice. I... Read More
Show Overview This is a unique episode and instead of sitting down with a professional in the field, I talk with you about accounting as a freelancer. This is how I handle my accounting and how you can save money in the process. My goal for this is to help you avoid the mistakes I’ve... Read More
Show Overview The CI Podcast is back and we are starting this thing with Eric Ulbrich. Unlike a lot of guests I have on this show, I’ve actually worked with Eric before. He DP’d an amazing spot of Land O’ Lakes Butter that I was hired on as the MoVI Op. We actually get into... Read More
Show Overview This episode long overdue! Travis Wears and I recorded this before NAB (which was amazing so be sure to sign up for the newsletter to hear more on that), but with work and planning that trip, it unfortunately got pushed aside. BUT – here we are and I'm excited to have this and... Read More
Show Overview Chris dives into a lot this episode and gives a ton of pointers for anyone in this field from a producer's point of view. We also chat a bit about his new company, Cinemadventure. An amazing educational program that throws you into the most beautiful locations around the world. Enjoy! Chris is an... Read More
Show Overview Kaity Williams is a DP from South Carolina that made the jump with her twin sister, Kally, to LA. Love hearing her story and how she never made excuses or delayed the process. It got me inspired to get out there and do things I was delaying. Hope you all enjoy this one!... Read More
Show Overview If you dont know who Vincent Laforet is, you either live under a rock or brand new to video production. Vincent was a huge influence on the DSLR revolution and showed the possibilities of what the 5D Mark ii is capable of. Reverie – if you haven't seen it, watch it now. We... Read More
Show Overview Sam Nuttmann is an incredible MoVI Op and technician as well as a director of photography. Based in Seattle, he's part of the amazing Motion State team. In this episode we talk about the formation of Motion State, his career path and how he came to work with the MoVI and make it... Read More
Show Overview So great to have on Lydia Hurlbut who is the CEO of Hurlbut Visuals and Shane's Inner Circle. Such a smart, business minded women and I hope you all get as inspired as I did listening to her. Thanks to Our Sponsors!   Kessler Crane:  As a bonus to my listeners use the promo... Read More
Show Overview Excited to have Austin Lewis on the show. He's a 1st AC living in Los Angeles working for some incredible people such as Shane Hurlbut, ASC and Joseph Kahn. We dive into some great content and you will walk away learning at least 1 new thing that you can use immediately. Hoping to... Read More
Show Overview In this episode I sit down with Eric Koretz. We talk about his newest film, Frank and Lola, getting into the business and his move to LA. Eric Koretz is a cinematographer based in Los Angeles. He graduated from the American Film Institute with a masters degree in Cinematography and has an undergraduate... Read More
Episode 009 – Chris Herr

Episode 009 – Chris Herr


In this episode we have Chris Herr who I was lucky enough to work alongside of at Shane Hurlbut's October Workshop. When I started the call with Chris we jumped right into it and left off where we were talking when I was last in LA. So, unlike other shows, there isn't much of an intro! HA! So, here's a little bio on the man behind the Movi Chris Herr is a Local 600 Movi Operator & Coffee Snob [I made him admit to this] based in Los Angeles. Chris found his passion form film and cinematography at a young age. That passion took him from Madison Wisconsin to Los Angeles in 2013 where he met the Freefly Systems Movi. Chris ended up shooting the first major feature film on the M10 (Fathers And Daughters) and the first feature on the M15 (Straight Outta Compton). He’s pushed the boundaries of the stabilizer platform both technically and artistically making it a viable time saving tool for large budget Hollywood productions.
Show Overview Episode 8 from season one brings on my favorite Timelapsers, Drew Geraci. If his name doesn't sound familiar, he's the guy who shot the intro to House of Cards. But that's not all. Drew has been in the game for 14 years and dives into his timelapse process along with other stuff he... Read More
Show Overview In Episode 7 we are lucky enough to be joined by Daniel Stilling. A Director of Photography who has some impressive credits to his name along with being part of the DFF (Danish Society of Cinematographers). What I didn't know about Daniel is along with his big time projects, he is constantly working... Read More
Episode 006 – Jon Connor

Episode 006 – Jon Connor


Show Overview In episode 6 we talk with Jon Connor who has been a leader of filmmaking workshops since 2009 along with Cristina Valdivieso which has turned into Masters in Motion. Jon is an Event Director and Co-Founder of Masters in Motion. He is also a filmmaker, writer and editor with over 14 years of experience.... Read More
Episode 005 – Phil Holland

Episode 005 – Phil Holland


Show Overview In episode 5 we talk to Phil Holland, a director and director of photography based in Los Angeles. He also works as a union DIS (digital imaging specialist), a role he created for his unique jobs on huge Hollywood feature films. Along with his passion for visuals, technology and gear, Phil finds time to... Read More
Show Overview In episode 4 we talk to creator of Kessler Crane, Eric Kessler. We chat about the beginnings of Kessler Crane, the path he took with the company, an overview of the film community, and even how he views the work life balance aspect of our field. With a passion for the film industry,... Read More
Episode 003 – Julia Swain

Episode 003 – Julia Swain


Show Overview In Episode 3 we are joined by Julia Swain, a cinematographer based in LA who is doing more than we have time to dive into! Most recently she wrapped production on the feature length documentary, Women of Light. We talk about that, being a woman in the field and networking. Julia Swain is... Read More
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