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City Harvest Church Weekend Sermons

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Welcome to City Harvest! Here you will find the audio version of the messages from the weekend services at CHC. We hope you will be blessed and encouraged by the message from God’s Word. If you have a testimony to share, write to us at
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Do you ever feel like you don't belong to the same species as everybody else? You're not alone. In this humorous yet resonant message, Erwin McManus, lead pastor of Mosaic Church, LA, explores the truth that everything in creation is created with intention, and without faith, we are not living out the intention we were created for. Humans are the only species with the power to create the future. But the honest truth is Hebrews 11:1 is hard to live out: we are more confident in what we have than what we hope for. Listen to this sermon and rediscover the creative power of your God-given imagination.
When you ask God to do something great in your life, you're asking Him to bring great challenges to your life. In this inspiring message, Erwin McManus, lead pastor of Mosaic Church in LA, explains why God gives us a partial victory most of the time, instead of a complete victory. Referencing the story of King Jehoahaz who was promised victory if he struck the ground with his arrows (2 Kings 13), McManus points out that God may not tell us the full measure of what we need to do, so we gain a partial victory and we think we have failed. But the truth is, we quit. Find out how fear stops us from striking every arrow in our quiver, robbing us of our freedom, joy and life—and discover how to overcome that fear.
In this thought-provoking sermon, Erwin McManus, lead pastor of Mosaic Church, LA, declares that to God, nothing in our lives is wasted. Moses is the perfect example of someone who might have felt his life had been wasted. Even if it takes you 40 years, like Moses, to get into the story God wants you to live, nothing is wasted. The battle we face is not to give in to the average but surrender to the extraordinary inside of you. When we fail,  it gives God the opportunity to step up, because we become more dependent on Him. Discover how God sees you and how to change the way you think about yourself.
The most important battle you will fight is the one for your soul. This deeply honest sermon by Erwin McManus, lead pastor of Mosaic Church in LA, exposes the reality that believers may experience stress, depression, low self-esteem despite the fact that they are saved by grace and put all their trust in God. Drawing from one of the most famous depressed prophets in the Bible, Elijah, McManus shows that the inner struggle is real: all the success cannot take away the battle within you with doubt, fear, insignificance, despair. The warrior is not ready for battle till he has come to know peace: peace in the knowledge that no matter how messed up you think you are, you are enough in God's eyes.
In City Harvest Church, we believe that youths are the catalyst for revival. When you win the youth, you will have won an entire generation for Jesus! When it comes to campus outreach, how does a youth, who is still in school, engage his/her campus and bring Christ into his/her sphere of influence? Find out how does a youth find relevance in church today; how should they navigate through the different relationships in life; how can they cope with the stress and demands of academics; how should they relate to leadership in their lives; and finally, how do they find their place as Christians in pop culture? Pastor Kong takes us through these five spheres in the world of a youth today. 
A woman carries a child for nine months before birth. The ninth hour in the Jewish tradition is 3pm: the hour that Jesus died on the cross, with a cry of intercession. In this powerful message to the church, Choong Tsih-Ming explores the prophecies of Smith Wigglesworth and Bob Jones that a great third revival is about to break forth. However, is the church ready? Isaiah 37:3 speaks of a time to birth but the people have lost strength. When we face a challenge, the key is to come before the Lord and repent, pray and prophesy. The number 9 in 2019 indicates the end of one cycle and the start of the next. God is moving CHC from survival to revival.
Sun Ho: Encounters

Sun Ho: Encounters


Encounters should be a regular part of our Christian life. What's important is the not sensation or the drama of the encounter; it is the way we follow through with the encounter that matters. God wants to do a deep work in our hearts, to give us a new identity, a first-hand encounter and a new walk of brokenness in Him.
In this second message from Mike Connell, we learn the nature of God manifested through Jesus' whole life, as described by Father God to Moses in Exodus 34:6—He is merciful, gracious, longsuffering, abounding in goodness and truth, forgiving iniquity and transgression, but by no means clearing the guilty. He is a loving and just God. Learn how to experience the love of the Father by hungering for His presence, leaning on the Holy Spirit to reveal the Father to us, worshiping the Lord till His presence comes, bringing Him all your pain and disappointment—God welcomes, honors and values the broken.
We live in a world that suffers from fatherlessness. An orphan spirit is one that lacks identity, protection, provision, guidance—all the things a father fulfils. In this powerful sermon, Mike Connell explains three things a true son of the Heavenly Father has: intimate knowledge of and fresh revelation from Him; the ability to represent Him to the world; the ability to fulfil the assignment He has given. Someone with an orphan spirit has none of these, so he turns to passions, possessions, performance, people and positions to gain some semblance of identity and purpose, but to no avail. Let this message encourage you to  abandon those powerless things that you have been holding on to and to receive what God has in store for you.
Kong Hee: Faith & Patience

Kong Hee: Faith & Patience


We are bombarded with negative thoughts daily. If we are not careful, under intense pressure and challenging situations, our faith can waver and fail. What can we do when we are starting to lose confidence in Jesus and the Word of God? When our faith falls apart, it is patience that holds it together. Patience and perseverance are the foundations for our faith to stand on, until God's answer comes. Pastor Kong takes us through the journey of patience and how it gives us the power to overcome tests, trials, temptations and tribulations; until we finally can hold in our hands what we’ve seen in our hearts! 
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