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Trusted Canna Nurse's professional team of experts  - Megan Mbengue, BSN, RN, CHPN and Kathy Simmons, BSN, RN  - are bringing their combined half century of direct nursing experience, board certification and graduate-level Cannabis training to Claremont in a unique, experiential workshop; CBD/CANNABIS 101.  Megan and Kathy will focus on deconstructing the myths, lies and mis-information surrounding cannabis.  Then, they'll bring forth the many, many roles and applications CBD and related products have,,,as genuine, effective medicine for pain and stress reduction, weight loss and more.  In addition to a comprehensive presentation, discussion and Q&A, Megan's unique, experiential workshop will include being able to see, feel and smell a wide variety of products so that the attendees reach a level of education and understanding not frequently found. If you are now using or considering trying CBD or Cannabis, this workshop is practically custom-made for you.  Among Megan and Kathy's surfeit of subtle super-powers are deep product knowledge and the ability to reduce and explain complex organic chemistry concepts until just about anyone understands.  Key to their success is a natural penchant for delivering superior personal attention.  These uncommon skills are the key reasons for listening to this short episode, then contacting Trusted Canna Nurse, registering and attending the workshop...and be sure to mention to Megan you heard about her workshop on Claremont Speaks.CBD/CANNABIS 101 WORKSHOPSEPTEMBER 17, 2022  10:00 AM to 12:00 theLAEMMLE CLAREMONT 5 THEATER in VILLAGE WEST450 W 2nd St, Claremont, CA 91711Register on the Trusted Canna Nurse Website:
An introduction to  "Claremont Speaks..." and the host, explaining how the podcast came to be and establishing its target achievements.
Bennett Rea, Grassroots "Man of the People" Candidate for Claremont's District Five discusses his background, his views on racial Justice and profiling, dismantling systemic racism,  solving environmental and economic racism, civil rights and more regarding his objectives for being a City Council member and his core list of target accomplishments.  His interview with host Russ Binder is a revealing, candid and transparent discussion about improving Claremont as a whole, why he is the best choice for District 5, and a much needed, progressive new element to the City Council.
An honest, open conversation with Rolondo Talbott, an outspoken and outstanding member of Claremont's Police Commission, about his life-path, accomplishments, the incident that sparked his joining the Police Commission, his perspectives on BLM, defunding the police, improving communication and his goals and visions for Claremont's future.  
A personal, open and revealing interview with Michael Ceraso, Candidate for Claremont City Council, District 5, in which he brings to light his struggles growing up, the help he received, how those experiences shaped the person he is now, and his visions, goals and perspectives regarding his goas and the value he can bring to Claremont as a member of the City Council.  
Anne K. Turner, Director of Human Services for the City of Claremont engages in a genuine, serious yet entertaining discussion about her unique early exposure to the leaders of the civil rights movement when growing up helped shape the person she is today and provide the drive to accomplish all that she has so far.  Additionally, she illustrates the history, path to the creation, and details of the new 15-unit Baseline Project, clarifying what it will be, who it will help, and how it will affect and benefit the local neighborhood and Claremont as a city.
In a candid and timely interview, Bob Fass discusses his background as a Claremont native and graduate of the Claremont School System, his path post-graduation, and the primary reasons he returned to Claremont with his family.  He reveals how and why he has served the community since, and the key values, considerations and objectives that are the pillars of his platform as a candidate for the Board of Education in the Claremont Unified School District.  He highlights the considerable value he is determined to bring to the city once elected.  For anyone who believes that the quality of the Claremont School System is inextricably linked to the value of living in Claremont, this is a "must-listen" episode.
Kathy Archer is a longtime Claremont resident, an accomplished local school teacher with over two decades of experience in the classroom and has served as Leadership Chair, Department Chair, District Technology Committee Member and WASC Accreditation Chair, as well as one of the driving forces behind the successful Measure G Bond Campaign.  In a one-on-one interview, she highlights her accomplishments as a teacher, reveals the passion she has for seeing her students learn and be successful, and her drive to bring the value of her experience and talents to the CUSD Board, system and Claremont's students.
Chris Naticchia is a twenty-five year Claremont resident, California State University professor, has served on the Claremont Unified School District's parent advisory committee for the Local Control Accountability Plan and is a city commissioner. He is a parent of a student entering Claremont High School this year, and active in the Claremont community,  Chris is now seeking to move up to the next level of contribution to Claremont by being elected to the CUSD Board of Education.  In a forthright, informative and engaging interview, Chris discusses the contribution his considerable qualifications and experience can bring to the board, system and students, and provides a cogent and germane explanation of the necessity and long-term benefits of bolstering mental health, strengthening critical thinking, improving equity and the importance of engaging parents - the four pillars of his campaign platform.  A "must-listen" for every stakeholder in Claremont, especially those with student(s) in CUSD, and voting this November.
In an interview about the new programs, the accomplishments and culture of Claremont's Alternative San Antonio High School, Teachers Jessica Ly and Melissa Gaw discuss and highlight their path to becoming teachers at SAHS, their accomplishments, some of the key advancements they have helped institute at the school during their time there, and some of the special programs the school has started - including a Podcasting Class.  They relate the many ways learning to use the technology has benefitted the students - and teachers - and the long terms advantages and post-graduation benefits of these programs, all to promote a better understanding and appreciation for the work of the school's dedicated and creative staff.  These dedicated, creative and hardworking teachers illustrate why and how the education quality in Claremont is among the best, and can be directly correlated to the value of being a Claremont resident, and why San Antonia High School is a key part of that value proposition.
In an extraordinary, engaging, and in-depth interview, Ethan Reznik, Candidate for City Council, District One, illustrates the unique value of his upbringing, his experience assisting in his family's bed & board care facility, his early political experience, and the strengths and benefits to Claremont of his education.  He explains his passion and purpose in taking on the challenges of running for election and the key objectives he will pursue, including improving the quality of life for Claremont's Seniors and our homeless population, solving the transportation and affordable housing problems Claremont faces and outlining a few creative ideas for the future of The Claremont Club.  All Claremont's residents owe it to themselves to listen to Ethan's episode, even if they are not in District One.
In an informative and articulate interview, twenty-one-year Claremont resident and Community College Association President Eric Kaljumagi reveals his background, unique and substantial experience, accomplishments, and many strong qualifications that support becoming the next Citrus College Board of Trustees member for Area 2.  He presents logical and cogent explanations, with supporting facts and figures, showing the considerable value Citrus College brings to Claremont's students, his understanding of, and plans for meeting the needs of those students, and how his steady progression of experience and responsibility at Mt. San Antonio College, combined with his clear vision and plans for the college's future uniquely qualify him as Claremont's best choice for the Area 2 Board of Trustees position.  Everyone voting this November, whether they are unclear of the value Citrus brings to Claremont or considering attending Citrus College, owes it to themselves to listen to Eric Kaljumagi in this episode. 
Sal Medina, a Claremont resident and successful business-owner for over a dozen years and former Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce, gives a very personal, yet direct and honest interview discussing his family's move to America and the lessons learned from the challenges of owning the Packing House's remaining original business.  Sal then opens up about his visions for District 5 and Claremont, improving communication between the citizens and Council members, moving the city of Claremont towards fiscal responsibility and a balanced budget, and keeping Claremont on the right economic path for the future.  Be sure to listen before making your ballot choice for the District 5 City Council member.
Randy Lopez, a long-time Claremont resident, business owner and Executive Director of the Chamber of Commerce discusses his early years working locally and launching iconic businesses in Claremont, his professional successes and prevailing over very personal hurdles.  He relates how they all combine to drive him to help make Claremont's business community thrive and, as a result, strengthen Claremont's unique culture and lifestyle, and continue to make it a prime choice in which to live and work.  HIs discussion clarifies how the Chamber helps Claremont's businesses, visitors and residents, and why it is one of Claremont's most enduring and valuable assets.  After listening to Randy's episode, any entrepreneur thinking of starting up, bringing or growing a business in Claremont will understand why a visit to the Chamber should come first.
Throughout an informative and engaging interview, Citrus College Area 2 Board of Trustees candidate Laura Bollinger -  a quarter-century Claremont resident and one of several Citrus College graduates in her family - brings light to how her depth of knowledge, valuable and enduring accomplishments, and hands-on experience in key roles with the Claremont Heritage, League of Women Voters, Claremont Library and LA Library Foundation, have been building blocks towards earning being elected to the open seat on the Board of Trustees.  Laura details her key objectives, including increasing diversity, equity, and inclusion, among others, and how these will increase the value Citrus College brings to Claremont.  Every voter concerned with maximizing the contribution Citrus makes to Claremont's students and community should carefully listen to Ms. Bollinger's episode before finalizing their choice for the Citrus BoT position.
In Claremont, Sam Pedroza can be associated with many, many contributions to, and leadership positions within the City of Claremont; he has served/chaired on the Claremont Community Services Committee and the Youth Sports Facility Commission, was the first Latino to be elected to the City Council and served twice as Mayor.  He continues his stream of contributions as President of the Democratic Club of Claremont and serving on the Pilgrim Place Board of Directors.  In this captivating interview, Sam discusses how he came to and chose Claremont to live, what did and still drives him to contribute to the community so ardently and actively, explains and clarifies the events that led to the city's takeover of the Water District being denied and the lessons learned, and offers some foresight and timely advice - from the basis and perspective of considerable germane experience - to the candidates running for City Council and the people of Claremont in general.  Every Claremont resident will benefit from listening to this genuine and transparent interview with one of Claremont's most active and generous community members.
Joe Salas, a Claremont resident for over 35 years, a continuously active contributor to the community, a tireless homeless advocate, and Special Education teacher has accepted the challenge to fill the vacancy in the Citrus College Board of Trustees as the Claremont/Area 2 representative.  In a conversational, thoughtful and informative interview, Joe describes his ideas, plans and unique visions for the future of Citrus College and Claremont's students.  Before marking their ballot, everyone who cares about the relationship/synergy between Claremont and Citrus College and in which direction it is going, should first listen to Joe's ideas and strategies for implementing a comprehensive education focused on supporting student success, and understand why he is confident he is the BoT member who can get it done.
Christine Margiotta,  a tenacious,  driven activist and successful organizer/advocate for social and environmental change through non-profit programs such as the United Way, Sustainable Claremont, and CHERP, is the Executive Director of Social Ventures Partner - and a mother of two - has taken the next logical step: run for Claremont City Council.   In an engaging, informative, and thought-provoking interview, Christine explains why her successful record of accomplishments and large-budget management, high-level and hands-on experience, insight, and unique qualifications make her Claremont's best choice for election as District One's City Council representative.   Christine takes full advantage of this opportunity to explain the key distinctions and important details of her plans and objectives to maintain the City of Claremont's fundamental character while bringing about the essential social and economic improvements that will define Claremont's future.  Every Claremont resident, and especially District One voters who value advancing Claremont's approach to homelessness, mental health, economic justice, fiscal responsibility, and criminal justice reform would be well-served to first listen to and understand Christine's positions.
Of the many upsides of living in Claremont, few rival the quality and value of the education students receive in our schools.  This episode's featured guests, Claremont Tutors, are dedicated to, and passionate about helping students make the absolute most of this already considerable advantage.  In this open and honest conversation, Claremont Tutor's President, Mark Ralph and two of his dedicated, best and brightest, 5-star rated tutors -  Christine Ascher and Katie Callaci - reveal what drives them to become and continue to be tutors, how they engage and help students with autism and other special learning challenges, make the best of "distance learning", and earn the all-important trust of the students.  With real-life examples, they highlight how they instill and encourage each student's self-confidence,  assist them in achieving early and continuing successes including achieving honor-roll grades and provide an overview of the hurdles they encounter in helping their students reach their full potential.  If getting ahead, gaining a competitive advantage,  extracting the most value from Claremont's fine teachers and school system.  or simply releasing one's full potential is important to students and parents, then listening to this first in a 3-episode series should be a top priority.
In an in-depth interview, current Council member and three-time mayor Corey Calaycay, the only incumbent in the current election, discusses his journey to first being elected over a decade and a half ago and the challenges, hurdles, and successes of his time serving Claremont on the City Council and as mayor.  He brings into sharp focus the underlying details of what it is really like to be in the position so many are seeking this November.  In the first face-to-face interview on Claremont Speaks, conducted outdoors one evening at Claremont's Iconic Walter's restaurant, listeners will be both completely captivated and informed by the fact-filled, open and honest conversation with Claremont's longest-serving council member.  Even if one is not voting in District 1 and certainly before casting one's ballot if they are, anyone who would like to genuinely understand what the City Council job is like, the perseverance and tenacity it takes just to be elected and the keys to being successful after the election; being fair, acting in Claremont's best overall interest, relationship-building and the fundamental work involved, - will find Corey's discussion of it all and more in this episode -  a "must-listen" for every Claremont resident and voter.
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