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Stuck in a spiritual rut? BYU’s podcast of acclaimed devotional speakers is here to help! Here you will find well-loved speeches given at least a decade ago. Tune in to hear experts discuss their tips for finding success and growing their relationships with God.
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Our life is like a stream—we have been fed by many other streams that have influenced us. Are you heading toward flowing into the fountain of living water? Support the show.
When we have important decisions to make, the counsel of prophets and the power of prayer, together with the will to act, will guide us to our potential. Support the show.
Like flaxen threads, seemingly insignificant habits can build up in our lives and become almost impenetrable. Elder Carlos E. Asay urges listeners to make choices wisely when considering actions that have the potential to become habits. Support the show.
C. Terry Warner shares stories from his life as he learned that being self-centered is the antithesis of being honest, simple, solid, and true. Support the show.
"We believe in being honest, true, chaste, benevolent, virtuous, and in doing good to all men." Guide your life by these principles—be true to the faith. Support the show.
You will not succeed in achieving your full potential without strict adherence to God's commandments. Be honest with yourself about how you need to improve. Support the show.
Steven C. Baugh tells us that when our spiritual branches are cut off from their roots, we separate ourselves from the Holy Ghost. Support the show.
How do we know that God exists? Truman G. Madsen poses questions, philosophical truths and “religious undergirding experiences” to explore the topic. Support the show.
If you can cultivate a creative mind in setting and working toward worthy goals, your horizons will expand and your amazing potential will be within reach. Support the show.
When we think of people in terms of "them and us," we fail to love individuals. The Savior shows us how to love His children rather than judge a label. Support the show.
Russel M. Nelson shares some of his greatest life lessons about the body, the spirit, the power of love, and the dependability of divine law. Support the show.
The key to eternal life is to know God, and to know Him in a way that changes us. How can we get to know God? Professor Mary Williams shares some insights. Support the show.
Each of us has been called to serve in God’s kingdom. That service will require all that we have but will reward us with all that He has. Support the show.
Our thinking habits and dispositions relate directly to our character, and becoming consciously aware of our thoughts gives us power to manage our habits. Support the show.
Why is marriage important? Elder Scott testifies of the blessings of marriage and temple covenants through interviewing and counseling with a young couple. Support the show.
Clayton Christensen teaches about the dangers of success through the historic pattern of disruptive innovations that caused successful companies to stumble. Support the show.
When we respond to the Savior's invitation to "come," we can feel the cleansing power of Christ's Atonement in our lives. Support the show.
Christ taught the pure doctrine to "love thy neighbour as thyself." Elaine Walton says that we do this by enhancing our ability to empathize with others. Support the show.
By using our God-given moral agency in the way that Jesus Christ exemplified, we don't become God's puppets—we become like Him. Support the show.
Andrew C. Skinner teaches about God's nature and character. Heavenly Father does all things out of love and what is eternally best for His children. Support the show.
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Tera Spendlove

Inspiring and uplifting. Thanks and listen to this podcast.

Jan 22nd
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