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The green movement is growing. Women are realizing that toxins harm their health and the planet but misleading information makes it overwhelming and confusing. Join me, Kelly Bonanno, Eco Wellness Coach & creator of The Vibrant Life Method as I help clear the confusion, bring you tips, trends, and advice to help you green your beauty routine & elevate health without giving up glamour or going ecofreako. Clean beauty, wellness & intermittent fasting for the real world with exclusive interviews with industry leaders, inspiring trendsetters & experts sharing skincare & wellness methods & secrets.
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There are many things in our environment and diet that affect our estrogen levels and disrupt the natural flow of our hormones. In several episodes, we've discussed how environmental toxins adversely affect our hormones, this is why reducing toxic load is very important when it comes to our reproductive system and menstrual cycle. As women, we have our menstrual cycle for over thirty years, dealing with painful, at times debilitating cramps, acne and mood swings. Kristen Lee, a registered nurse who blends yoga and reiki with science, takes a holistic approach to help women heal. After years of dealing with severe symptoms surrounding her cycle, Kristen has turned her pain into her purpose. She believes women can live in season with their cycle, that their experience can be a sacred one instead of a painful one. In this episode, we’ll discuss things we women can do to mitigate issues caused by excess estrogen, get relief from painful PMS, balance our hormones and improve our health. Links and resources mentioned: Download your free toolkit: Clean Your Beauty Routine & Improve Your Metabolism Kristen’s free Guide: 5 step guide to happy hormones   Kristen's Website: Book a complimentary consultation call with Kelly Episode 9: What Are Xenoestrogens, How Do They Increase Your Risk of Breast Cancer And How Do You Avoid Them And Don’t Get Pinkwashed
When a character in a movie has a heart attack, they typically clutch their chest, have trouble breathing and fall to the ground with sharp chest pains. This is a common reaction but there is a wide range of symptoms associated with a heart attack that do not always include distinct chest pain, especially in women. Can’t stress that point enough, ladies! Cardiovascular disease is the #1 killer of both men and women in the U.S. and it kills more women than all forms of cancer combined. Heart health is not just something to be concerned about when we're older. A recent study by Atherosclerosis Risk in Communities found that heart attack rates have risen among individuals ages 35-54, especially women. February is Heart Health Month. Your lifestyle dictates your chance of heart problems, including stroke and nearly all other types of illness. 80% of heart disease is preventable, which is good news. In this episode, I share lifestyle tips for a healthy heart, a healthier body and longevity as well as some surprising heart attack symptoms to be aware of that are also associated with other issues so they often go ignored. Links & Resources mentioned: Book a complimentary consultation call with Kelly Download your free toolkit: Clean Your Beauty Routine & Improve Your Metabolism LETSCOM Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor
Let’s clear the confusion surrounding the F word. Fragrance. In this episode, you’ll learn the truth about why synthetic fragrance is the #1 ingredient you should stay away from to reduce your body’s toxic burden. Synthetic fragrance is linked to a myriad of diseases and health issues but it also could be the culprit if you or your child suffer from eczema, acne, allergies or asthma. Avoiding this one ingredient gives you the biggest advantage if you want to create a truly clean, green beauty routine. The Federal Fair Packaging and Labeling Act allows companies to include chemicals that are known to be harmful. A deceitful legal loophole proving they have little regard for our health. I break it all down in this episode. You’ll also learn why ‘fragrance-free’ isn’t always safe and I share my secret cheat if you have a signature scent that you can’t part with yet. Links & Resources mentioned: Download your free toolkit: Clean Your Beauty Routine & Improve Your Metabolism Book a complimentary consultation call with Kelly Episode 2 What Is Toxic Load, How Does It Affect Your Health And How Can You Reduce It With a Clean Beauty Routine?  Episode 3 What Is Greenwashing And How Can You Avoid It?  Episode 9 What Are Xenoestrogens, How Do They Increase Your Risk Of Breast Cancer And How Do You Avoid Them? (And – Don’t Get Pinkwashed) 
When it comes to sugar most of us eat too much. We all know it’s bad for us - and for our skin - and yet so many of us still have a sweet tooth. Why? Lynne Wadsworth, Founder of Holistic Health and Wellness, LLC. explains that sugar is eight times more addictive than cocaine, with the average American consuming 150lbs of sugar in a year. Self-proclaimed “sugarholic,” Lynne used to suffer from pain and inflammation until she quit eating sugar and watched her health drastically improve. In this episode, Lynne helps us kick the sugar habit and overcome sugar addiction! You’ll discover helpful tips on how to overcome the emotional component of eating sugar and small, practical ways to implement the advice. Lynne also warns us that added sugar, or fake sugar and the many names it goes by, is hidden in almost all of the foods we consume. She guides us through what we should be eating instead and easy alternatives for sweet treats. Links and resources mentioned: Register for Kelly’s Clean & Lean 7 Day Whole Foods Cleanse   Holistic Health and Wellness: Lynne's free guide: Free guide to bust those sugar cravings: Download your free toolkit: Clean Your Beauty Routine & Boost Your Metabolism   Lynne on FaceBook: Lynne on Instagram:
There are several factors that could be sabotaging your weight loss efforts and health goals. In this episode, I'm highlighting five things you may not have considered that can make a big impact.  These reasons go beyond the typical things we often hear. Some will likely resonate. One or more could be stalling your progress or thwarting your efforts. I share how you can fix that. Did you know that nearly 80% of people who make new year’s resolutions drop them as soon as February? If that has happened to you, one of these factors may be to blame but you can get back on track. I'm also celebrating episode 25 with a special giveaway! Listen to hear how to enter. Links & Resources mentioned: Register for Kelly’s Clean & Lean 7 Day Whole Foods Detox Reset   Download your free toolkit: Clean Your Beauty Routine & Boost Your Metabolism  Click here to enter the ENERGYbits giveaway for your chance to win a box of BEAUTYbits Spirulina Algae Tablets AND a 1:1 Wellness & Life Coaching Session with Kelly
There is a lot of controversy surrounding what we should and shouldn’t eat but one thing that’s never up for debate is the fact that we all need lots of vegetables every single day. How does getting the nutritional equivalent of a plateful of veggies from one tablet sound? And what if I told you that tablet was actual food, not a supplement? Sounds pretty amazing, doesn’t it? It certainly intrigued me. Clean beauty is not just about avoiding toxins and using clean products, it's also beauty from the inside out which encompasses many healthy lifestyle habits including good nutrition. This week is a hot topic. We are talking about algae which happens to be the most powerful nutrient-dense superfood on the planet. The country’s leading expert on algae nutrition, Catharine Arnston, Founder & CEO of ENERGYbits, explains the many phenomenal science backed health and beauty benefits. You will find the incredible information that Catharine shares about algae and its history absolutely fascinating. Algae has thousands more nutrients than any fruit or vegetable containing all essential amino acids, the highest concentration of protein, iron, beta carotene, and antioxidants, as well as B-vitamins, electrolytes, and omega 3’s! It's also the most sustainable food, you know this eco girl loves that aspect as well. You’ll hear about how Spirulina was the first life on earth almost 4 billion years ago! As Catharine explains in the episode, ENERGYbits tablets are not supplements, they are real food. Algae is a beautiful companion to your clean beauty routine because it naturally helps your body detox. There are tens of thousands of scientific studies validating the benefits of algae, including some about COVID-19. Nutrient-rich algae is highly beneficial in building a strong immune system which is always vital and it's more important than ever right now as we face this pandemic. I'm partnering with Catharine in a giveaway, you have a chance to win a box of ENERGYbits which gives you a seriously simple way to assimilate this super food into your diet with high quality algae tablets. It's the easiest quickest way to get the equivalent of platefuls of veggies without cooking, peeling, chopping or cleaning! Get ready to take notes, Catharine shares a wealth of knowledge. You might even hear my Cher impression. Links & Resources mentioned: Register for Kelly’s Clean & Lean Quickstart New Year 7 Day Reset Click here to enter our giveaway for your chance to win a box of BEAUTYbits Spirulina Algae Tablets AND a 1:1 Wellness & Life Coaching Session with Kelly Visit ENERGYbits to learn more and try some, enter code CleanBeautyScene to receive 20% off! Follow ENERGYbits on Instagram Download your free toolkit: Clean Your Beauty Routine & Boost Your Metabolism
It's time to get in the Flow Savvy Beauties! If you want to enhance your performance, maximize your efficiency, save time and reduce stress and overwhelm you are going to love the concept of Flow. One thing I hear over and over again from clients, women in my Facebook group and my community is that they don't have enough time to eat right, transition to clean beauty, exercise... you name it.  The beauty of flow is that you get more done in less time, who couldn't use that?! It allows you to perform at your optimal level and get more done in less time so it alleviates stress which is the ultimate cause of illness.  Peak-performance Executive Coach & Speaker Chris M. King explains how he sets conditions for high flow environments, professional teams and individuals so they experience exponential increases in innovation and effectiveness while eliminating overwhelm and burnout. With a background in spiritual psychology and neuroscience, Chris helps professionals experience dramatic improvements in accountability, effectiveness, efficiency, and goal attainment. Kick 2021 off in perfect Flow. Links & Resources mentioned: Download your free toolkit: Clean Your Beauty Routine & Boost Your Metabolism Join the waitlist for Clean & Lean Reset  Workshops & Corporate Wellness Book a complimentary consultation call with Kelly Chris King: Chris' book: Renegotiate Your Existence  IG @ChrisMikeKing TW @ChrisMikeKing
Because toxins wreak havoc on our health, they also affect how we look. Toxins do no favors for a savvy beauty. They age us both on the inside and the outside. They can even cause bad breath! Not sexy. The good news is that we can mitigate many of the harmful, ugly effects by reducing toxic load.  In this episode, Nutritionist & Holistic Lifestyle Expert Kristen Owens and I have an in depth conversation about how we can detox our lifestyle on various levels to minimize our body's toxic burden and balance pH levels which makes us look and feel better at any age. Kristen is on a mission is to provide women and families around the world the tools, knowledge, and inspiration to look and feel their best while aging into more energized vibrant lives. She shares knowledge on detoxing our lifestyle for improved digestion, clearer skin, better sleep, reduced anxiety and many other benefits.  Links & Resources mentioned: Download your free toolkit: Clean Your Beauty Routine & Boost Your Metabolism Join the waitlist for Clean & Lean Reset  Kristen on IG & FB: @KristenOwensWellness Kristen's 4 Day Cleanse Jumpstart - focuses on easy steps to improve cellular health, mental clarity, slower aging, immunity, metabolism and energy. Healthy New Year Summit   
Happy 2021! I'm thrilled to start this shiny new year off with a powerful conversation with one of the most prominent and compelling fitness experts and race announcers in the country. Fitz Koehler is the voice of some of the most prestigious races in America including the Los Angeles Marathon, Philadelphia Marathon, DC Wonder Woman Run Series, and other prominent races. She appears regularly on FOX, ABC, CBS, and NBC network affiliates and has worked with A-listers including Venus Williams, Brooke Shields, Christina Applegate, and Carl Lewis. Fitz survived a long, challenging battle with breast cancer enduring 15 months of chemotherapy, 33 rounds of radiation, and several surgeries while continuing to tour the country announcing races. She details her struggles and triumphant journey including the raw, real details that you don't typically hear about. She shares the truth the way your best girlfriend would - the things you wish someone would tell you in her new book, My Noisy Cancer Comeback. You may be shocked to hear about the connection between cancer and sugar. Discover how she kept going and came through stronger with even more purpose and passion for life. She will inspire you. Her story will resonate and bring comfort to anyone facing a cancer diagnosis. Links & Resources mentioned: Download your free toolkit: Clean Your Beauty Routine & Boost Your Metabolism Fitz’s book, My Noisy Cancer Comeback: Fitz Koehler’s website: Instagram, Facebook & YouTube: @Fitzness
I’ve been blessed to have some incredible guests on Clean Beauty Scene since I launched the show in September of this year. This week I’m bringing you a round up of some of the best advice and tips that my inspiring guests shared during their interviews. You'll hear experts, coaches and CEOs share knowledge on various clean beauty and holistic wellness topics ranging from clean nourishing skincare, overcoming emotional eating, non toxic manicures, relationships, stress management, longevity and more. To benefit from all the information they share, be sure to listen to each full episode. Featured Guests: Lauren Berkowitz Dr. Nimira Brianna Wilkerson Lori Kearny Leena Roy Arno Koch Estelle Coombe-Heath Keta Burke-Williams I have more wonderful interviews and content coming your way in 2021! If you enjoy listening to the podcast, please leave a review on Apple Podcasts. Happy New Year! Links and resources mentioned: Book a complimentary clarity consult call with Kelly: Download your free Virtual Self Care Retreat: Download your free Healthy Eating On The Go Guide: Have questions or topic ideas? Connect with me on Instagram and let me know which episodes are your favorite:
Scores of studies show a strong link between gratitude and your health and well-being. Research also shows that a consistent gratitude practice leads to an increase in happiness. Although we don't need studies, we can feel it! Gratitude is the most significant thing that has helped me in my spiritual journey and personal development.  Many are happy to see 2020 come to a close but as difficult as it may have been, there are plenty of silver linings if you look for them. What we focus on expands.  In this episode, I dive into some of the science based research and how to easily reap the benefits and bring more of what you want into your life with a simple gratitude practice.  Happy Holidays! Links and resources mentioned: Book a complimentary clarity consult call with Kelly: Free Virtual Self Care Retreat:
I absolutely love the holidays, it's such a fun time of year but the temptation of all the extra cookies, cakes, pies, and traditional holiday dishes can certainly make it easy to overindulge. Today I’m sharing tips that help me and my clients stay on track and prevent weight gain while still enjoying some of our favorite foods. You deserve to revel in your celebrations without guilt or extra pounds. Don't fall prey to the festive 15 especially if you're already trying to lose the quarantine 15! These tips will help you all year round too. One of them just might surprise you, it has a direct correlation to your beauty routine.  Links and resources mentioned: Book a clarity consult call with Kelly: Free Healthy Eating On The Go Guide: Episode 5 The Link Between Environmental Toxins And Your Weight:   20 Tips To Avoid Holiday Weight Gain Blog Post
If you are one of the millions of Americans suffering from chronic pain or stress, you will be intrigued by what you learn in this episode. Dr. Nimira Alibhoy, Upper Cervical Chiropractor shares a solution that you likely haven't heard of before. She has a unique method of chiropractic care that focuses on the brain stem, creating stability and adaptability helping patients feel good in their bodies resulting in a better quality of life. Stress levels and anxiety levels are sadly off the charts due to the COVID pandemic. Stress is part of life regardless of a global pandemic, it's how we respond and react to stress triggers that have a direct effect on both our mental and physical health. Our bodies hold onto stress physically even when we think we're okay. It then manifests in our bodies often causing pain or illness.  The mind-body technique that Dr. Nimira employs with upper cervical (UC) chiropractic is a technique that many consider the next generation of chiropractic care. It's effective yet gentle, no cracking, popping, or twisting of your precious spine.  On this episode of #cleanbeautyscenepodcast Dr. Nimira and I talk about:  Dr. Nimira’s top tips that she gives all her patients to calm and relax the body and mind  How this holistic method eliminates stress triggers with a remarkable mind-body approach The differences between this technique and traditional chiropractic Are you stressed or stuck?  The role that Epigenetics plays when it comes to our health and longevity Her mission to give patients hope and show them that they do not have to succumb to feeling older than their years or give in to aches, pains, and signs of premature aging. Right in line with my philosophy! How upper cervical chiropractic care relieves pain from migraines, chronic headaches, tinnitus, joint problems, TMJ, Vertigo, whiplash, bulging discs, insomnia, neck or body pain, and more What caused my jaw to literally come out of joint and how I got it working again Links and resources mentioned:  Dr Nimira Alibhoy:    Free Video: 3 Simple Stretches to Keep You Flexible & Improve Your Posture: Kelly's Clean Beauty & Wellness Quickstart Guide:  @DrNimira on Facebook:     Instagram:   Register for Helping Women Find Resilience During Unstable Times Virtual Event:
Aspen Apothecary is a brand new niche scent apothecary creating clean, vegan CBD-infused perfume launching this week! Cofounders and BIPOC sisters Keta and Kaja Burke-Williams have set out to become the fresh, diverse face of fragrance and they are on a mission to amplify women of color. I was incredibly impressed with Keta, this CEO and cofounder attends Harvard Business School as she and Kaja build their business.  Keta explains the benefits of infusing CBD isolates into their vegan, Leaping Bunny Certified perfume and why they chose particular ingredients to create long lasting scents that are free of the harmful toxins found in conventional fragrance lines. You'll also discover what they hope to see more of in the beauty industry as ambitious, trendsetting, inspirational women of color. Let's face it, when we smell good we feel sexy and more beautiful. You may have your signature scent that you've been loyal to for years but it's likely filled with loads of toxic chemicals that harm your health and the planet. I am excited to partner with them on a big giveaway, head to my blog to enter for your chance to win Moon Dust CBD infused perfume (Keta describes it in detail on the podcast), a You Smell Like Love Mini Tote bag and a Private 1:1 Wellness & Life Coaching Session with Kelly. This prize is valued at over $200! Enter the giveaway:  Aspen Apothecary:   Use code CBS15 for 15% off Follow Aspen Apothecary on Instagram:          Follow Kelly on Instagram:  Register for Helping Women Find Resilience During Unstable Times Virtual Event:
This is a special clean beauty holiday gift guide episode! We chat about fabulous clean beauty products that will make every beauty junkie on your list happy. I have curated a list of glamorous eco chic clean beauty products in every category including skincare, makeup, hair care, nail care, beauty tools, perfume, kids and men's lines to make choosing safe products for your loved ones easier.   Please don’t head to the mall for toxic junk – you know the brands I’m talking about. Give your sisters, daughters, nieces, girlfriends, moms and wives (and yourself!) healthy beauty with glamourous eco conscious products. You'll find links to everything I mention in the podcast as well as additional recommendations in the companion blog post on my site:  The Savvy Girl's Guide To Clean Beauty™ Secrets to Looking Younger Without Harmful Chemicals: For information on the Women In Transition Event visit
Overeating, binge eating, emotional eating... it's an incredibly difficult issue for many people. The problem has escalated during this pandemic because stress and anxiety levels are at an all-time high. It's not uncommon to turn to food for relief. I am thrilled to welcome one of the world's leading authorities on this issue. Estelle Coombe-Heath, Holistic Health Coach and CEO & founder of Wholesome Lifestyle Project shares important insights to help us understand the root causes that lead to emotional and binge eating. Estelle shares valuable strategies to help us overcome and heal our relationship with food. She overcame it herself and she is committed and passionate about helping professional women all over the world take control of their eating and develop a healthy relationship with food using her signature Quit Binge Eating Formula. Estelle is a truly lovely, sincere woman with such a beautiful energy. You'll be inspired by her story and come away from this episode feeling hopeful with truly valuable tips that will help you stop thinking about food constantly, heal your relationship with food and enjoy eating! Links and resources mentioned: Free Intermittent Fasting 5 day Challenge: Estelle’ Site: Estelle’s 4 simple steps to stop emotional eating: Estelle's Instagram: Estelle's Facebook Group: 1:1 wellness coaching sessions with Kelly:
One of the most important pillars of health is having meaningful, connected, loving relationships. A strong support system is as vital to your health as not smoking. Marriage is hard, even the healthiest relationships need care, attention and strong communication. I'm pleased to welcome my first male guest on Clean Beauty Scene, Arno Koch, CEO and Founder, Imagine Evolution. He has saved couples on the brink of divorce. In this episode, he reveals what he believes to be the real reason many marriages end in divorce and shares what you can do to improve your relationship, communicate better and resolve conflict in a more productive manner. Some of his insights will surprise you. It's not the same relationship advice we've heard over the years. He shares tips that can potentially change the trajectory of a struggling relationship as well as strengthen a healthy relationship. His method will also help you cultivate a stronger relationship with yourself which will benefit you in all areas of your life. Share this episode with your partner, or better yet, listen together!  Links and resources mentioned: Kickstart Your Intermittent Fasting Program with Kelly Free 5 day Challenge: Imagine Evolution: Arno's Facebook group:  1:1 wellness coaching sessions with Kelly: Dr. Nimira:
Circumstances surrounding the pandemic have stress and anxiety levels at an all-time high. The fact that this happens to be election year here in the U.S. adds fuel to the fire. The anger, fear and vitriol showing up on social media tearing friendships apart is extremely sad and unnecessary. Election fatigue and pandemic fatigue are taking a toll. Are you feeling it? Self-care will help you alleviate that fatigue and stress.  This episode is about easy, feel good self-care, not annoying buzzword trendy self-care that puts more pressure on you. It doesn't have to be complicated. Stress, anxiety, fear and anger thwart your beauty efforts. Stress shows up on your face! It's considered a toxin according to environmental science. It ages you both inside and out. Let's mitigate that. This episode is all about helping you double down on self-care with easy to implement strategies to support your mind and body and calm your nerves without taking up a lot of your time so you can lower cortisol levels, be present and feel better. It's beauty from the inside out.    Links and resources mentioned: Kickstart Your Intermittent Fasting Program Free 5 day Challenge: Free Virtual Self Care Retreat: 
If you are like many women prone to breakouts or if you have a teenager suffering from acne you won’t want to miss this episode. Leena Roy, Creator of Niru Beauty shares how her clean skincare line naturally clears acne and promotes healthier more youthful skin. After mainstream acne treatments failed, she turned to routines and ingredients she learned from her mother based on Indian Beauty and Ayurveda using fresh herbs and spices. After discovering the potency and efficacy of these traditional methods, she created her own skincare products and launched Niru Beauty. Lena has absolutely gorgeous skin, she's living proof that her products work. You'll discover what her special ingredients are, how they work, why they deliver such great results and how they can help your skin. Leena also shares wonderful anti-aging methods and a quick and easy DIY skincare mask with ingredients you can find in your kitchen. Oh - and you'll also hear about my call to 911 and why the fire department showed up at my house! Links and resources mentioned: Niru Beauty: Kickstart Your Intermittent Fasting Program Free 5 day Challenge: West Tenth app: 1:1 wellness coaching sessions with Kelly:
2020 has been intensely stressful for many people. This episode is all about healthy methods, habits and strategies to help you cope and become more resilient. Integrative Health Coach and Wellness Educator Lori Kearney gives us very helpful advice and practical tips that you can implement right away to help you cultivate a resilient mind-body. Lori shares how to cope during the health and economic crisis brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. These tips will also help you during any time in your life when you are dealing with adversity, transition or simply having a tough day. What you’ll glean from this episode will also help you deal with challenges that may arise during the upcoming holiday season. Lori goes deep, I know you will find this episode extremely beneficial. We know that stress can wreak havoc on our health as environmental toxins do. In fact, stress is considered a toxin according to environmental science. The mind-body connection is extremely powerful. Stress is the primary cause of disease and aging. Learning and implementing strategies to deal with stress, anxiety and adversity plays a huge role in your overall health and longevity.  As Lori points out, resilience is something that can be taught, it is possible to grow our emotional intelligence. Vibrant Life Method Group Program: Free 30-minute breakthrough session with Lori Kearney:  Workshops Done with Lori Kearney: 1:1 wellness coaching sessions with Kelly:
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