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Technological and digital news from around the world.
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#ShareNoEvilA new Chrome browser extension aimed at blocking terrorist content following the mosque shooting in Christchurch in New Zealand has been launched. It blocks the alleged Christchurch shooter’s name from appearing in any search on Chrome and replaces any mention of the blocked name with the words Share No Evil. Simon Morton explains how internet service providers and mobile telecom companies in New Zealand have been blocking videos of the Christchurch attack. Digital diplomacy Snezana Curcic reports on how the traditionally secretive world of diplomacy is now being acted out on social media. The governments of 169 countries (88 per cent of all UN members) are now on Facebook, and Denmark even has an Ambassador to Silicon Valley.Wifi on the metro How is the mobile broadband on your city’s metro system? Great if you commute in Moscow, Rome, Tokyo, Barcelona, Hong Kong or Melbourne. However other cities don’t fare so well. In London WiFi is available at stations but there is no connectivity in the tunnels. Wired’s Business Editor Katia Moskvitch has been finding out why there are such differences. Building Information ModellingHow can tech make building quicker and more economical? Using a system called BIM! It stands for Building Information Modelling and works by constructing a building twice – firstly digitally and then physically. But it’s much more complicated than just creating a virtual model as Thayla Zomer from the Centre for Digital Built Britain at the University of Cambridge explains. (Picture: Share No Evil. Credit: Producer: Ania Lichtarowicz



Tech help after Cyclone Idai
As the death toll across Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Malawi rises following Cyclone Idai, families are desperately trying to find missing loved ones. To help reunite families, the International Committee of the Red Cross has launched a dedicated digital website in English and Portuguese. We hear about the difficulties of gathering this data when there is no electricity in some places, let alone connectivity.Decentralising the WebFollowing 30th anniversary of the World Wide Web we look at how the web may change in the future. A network where so much data, money and control resides in a handful of huge tech companies seems at odds with that original vision of a ‘distributed hypertext system'. Given that much of the world is on one social media platform, uses one search engine and shops at one online store – the world wide web of today looks remarkably ‘centralised’. But could it be decentralised?Bee Virus MusicImagine a music track that keeps glitching, but the faults are intentional and the sound files have deliberately been corrupted. The track itself is based on a virus that is threatening some populations of bees and it is now part of an installation just outside London. Visitors are kitted out with wearable technology that transmits the corrupted WAV between themselves, which simulates the spread of the virus and raises awareness of the increasing threat to bees. Social Media PresidentHashtag #Bolsonaro Persona Non Grata has been trending on social media in Chile in recent days during the visit of Brazil’s far-right leader. This time controversy came following a lunch where the dress code for women was 'short skirts'. The social media response to this request spread quickly, with some delegates refusing to go and is just one of many controversial posts on social media linked to the Brazilian President's account.Producer: Ania Lichtarowicz(Photo: Tropical Cyclone Idai lashed Mozambique. Credit: Getty Images)
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Abel Baloi

Hi, I am a Mozambican citizen, likely not affect by the ciclone. Thank you for talking about this and helping with awareness. I must say though, that solution is not effective around here. How can please go to a website if theere is not electricity noor network coverage? That's even excluding the fact that most of those affected by the ciclone don't know how to use the internet.

Mar 30th

Simon Kalolo

Hey c'mon guys, stop with the 'number of listeners' discussion, your podcast is great and you no doubt have big number of listeners our there. For example someone like me listening from Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Cheers!

Dec 30th

D Mac

New Zealand over here :)

Oct 8th

Parth Ganguly

I heard you say jokingly that you have 7 listeners. I am listening to this from a small town in western india please don't stop doing this.

Sep 13th
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