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Author: Dante St James

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The daily word on digital marketing in regional Australia. Dante St James is an accredited by Facebook Australia as a Community Trainer and Digital Marketing Associate along with with a trainer with Google's digital literacy initiative, Digital Springboard. Clickstarter covers the web, social media, digital marketing, content marketing, Google Ads and SEO all with the context of regional Australian small to medium business.
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It’s generally assumed that you can’t target Facebook Ads at people based on the Groups they’re in. But there is a bit of a trick that actually lets you do it, but not though the usual ways of targeting ads.
5: Photoshop vs Canva

5: Photoshop vs Canva


Photoshop has become the default word when it comes to editing a photo. If a photo has been touched up, it’s been photoshopped. But when it comes to making graphics for social media, is Photoshop actually the best to to use?
Hashtags, hashtags, everywhere. On Twitter, on Instagram, on LinkedIn, on Facebook. But what’s a good way to use them that doesn’t leave you looking like a total noob and some kind of makeup tutorial influencer?
It’s 2020. We’re all reading from the same marketing playbook, so we’re all playing the same moves. And right now, the primo play is talking to a camera to build a personal brand. But what if live video just feels wrong?
There’s a hundred reps from a hundred companies all asking you to spend your money with them right now. Radio stations, TV stations, newspapers, phone books, social media managers, SEO experts. So what’s most important?
Whether it’s a public event, a workshop, a market or a show, if you want to promote that event online, there’s a lot to consider. So where are the most-effective places online to promote an event… and why?
It’s hard to keep your cool when you’re monitoring competitors, fielding passive-aggressive slaps from observers and trying to juggle all that with actually running your business. So how do you keep being a good digital business citizen?
You would think that after spending thousands on a new website that it would show up somewhere on Google. Isn’t that the whole point of getting a website?­­­­ Unfortunately, not all web designers understand, or care, about how Google works.
You’re not a Stalky McStalkface. You want to spy on your competitors. But you don’t necessarily want them to know you’re watching them. You’d rather do it on the down-low. But how can you see their stuff without following them?­­­­
We don’t all have the luxury of having a social media coach. We don’t all have the knowledge to do everything right on social media. But there are some things that we all need to get a handle on because they just don’t work.
There’s evergreen rules when it comes to running contests and giveaways on Facebook. And there’s some very good best practices as well, But what are the must-follow rules of running competitions on Facebook & Instagram?
Make content. Then make more. Give value. Give more value. In this world, you don’t advertise, you give value. So when do we get to advertise and starting making some money?
In your early days of creating content on a website or on social media you’re in a strange place where you’re super enthusiastic and worried about the lack of people seeing your stuff. So how do you get an audience?
You’ve got a GoogleMyBusiness profile. Awesome. But once you filled out the basics and got it verified, there wasn’t really much else to do. It’s just kinda sitting there. But in 2020, that little profile is about to get really important.
Until recently you may have been either a Google person, or a Facebook person. At least when it came to ads. After all, between them, they command nearly 80% of all online ad revenue. But which one is best? Until recently you may have been either a Google person, or a Facebook person. At least when it came to ads. After all, between them, they command nearly 80% of all online ad revenue. But which one is best?
You’re doing the photos, you’ve put in a link, you’ve even written a cool blurb on your profile bio, but the local followers aren’t coming. In fact, you’ve run out of ideas of what to post. Is Instagram a waste of time for a local business?
You’re ready to get a new website – or rebuild your old one. You’ve chosen what you want the look and feel to be. You’ve chosen someone to work with. But what are the pages that are absolutely vital to have on your site?
Some people just seem to have it. Others of us have to work bloody hard for it. Connection with people. It’s hard enough to do it in the real world, but when you’re trying to make a connection with virtual people, it can seem impossible.
From Harvey Norman to JB Hi- we’ve all grown up with hard-selling advertising. But with the rise of social media, we’re now being blasted with hard-selling posts to match it. But lately, we’re seeing a lot less of it.
After working with hundreds of clients across dozens of industries, you start to see some patterns. When I ask what is unique about each business, it’s still amazing to see how many of them come back with stuff that is far from unique.
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