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Cloaked--The Blind Series Novels Podcast
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Cloaked--The Blind Series Novels Podcast

Author: Linda Riesenberg Fisler

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Author Linda Riesenberg Fisler reads her Blind Series novels. What if something so drastically extreme--the unthinkable--happened within the US Government, that what happens next could change the course of history? Starting in 1964, Blind Intentions, the listener is introduced to the three main characters of the series. This historical mystery/thriller/political intrigue series is kind of like Jason Bourne meets the Good Wife in the West Wing! Start your journey with us today!
62 Episodes
Linda drops by to say hello and chat a bit. Support the show (
Jenkins, FBI agent, Nicole, and Sean arrive at Jenkins's home after the events at the night club. Just what has Nicole gotten herself involved in?  Support the show (
Nicole is seated at her desk the morning following the party at Blair House. She is still rattled by the events of the previous meeting. She decides a night out on the town is just what she needs. Or does she?Support the show (
Day Four--Blair House

Day Four--Blair House


Nicole accompanies Tony to a party being thrown by Tony's old friend, Stevens. Many important members of Congress will be there. Will she tell one particular Senator her theories? If so, how will that Senator react?  Tune in to find out.Support the show (
It's morning and Jenkins is tired. He walks to his front door to retrieve his morning paper. He should be startled by what happens next.  Tune in to find out. Support the show (
A dinner party at the Barkers turns ugly as Nicole feels judged by the wives of powerful men. Support the show (
Nicole discovers where Sean is, but will she be able to see him alone?Support the show (
In this episode, we check in with Charlie and Kent.  After being interrogated for months, Kent isn't happy with his future prospects. Is it all a game though?Support the show (
Jenkins makes his intentions known. Support the show (
Stevens is excited about the upcoming year now that he is in power, but will Tony join him in corruption?  Listen and find out!Support the show (
Nicole and Jenkins attend a New Year's Day party at the Barkers. While Nicole was ready to have a good time, she is confronted with some information that rocks her world. Support the show (
Sean has made his way to a sleepy little town in North Carolina after the events in December of 1979. Is he all right? Have his demons left him? What is next for this MI6 agent? Support the show (
Author Linda Riesenberg Fisler talks a little about Blind Influence and introduces Blind Persuasion. What's going to happen next?  What interesting facts does she provide about the series.  Have a quick listen!Support the show (
Nicole makes a startling discovery. Her mind raced with theories, but how does she get someone to listen to her. An opportunity presents itself.  But should she pursue it?Support the show (
Day Three-Capitol Hill

Day Three-Capitol Hill


It is now evening and Senator Jenkins is alone in his office when he receives a rather interesting, somewhat mysterious call.  This call will change the path of the future. Will Jenkins figure it out in time?  Tune in to find out just what he discovers.Support the show (
Vice President Stevens is in New York when the Secret Service rush in and manhandle him to the limo. What was happening?  Why was the VP treated in such a way? Tune in and find out! Support the show (
Day Three-Capitol Hill

Day Three-Capitol Hill


Senator Jenkins receives a call from the Majority Leader before they are due in the Senate chamber. What does Senator Mercer discuss with Jenkins?Support the show (
A man was sitting in the interrogation room, waiting for someone to walk through the door. He knew the FBI grabbed the wrong man. Now he just had to convince them. He was growing impatient at the games the FBI was playing. This was wasted time. Who is this man and what was he doing in Washington, DC?Support the show (
Day 3--Washington, DC

Day 3--Washington, DC


Nicole exhausted from what felt like the longest week of the year and it was only Wednesday, arduously walked to her car in the garage. She had been in court the whole morning and was just noticing the panicked atmosphere around her. Sirens filed the air. What had happened?Support the show (
Day Two-Washington, DC

Day Two-Washington, DC


The plot thickens. Meet Kevin Thompson, an FBI agent on a routine visit to the DC police chief. Nicole has an interesting encounter when she returns to her law office. Support the show (
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