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Author: David Leary & Blake Oliver, CPA

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The Cloud Accounting Podcast is the #1 accounting and bookkeeping podcast in the world! Join Blake Oliver and David Leary at the intersection of accounting and technology for a weekly news roundup, plus interviews with industry leaders.
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The Trump Administration wants to kill the PCAOB — and we agree! Also, the ransomware industry is growing at startup pace, the latest trends in remote work, ScaleFactor scales back, why the UK is the next cloud accounting battleground, 7 reasons to date a finance pro, Rhode Island's 1040 form has emojis, and much, much more
In this episode: How Intuit plans to recruit QuickBooks Live bookkeepers inside of QBO (could they be coming after your staff?); Chase's WePay could turn into a general ledger app; the MyPayroll HR bank gets sued; AICPA CEO Melancon says CPA licensing is under threat, but is it, really? And more!
David traveled into the future to retrieve the earworm from the TurboTax Super Bowl commercial and subject us all to its terrors. Meanwhile, here in the now, we're talking about how CCH tops tax software, the AICPA backs legislation to present report on nation’s economic health, and Warren Buffett's theory that complex accounting is a warning sign. We'll also dig into the reasons why fewer CPAs are becoming CFOs, Teller's $4M raise to take on Plaid, what happened with the Summit Hosting ransomware attack, and much more
We've got as full agenda of stupid financial, accounting, and digital tricks on today's episode, including how Google manipulates search results to trick you into clicking on ads, why goodwill is sparking division, KPMG's unveiling of a less-than-brilliant $450 million tech training center, and how audit fees continue to rise. We'll examine what CPAs should know about "tax zapper" software, how a former Wells Fargo CEO has been banned from banking, and share some updates on the continued fallout from the MyPayrollHR debacle, as Cachet Financial Services files for bankruptcy. Because that's not enough, we also explore the Pentagon's $35 trillion in accounting adjustments over a single year, how New Orleans is still suffering after malware attack, and why Mint budgeting software sucks. We'll also take a look at a new "Digital Dollar" project, and talk about Seattle's testing of mobile voting, and more!
Grab a snack, there's a lot to talk about in this episode! We talk about Visa's acquisition of Plaid, how Intuit has made ChronoBooks exclusive to QuickBooks Online Advanced, and Expensify's newest release - Karma Points. We'll also dig into the reasons why FASB is the villain, more consequences of California's Consumer Privacy Act, along with why email is the biggest threat to small business, how even more elaborate frauds are swindling big business, and check fraud. There's discussion about Walmart's attempt at warehouse automation, and why the "Buffet Indicator" may be a fairly reliable warning sign that the stock market is headed for another big crash.
It's Tax Season! In this episode, we talk about how much tax cheaters really cost everyone else, some IRS Free File updates, dealing with 1099s and how tax season might actually be the best time to boost your firm's business. We also examine a survey from AccountingWEB about implementing tech and advisory services, how Facebook lost its own employee data, Chase's directive to ban screen scraping, and the during and aftermath of the Thomson Reuters Virtual Office outage. All this and more cloud accounting news you need to know!
It's January and you know what that means... Everyone is making predictions! We cover the best and worst predictions for the profession, and make some of our own. In this episode: Accountex USA is no more, what's next for blockchain, what's next for gadgets, what Millennials want from your firm, accounting trends that will shape 2020, critical issues facing the profession, what regulators are up to in accounting, AI predictions, creepy applications that will change your business, and how big tech is coming for fintech.
We dive deep into two laws that took effect January 1: 1) California's Consumer Privacy Act and 2) AB-5, which reclassifies many independent contractors as employees. Even if you aren't based in California, these laws could affect you or your firm, especially if you do business or employ California residents. Also, Moss Adams reported a data breach, Receipt Bank raised $73 million, Google has developed an AI system that can match or outperform radiologists, how to keep your customers for a decade or longer, small businesses are generally getting hosed by terrible interest rates on business loans, what's up at FASB, and how much it should cost to run finance as a percentage of revenue.
We look back from the end of 2019 all the way to 2009 — a decade in which technology changed our lives and the accounting profession. Listen for what worked, as well as the tech predictions from the 2010s that aged badly. QR codes, anyone? Also, hear the new Ghostbusters-themed QuickBooks Live commercial, stories about businesses adapting to life in a post-Wayfair sales tax world, what's new with cloud computing accounting rules, how much firms are spending on tech vs. marketing, and what firm leaders can learn from Old Navy.
In this episode, we cover a lot of accounting ground, including some reasons for and against investing in now that it's public on the New York Stock Exchange. We also examine the threat to California's credit from the troubled $1B state accounting program; how Liberty Tax's parent settles with Justice Department and IRS; QuickBooks' integration with Starling Bank in the UK, and what PNC's fight with Venmo means for fintech broadly. If that wasn't enough, we'll also take a look at how new client emails can improve your practice, how satisfying is CAS?, the PaySauce/Xero partnership to serve the farming niche; how to check if you and your clients are affected by the Zynga breach; and a worrisome trend of more and more public companies fixing accounting errors quietly, and more! Grab a snack and a beverage and click play!
Blake is back from the AICPA's Digital CPA Conference with news about the new proposed CPA licensure model announced at the conference. Meanwhile, David's got an update on QuickBooks Live. Also, the four best technologies for CPAs, more woes surrounding California's $1.1 billion accounting system that still doesn't work, Oracle results,'s IPO, who you should tip during the holidays, and more!
What better place than QuickBooks Connect 2019 to bring together three accounting coaching phenoms? We're joined by Michael Palmer, CEO of Pure Bookkeeping, Heather Townsend, Founder of Accountants Millionaire Club, and Michelle Weinstein, Founder of the Pitch Queen to talk about accounting and bookkeeping coaching from the marketing, and process perspectives, some key factors for success, and how these experts use their skills to help clients succeed!
At QuickBooks Connect 2019, we got the chance to bring together three legends of the QuickBooks world. Michelle Long, owner of Long for Success, LLC, Clayton Oates, Founder of QA Business, and Laura Redmond, CEO of Redmond Accounting joined us for a riveting review of, now, six years of QuickBooks Connect. We talk about the changes in the conference itself, as well as across the accounting industry, as a whole, and what each of these legends has planned for the future.
At QuickBooks Connect 2019, we originally planned a discussion with three thought leaders on the topic of value pricing, including Rhondalynn Korolak, author of the recently released, "Pricing Value." However, life happens, and two panelists had to bow out. As luck would have it, though, we were able to enlist some perfectly-suited substitutes, Lee Podolsky, and Mary Hambleton, of Breakwater Accounting + Advisory, a firm currently transitioning from the billable hour into a value-pricing model. Our discussion explores some of the benefits and challenges of value pricing for firms, and clients.
Three of the four women behind Next Level Women Leaders take a seat at our table during this year's QuickBooks Connect. Co-founders Laura Tully, Nancy Buffington, and Stacy Ennis, along with Abbey Louie created a training/coaching/motivating platform to help bridge gaps and teach women how to find their power. We talk about the challenges women face in leadership, ethnic and gender issues, and how these women plan to make an impact through their platform.
Claudell was nowhere to be found at QuickBooks Connect 2019, but we discovered a real-life QuickBooks Live bookkeeper - Pam Bingham EA, founder of PB Tax and Accounting Services! We get the lowdown on the QuickBooks Live experience, from a bookkeeper's perspective, and Pam also tells us why she does QuickBooks Live in parallel to running her own growing firm that has both tax and bookkeeping clients.
We made the Accounting Today Top 100 Most Influential list! Also, we talk about some of the key takeaways from the Accounting Today annual firm survey, how Sage is attempting to capitalize on QuickBooks Live, Xero's pricing changes, and bundling of Hubdoc. Plus, Canopy names new a CEO; we question the value of celebrity keynotes, and talk about why remote work makes employees more productive and more!
We spoke with Ariege Misherghi, Intuit's Global Accountant Segment Leader, at QuickBooks Connect 2019 about what's happening with QBOA, and ProAdvisors, including new features, like the Optimization Center, Bookkeeping Review, and Performance Overview. We also explore some of the challenges Intuit faces with communication, and what they're doing to improve, and because we're cool like that, Ariege even shares a smidgen of exclusive news on the new feature front!
During our visit to QuickBooks Connect 2019, we got the chance to sit down with Ted Callahan, Director of QuickBooks Live Offering for Intuit and talk about the latest goings on with QuickBooks Live Bookkeeping, including new feature developments, major challenges, what it takes to BE a QuickBooks Live bookkeeper, as well as projections for the future.
Good day, eh? At QuickBooks Connect 2019, we got the chance to connect with our northern neighbors, Intuit's Scott Zandbergen, and Cheryl Monmohan, and CA Brad Celmainis, to get the latest news on QuickBooks in Canada.
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