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Author: David Leary & Blake Oliver, CPA

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The Cloud Accounting Podcast is the #1 accounting and bookkeeping podcast in the world! Join Blake Oliver and David Leary at the intersection of accounting and technology for a weekly news roundup, plus interviews and demos with industry leaders.
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David & Blake get schooled!

David & Blake get schooled!


We're joined by Jennifer Johnson, CPA, and Sr. Lecturer in Accounting at the University of Texas at Dallas, along with her entire Accounting Information Systems class — our very first virtual studio audience! We take a break and let the students share articles of interest to them, including stories about smart speakers, how using social media the wrong way could keep you from getting a job (or help you get one); then share stories on celebrating WeWork's failed IPO, the AICPA Economic Outlook Survey. There's also a Q&A session with the class, where we share some insights and experience from our own careers in accounting and technology.
It's a jam-packed episode of accounting and bookkeeping news, including: CPA Practice Advisor announces the 2019 "40 Under 40"; Sage acquires AutoEntry; a CPA exam in Canada that turned into the "Fyre Festival for accountants"; VLOOKUP is dead, long live XLOOKUP; the best job in America turns out to be an accounting job; and last but not least, a special interview with two of the frontline reporters covering the MyPayrollHR payroll fraud saga — get the latest updates on Michael Mann's confession, his web of business lies, and what's next.
The sales tax implications of the South Dakota v. Wayfair, Inc. United States Supreme Court decision are far reaching — perhaps even more than accountants and bookkeepers realize! Blake and David sat down with sales tax experts Dena Oberst and Diane Yetter at Accountex USA in Boston to get an overview of the Wayfair decision, what it means for our clients, and what it means for our own professional services firms. You may not realize it, but the way you sell software and services via engagement letters could create "nexus" for your firm in many states, which might result in a burdensome compliance requirement. Tune in to learn more!
Gusto’s Will Lopez joins us to give his take on the continuing MyPayrollHR fraud saga. This week, Cachet gets hit with multiple class-action suits; Michael Mann, CEO of MyPayrollHR, lawyers up with a defense attorney specializing in white-collar crime, and New York politicians, inspired by this scandal, want tighter payroll-industry regulation. In other news, point-of-sale companies are tracking your tipping habits, why the founder of WeWork’s personality helped the company’s rise, but might also cause its fall, and we examine the number-one factor accounting firms need to consider when selling the firm. We’ll also look at big money - Practice Ignition’s $26 million raise, and Stripe’s $35 billion valuation - and even more of the latest accounting and bookkeeping news.
SPECIAL BREAKING NEWS EPISODE: Wendy Slavkin, General Counsel for Cachet Financial Services, joins Blake and David to discuss the MyPayrollHR fraud story. Wendy, who possibly is the last person to have spoken with MyPayrollHR CEO Michael Mann before he and $35 million went missing, gives us the entire story of what happened, when it happened, and how it happened.
At the 2019 Accounting & Finance Show L.A., we met up with cannabis accounting experts, Bruce and Thomas Andersen to learn some of the ins and outs of accounting for cannabis, and talk about the insanity that is California's assorted layers of cannabis tax, licensing requirements for cannabis businesses, from cultivation to retail, not to mention the state's nonsensical tax-reporting requirements. Tom and Bruce also share some advice for would-be cannabis accountants and bookkeepers on the best approach to learning all things cannabis and providing exceptional service in this niche segment.
This week in accounting & bookkeeping news, we've got continuing coverage on the mind-boggling $35 million MyPayrollHR fraud. In other news, QuickBooks Live is trying out volume-based pricing, Gusto has a pretty sweet work environment, complete with construction equipment, and California is shaking up the gig economy with some new legislation that could potentially impact cloud-accounting firms down the road. We also share some thoughts and opinions on #ThoughtLeader & #Influencer leaderboards, read through some new reviews, and more!
In this episode, we cover Xerocon Brisbane announcements, a phenomenal $250 million VC raise by Clio, a niche law-firm app, and their plans to build a QuickBooks Live-type service offering. In other news, we look at some product offerings from SmartBooks, whose CEO claims AI is hype, at least for now, and Surf Accounts, the new kid in town, which claims to automate 90% of bookkeeping tasks. Meanwhile, merger mania hits CPA firms, and David and Blake start investigating, real-time, the MyPayrollHR fraud story that broke while they were recording this episode (for all the details, listen to episode 112) . All this and even more accounting and bookkeeping news you need to know!
Blake and David met up with two seasoned mergers & acquisitions experts, Dr. Curtis Cochran, and Shannon Hay, at the Accounting & Finance Show LA to ask them what accounting and bookkeeping firm owners need to know if they want to sell or buy a firm someday. Questions include: How do you value a firm? Is it a buyers' or a sellers' market? What sort of multiples can I expect to receive or pay? Does cloud accounting make a difference?
In this episode, Blake and David explore the world of fake accounting news and LinkedIn's sock-puppet infestation, and share some ways to scope out the faux connections in your list. In other news, Sage Intacct is taking root in the Land Down Under, TSheets is raising some fees, Liberty Tax isn't sure what it wants to be when it grows up, and CFOs now prefer tech-savviness over soft skills. They also cover why finding your 'why' is important as an accountant, whether cloud storage companies, such as Box and Dropbox have seen better days, as well as what to do when your cloud breaks, and much more!
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