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Author: Mike Pfeiffer

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Description is a weekly podcast with technical tips and career advice for people working with cloud-native technologies. This show is for developers, IT pros, or anyone making a career move into the cloud. Episodes will be short and to the point and will regularly feature experts who share their experiences.

This show is hosted by Mike Pfeiffer, a twenty-year tech industry veteran, entrepreneur, Pluralsight author, and Microsoft Azure MVP. If you enjoy the show and want more tips delivered to your mailbox every week, subscribe to CloudSkills Weekly at
135 Episodes
In this episode Mike catches up with Robert Hodges, CEO of Altinity, to discuss data warehouses such as ClickHouse, Big Data, and Kubernetes.Follow Robert on LinkedIn: CON 2021 Managed ClickHouse in the Public Cloud
In this episode Mike chats with Chris Hughes, CISO and Co-Founder of Aquia, to discuss cloud security lessons and pitfalls.Follow Chris on LinkedIn out the Resilient Cyber Podcast
In this episode Mike chats with John Grange, CTO and Founder of OpsCompass. John shares his journey and how he keeps his skills currently while running a startup. Follow John on Twitter: Follow John on LinkedIn:   OpsCompass: Visibility, multi-cloud security, cost management, and compliance from a single dashboard.
In this episode I catch up with John Lunn (aka jonnychipz) about building up your cloud skills and how to start mapping out your career strategy.Subscribe to John's Channel John on Twitter John on LinkedIn
In this episode Gwyneth Peña-Siguenza is back on the show to talk about her journey into cloud advocacy and joining Microsoft. She also shares a ton of tips for anyone getting into the game of producing content.Follow Gwyn on Twitter out Gwyn's GitHub for resources mentioned on the show:
The past couple years have been tough on all of us. Here are 3 things you can lean on when you're not feeling it.Watch this episode on YouTube:
In this episode Mike chats with Derek Smith about Cloud Evangelism, Getting started on Social Media & Managing the Chaos.Follow Derek on Social Media  
In this episode Mike Pfeiffer catches up with Tim Davis to discuss DevOps Advocacy and how to build your personal brand while you study.Follow Tim on Twitter: out Env0: this episode on YouTube: 
How do you invent or reinvent your career in a way that helps you succeed on the most progressive teams in the world? In this episode Mike Pfeiffer shares tips on how to think about your cloud career for the long term, even if you haven't started yet. Watch this episode on YouTube: 
Should you hang on to your technical skills or consider going into management as you move through your career in the cloud? I'm sharing my thoughts on this episode along with 3 tips you should consider to help make the decision.
My guest this week is fellow MVP Tim Warner, and we'll be talking about the new AZ-700 exam and how you can become an Azure Certified Network Engineer.Watch this episode on YouTube: out our AZ-700 course:
In this live stream we're catching up with Tim Warner, Microsoft MVP, Microsoft MCT Regional Lead, Pluralsight staff author, and legendary Azure solution architect about keeping up with all things Azure.Follow Tim on Twitter:
In this episode Mike Pfeiffer catches up with Tristan Morel L'Horset, Senior Managing Director at Accenture.Tristan is the Growth lead of Accenture's North America Cloud First business and he has a passion for the intersection of Cloud, Technology and Business.Here's what we cover in this episode:Overcoming barriers to cloud adoptionTechnical and non-technical skills organizations are buildingThe importance of building skills for Cloud SustainabilityFollow Tristan on Social Media: your cloud career at Accenture: out the Green Software Foundation
In this episode we catch up with Jack Naglieri, Founder & CEO at Panther Labs, and we're chatting about detecting and responding to security breaches in the cloud.Check out Panther Labs Jack on Twitter
In this episode we're catching up with Don Jones, Head of Software Developer Skills at Pluralsight, about building your cloud career.Don's new book:'s new club:
In this live recording of the CloudSkills FM podcast we're catching up with Thomas Maurer from Microsoft about all things Azure Arc and Cloud Governance.In this episode we discuss:Azure ArcAzure Cloud Adoption FrameworkHow to Stay Current with CertificationsWhat you should focus on learningCheck out Thomas' blog:
In this live recording of the podcast Michael Levan chats with Luke Orellana about testing with Terraform 0.15.In this episode we talk about:Infrastructure-as-Code securitySecuring Terraform codeTerraform security for the enterpriseInfrastructure-as-Code security concernsWatch this episode on YouTube:
Have you ever wanted to give a talk or a presentation but weren't sure where to start?In this episode Mike Pfeiffer shares his best tips for public speaking, teaching online, and recording podcasts and online courses...Plus, Mike Pfeiffer and Michael Levan share their entire gear list, which is one of the most common questions they've gotten over the past couple years.In this episode, we talk about...Why You Should TeachHow Teaching Impacted My CareerSpeaking FrameworksEffective Speaking TipsGear Recommendations and My Office SetupYou can grab the entire gear list here:
In this live recording of the podcast we're talking all things Cloud Adoption & Strategy with Chris Nicholas, Managing Director of Cloud Solutions at Trace3.Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework: Nicholas, Managing Director, Cloud Solutions Group at Trace3
In this episode Mike catches up with HashiCorp Ambassadors Ned Bellavance, Michael Levan, and Luke Orellana to discuss all things Infrastructure as Code. Which tools and services are people using, what are the pitfalls, and how do you get started? We answer these questions, plus more from a live audience.
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+1 regarding teaching is a better way to learn. Second IMO to being forced to tackle challenges that one is not an expert on.

Feb 16th

Seann Alexander

this guy rules

Aug 9th
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