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In this episode we talk about the new Entra ID inbound provisioning API, the recent developments in a few Microsoft security issues and the recent 0-day utilized to attack the Norwegian government through MobileIron.
In this episode we discuss the renaming of Azure Active Directory to Entra ID, as well as deep diving into the Global Secure Access service launched into preview at the recent "Reimagine secure access with Microsoft Entra" event.
In this episode Marius and Marius talks about the news from Microsoft Build and potential new licensing for Microsoft Entra. Also, is Cloud PC really the future, or is Microsoft actually just reinventing the thin client?
19 - Ai ai ai

19 - Ai ai ai


In this Episode, Marius and Marius discusses AI, or more specifically the Large Language Model (LLM) AIs available and how they can actually be used by enterprises for their own data, today.
Cloud can be adopted in many ways, but not all ways are created equal. In this episode we talk about antipatterns for cloud adoption.Resource used for inspiration:
In this episode, Marius and Marius talks about news in the different cloud platforms. Ignite, AWS re:Invent and Google Cloud Next has all been arranged, all containing some interesting news.
What is really the importance of education and certification within IT? Listen in as your two favorite Mariuses discuss their way through education and certifications, and share their best tricks on how to pass your certification exams!
15 - Summer TLDR

15 - Summer TLDR


Join us as we discuss the latest in cloud, this time talking about Azure Permissions Management (Cloudnox), Databricks, the Microsoft Oracle partnership, DevBox, Defender Threat Intelligence, External Attack Surface Management and much more!
In this episode, your hosts Marius Sandbu and Marius Solbakken Mellum talks about what CDNs are, and why you most likely have a need them in your environment.
In this episode, we discuss PaaS services and whether you can trust these, with all security issues happening lately. We also discuss the Microsoft and Okta hacks, while the stories are still developing.
12 - CI/CD or AC/DC?

12 - CI/CD or AC/DC?


In this episode we talk about Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment, what is it and how can we get going with it? Mr Sandu had a temporary headset with poor audio, but we'll fix it for the next episode!
Join us as we discuss workload identities, and different options available. What is really the difference between app registrations and enterprise applications? Which problems does Managed Service Identities solve? And what does Workload Identity Federation really mean?
10 - Ransomware

10 - Ransomware


9 - Yay, Log4J!

9 - Yay, Log4J!


In this episode, we talk about the Log4J security issue.
In this episode Marius Sandbu and Marius Solbakken Mellum discuss public cloud availability considerations, recent downtime in AWS and the end of mankind.
Join us as we talk about ways of publishing services to the internet. The Azure load balancing decision tree
In this episode we dig through most of the news announced at Microsoft Ignite. Lots of it is listed at in the Book of News, but there were quite a few more things than that. 
Join as we continue our discussion around Azure Networking. This time we focus more on PaaS services, and how we can enable private or managed networking for these.
NIC, NSG, ASG, Virtual Network, Vnet Peering, Global Vnet Peering, Azure Firewall, Network Virtual Appliance, VPN Gateway, Express Route, Load Balancer,  Public IPs, NAT... and some more. Listen in on us talking about Azure Networking!
Hybrid is a word thrown around all the time, but what is hybrid cloud, what can it solve and what cannot it not solve? Do you remember Azure Pack? AWS Outposts or Azure Stack Hub? How about PaaS services in hybrid? And why would you want VMware on Public Cloud?Join us as we discuss hybrid cloud.
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