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Private barrel selections have been around for decades—but the bourbon boom paired with the pandemic has made programs like these increasingly difficult to manage. At Cherokee Town and Country Club (Atlanta, Ga.), Executive Chef Todd Kelly has had a lot of success with the club’s Private Barrel Selections program. He introduced it about four years ago and has purchased 15 barrels to date. In this podcast, Kelly talks about the selection process, what he wishes he knew when he started and why this program is important to the club’s culture.
In this episode of Club + Resort Talks, sponsored by Fire Within, C+RC's Editor, Joanna DeChellis, interviews Chrissie Bennet, the newly appointed Executive Chef of Winged Foot Golf Club. Together, the two discuss her career path, what’s she’s looking for in a new exec sous chef as well as the legacy she hopes to leave behind as first female to hold the Executive Chef position at Winged Foot.
Corey Chow, Executive Chef of Stanwich Club, discusses his decision to leave a Michelin 3-star restaurant to enter the club world.
Tom Hall, Executive Chef of Green Spring Valley Hunt Club in Owings Mills, Maryland, offers a series of ideas for how club chefs might retain staff with better pay and a better work-life balance.
In this episode of Club + Resort Talks, sponsored by Libbey, Executive Sous Chef Mike Stetka, CEC, discusses the importance of mentors and shares some of the best advice he's ever been given.
In this episode of Club + Resort Talks, sponsored by ClubBuy, Executive Chef Michael Lannon discusses his plans for developing a strong team of culinarians at Midlothian Country Club.
In this episode of Club + Resort Talks, sponsored by True Aussie Lamb, Winged Foot's Executive Chef, Rhy Waddington, explains the inspiration behind the two dishes that made him the winner of the 2021 Club + Resort Chef Australian Lamb Competition.
In this episode of Club + Resort Talks, sponsored by Montague, Executive Chef Jeremy DiStefano, CEC, explains the vision and purpose behind the new beer garden at Dedham Country & Polo Club in Massachusetts.
In this episode of Club + Resort Talks, sponsored by Bush's Best, Colin Burns, General Manager of Winged Foot Golf Club (Mamaroneck, N.Y.), discusses his leadership style, which focuses on encouraging the club's culinary team to take the lead in decision making and capitalizes on Executive Chef Rhy Waddington's own expertise and judgment.
In this episode of Club + Resort Talks, sponsored by Barilla, Lawrence McFadden, CMC, General Manager and Chief Operating Officer of The Union Club in Cleveland, discusses how the club will grow in 2021 with the return of banquets and a new outdoor dining concept.
Executive Chef Mike Lamping, CEC, came to the Dallas Athletic Club about 90 days ago which means he launched his job search at a fairly inconvenient time in history. Even so, the process taught him a lot about himself and what he wants to achieve both professionally and personally.
Rich Hoffman, CEC, CCA, AAC, is the Executive Chef at the Country Club of Maryland. After a challenging 2020, Chef Hoffman is cautiously optimistic about the year ahead and what it might hold for outdoor dining, menus and banquets. In this episode, sponsored by TABASCO, he discusses lessons learned and future plans.
In this episode of Club + Resort Talks, sponsored by Montague, Michael Smith, Executive Chef of Corpus Christi Yacht Club in Texas discusses the value of certification both for himself as a chef and for the industry at large. Chef Smith is aCertified Executive Chef, a Certified Executive Pastry Chef, a Certified Culinary Administrator and a Worldchefs Certified Executive Chef. In this episode, he explains some of the reasons why he's earned these certification and how the process has helped him to become not only a better chef, but a better leader.
James Allen Mixdown

James Allen Mixdown


It’s no secret that COVID has caused massive disruptions across the foodservice industry—but the oft-quoted line about not letting a crisis go to waste has never been more relevant—especially for our guest on this episode of Club + Resort Talks, sponsored by Minor’s. James Allen, CEC, is the Executive Chef of Blackthorn Club at The Ridges in Jonesborough, Tenn. He was actually the first person in his county to test positive for the virus, which lead to closing the club for a weeks. As Chef recovered, he put his creative brain to work, reshaping the club’s culinary program for the better over the long term.
Jeff Perez is the Executive Chef of Fairview Country Club in Greenwich, Connecticut. Fairvew CC has had an outstanding a la carte season this year thanks in large part to a well-timed patio renovation and a quick pivot by the club's culinary team. Being able to offer members plenty of socially distanced outdoor seating—paired with well executed and modern menus—has kept the club at the forefront of its members’ minds. As the pandemic wears on, the club will continue to be agile and engage members through programs that are both safe and exciting.
Orlin Mclendon in the Director of Culinary Operations at Mizner Country Club in Delray Beach, Fla. Mizner CC just completed a $22 million renovation and expansion of its poolside complex, transforming it into a lifestyle center with plenty of new indoor and outdoor dining options. Chef Mclendon was instrumental in the project and continues to lead and inspire the team. He has magnetic personality and his passion is palpable. He is focused on lifting up those around him and supporting them in every capacity. In fact, Chef’s favorite response to any question asked by a member of his team is: “The answer is yes, now what is the question.”
In this episode of Club + Resort Talks, sponsored by Nestle Minor’s, Club + Resort Chef‘s Editor, Joanna DeChellis, chats with Seth Shipley, CEC, CCA, Executive Chef of Belle Meade Country Club in Nashville, Tenn. For years, Belle Meade has been a to-go powerhouse. Over the past few months, the club's to-go volume has continued to grow. Fortunately for Belle Meade, Chef Shipley and his team are well prepared for the increase. Chef shares tips on to-go packaging and programming as well as his wishlist for cap ex spending.
In this episode of Club and Resort Talks, sponsored by Hoshizaki, Club + Resort Chef‘s Editor, Joanna DeChellis, chats with Executive Chef Melinda Burrows, who has run the kitchen at Hickory Hills Country Club in Springfield, Missouri for the past six years. In an earlier part of her career, Chef Burrows was a traveling personal chef for A-list celebrities and legendary rock stars including Sir Paul McCartney, Phil Collins, and Guns & Roses. Now, as a club chef, she appreciates being able to touch tables and get to know her members while creating memories through food. Chef Burrows is passionate about mentoring, certification, authenticity and ingredients. In fact, many of the items she uses in specials are grown at her very own hobby farm.
In this episode of Club and Resort Talks, sponsored by IsoKlean Carolinas, Club + Resort Chef‘s Editor, Joanna DeChellis, chats with Adam Dietrich, ServSafe Certified Instructor and Food Safety Expert, who offers updated guidance on food safety for club and resort chefs. He clearly defines the difference between sanitize and disinfect while offering suggestions on chemical usage and overall strategies.
In this episode, sponsored by Cres Cor, Jason Nordsletten, Executive Chef of The Royal Ottawa Golf Club in Canada, discusses his preference for working in clubs compared to restaurants. He also shares a bit about how he and the club have prospered through the pandemic with sound programming and a focus on the membership. He also discusses what programs Royal Ottawa plans to keep as recovery continues.
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