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Coach Your Brains Out, by Gold Medal Squared
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Coach Your Brains Out, by Gold Medal Squared

Author: CYBO and Gold Medal Squared

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Coach Your Brains Out, by Gold Medal Squared has been releasing weekly podcasts going on five years now! Founded by professional beach volleyball players John Mayer and Billy Allen, the primary goal is practical, useful education that will help you become a better coach. Our podcasts are released every Thursday afternoon, so set your notifications accordingly!
137 Episodes
-Training anticipation-Where to focus attention when reading-The art of deceptionThe Best: How Elite Athletes Are Made - CYBO the book! the show:
-Skill differences between indoor and beach-Coaching and culture differences-Not being afraid to make mistakes Get CYBO the book! the show:
A special rebroadcast of a classic CYBO episode with the great Hugh McCutcheon.
-Learning from failures-Transitioning from indoor to beach-Differences between indoor and beachGet CYBO the book! the show:
-Examples of constraints-What is Differential Learning-How to apply Differential Learning to volleyball-Teaching in keys-Deliberate practice Get CYBO the book! the show:
-What is Ecological Dynamics-How the Constraints Led Approach fits into Ecological Dynamics-Volleyball examples of E.D.-Comparing E.D. to more traditional approaches Get CYBO the book! the show:
-Social noting-Mindfulness in our daily lives-ConfidenceNote: This Saturday Starlings Virtual Luau Fundraiser: Get the book! the show:
-What it means to be present-What takes us away from the present moment-How to frame nerves before a match-How  mindfulness can make you better at volleyball Get the book! the show:
-Growth vs Fixed Mindset-Putting mindset into practice-Your brain is like a field of grass-The importance of feedbackGet the book! us:



Learn more from Travis: CYBO - the book!
-Connecting with your athletes-The importance of feedback for coaches-How to inspire those in your culture-How do clarify your own principles-Qualities of effective leadersLearn more from Travis: CYBO - the book!
-The importance of leading with principles-Clarity of purpose-Building trust with your athletes-Balancing high challenge and high supportLearn more from Travis: CYBO - the book!
-Deconstructing pressure-"Big Matches"-Meeting your team's standard regardless of the opponent -Dealing with nerves-Creating pressure in practice Amplos - Support the show - the book!
-Losing a season-Exercising your competitive muscles-Staying connected with your team-Coach development-Measuring success outside of standard competition Amplos - Support the show - the book!
-Teaching through constraints-How to design constraints-Common constraints for volleyball-Listener questions Support the show - the book!
Three main components of the Optimal Performance Theory:-External Focus-Autonomy-Enhanced Expectations Support the show - the book!
-Learning from failure-The value of studying history-Taking over a successful program as a young coach-Advice to your younger coaching self Support the show - the book!
-The importance of failing-Learning from failure-Creating safe environments for athletes to fail.-Modeling Failure Support the show - the book!
-What is reading and why is it so important?-How do you teach reading?-Being a good teammate-What does coaching mean to you?Support the show the book -
-What the best passers in the world are doing-Being "quiet" in serve receive-To midline or not to midline?-The importance of holding your platform-Passer mentalitySupport the show - buy the book -
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