DiscoverCocaine & Rhinestones: The History of Country Music
Cocaine & Rhinestones: The History of Country Music

Cocaine & Rhinestones: The History of Country Music

Author: Tyler Mahan Coe

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Want to hear a story? Country music is full of them, always with a killer soundtrack, sometimes a soundtrack made by a killer - like Spade Cooley, the only convicted murderer to have a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Or there’s the time Loretta Lynn released a song about birth control in the 1970s and everyone pretty much lost their minds. You’ve heard those? You sure? Millions of people think they know all about Merle Haggard’s 1969 song, “Okie from Muskogee,” but they’ve had it wrong the whole time. You’ll find those stories and others right here, obsessively researched, written and narrated by Tyler Mahan Coe, a lifelong veteran of country music and its mythology. Country music fans already know this is their new obsession but read the reviews and you’ll see how fast it’s catching on with listeners new to the genre. No other podcast is telling these stories, not like this. Start at the beginning. Press play. [If you aren't sure about the first episode, try Wynonna or the Kershaws. After that, though, you will want to return to the first episode and go from there. The show is constructed in seasons and episodes are presented in a careful order. You’ll find text transcripts of every episode at Support the podcast for as little as $2 a month at]
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Comments (24)

Victor Euzébio

for me this was the first and best episode I heard so far

Jun 29th

Gregory Parlmer Jr.

Such a great podcast, listening through for a second time.

Jun 20th

Samuel Biehl

My friends and I are really loving your series.

Jun 4th

Sara Nichols

is there another season of this podcast coming?

May 31st

Luke Baylie

thanks for making me go listen to that. Haven't heard that song since I was a kid,completely forgot about it. wow

May 15th

Lou Wilkinson


May 5th

Luke Wood

absolutely love this! really well done, this guy is a very engaging storyteller. never been into podcasts but this one has blown me away!

May 4th

Brandy Trivett

Absolutely love this podcast.

May 1st

Incredibly detailed!

Apr 25th

Pamela Hosford

I love this podcast...So many cool backstories and the narrator is enjoyable to listen to.

Apr 23rd

Lisa Barr Ahnutae

i love it. good story telling.

Apr 19th

Rob Sheets

I’ve been reading books on Country Music since I was a kid. This podcast is all of those books and much more. The depth Mr. Coe goes to fill in the “Stories behind the stories” is worth listening to. Take a listen to just one will not be disappointed.

Mar 30th

Harry Buns

Kenny Rogers is the John Lennon of country.

Mar 23rd

Dave Hinnrichs


Mar 13th

Hannah Garfield

One of the only podcasts out there that doesn't irritate the shit outta me. Maybe cuz the love of and passion for music is sincere in Mr. Coe. would love to hear one on Sammi Smith one day.

Feb 21st

stuart rogers

Absolutely brilliant unmissable come back soon

Feb 18th

Ventian Kraus

What a show. Great stuff so keep it coming. Thanks.

Jan 31st

Tracy Tucker

so much fun! thank you for doing this!

Jan 13th


love this podcast I'm learning a lot of interesting info, would you do one on Jennings outlaw shit? I'm listening to a lot of older country music and I have no idea what the story behind that song is but it must be a really good one.

Jan 6th

daddy Rockoable

incredible stories, great storytelling. best podcast out there.

Dec 14th
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