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Stories and interviews from people on their coding journey.
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In this episode, we’re talking about game development with Jonathan Jennings, software engineer at RelayCars. We get into how he got into game design, the struggles of learning to code, and what it takes to be a successful game designer. Show Links Digital Ocean (sponsor) Educative (sponsor) Heroku (sponsor) Career Karma (sponsor) RelayCars DeVry University NBA 2K Resident Evil Open GL DirectX 3ds Max Flash Temple Run Angry Birds Unity Virtual reality (VR) Augmented reality (AR) C# Unreal Engine C++ JavaScript Newgrounds Game engine Particle system GameMaker Studio Godot Engine Facebook Instant Games Pong Breakout X Reality (XR) Mixed reality Gamasutra Thunder Jack's Log Runner
In this episode, we talk about the necessity of coding apprenticeships in making the tech world a more diverse and inclusive place, with Ryan Carson, CEO and founder of Treehouse. He talks about the limitations of the pure bootcamp model and how apprenticeship programs can lead to real change in terms of equality, diversity, and inclusion. Show Links Digital Ocean (sponsor) Educative (sponsor) Heroku (sponsor) Career Karma (sponsor) Treehouse Apple IIe Zork Turbo Pascal Graphical User Interface (GUI) HTML Netscape Navigator AltaVista C++ ColdFusion The New Jim Crow Seeing White Treehouse Techdegree Agile software development Stand-up Full Stack JavaScript PHP How to Win Friends and Influence People PalmPilot
In this episode, we’re talking about testing code with Angie Jones, Senior Developer Advocate at Applitools, and former Senior Software Engineer in Test at Twitter. Angie talks about how she got into testing, some of the testing and problems she had to solve while working at Twitter, and why all developers should understand the basics of testing. Show Links Digital Ocean (sponsor) Educative (sponsor) Heroku (sponsor) Career Karma (sponsor) Applitools C++ Test automation Java Software widget Library Heuristic Pair programming Faker Application programming interface (API) Boolean expression Test Automation Frameworks Codebase Unit testing UI (User interface) Code review Test Automation University JavaScript Debugging React Ministry of Testing Conditional For loop Data structure Language-agnostic
In this episode, we're talking about ethics in open source with Coraline Ehmke, software developer, and creator of the Contributor Covenant, as well as the Hippocratic License. Coraline talks about her coding journey, open source, licenses, and how and why it’s important to create an ethical framework for those licenses. Show Links Digital Ocean (sponsor) Educative (sponsor) Heroku (sponsor) Career Karma (sponsor) Mainframe computer TRS-80 Byte (magazine) C (programming language) The Hippocratic License Free software movement The Open Source Definition Open Source Initiative Open Source License PHP GNU General Public License The MIT License Universal Declaration of Human Rights Contributor Covenant MUSH Massively multiplayer online role-playing game
With the explosion of coding bootcamps, video courses, and other resources for coding, it can be tough for somebody starting out to cut the wheat from the chaff. We chat with Colt Steele, Colt Steele, developer and bootcamp instructor at Udemy, about his winding road to becoming a coder, what makes a good course, and the best way to find and learn from them. Show Links Digital Ocean (sponsor) Educative (sponsor) Heroku (sponsor) Career Karma (sponsor) Udemy Parallax Inc LEGO MINDSTORMS Java (programming language) NYU: ITP Physical Computing Burning Man Khan Academy Udacity Coursera JavaScript jQuery React Angular Vue TypeScript Node Python (programming language) Git
We chat with John Maeda, Chief Experience Officer at Publicis Sapient, about his journey into combining art and technology, going from working in academia to silicon valley, and his new book, “How to Speak Machine: Laws of Design For a Computational Age.” Show Links Digital Ocean (sponsor) Educative (sponsor) Heroku (sponsor) Career Karma (sponsor) Publicis Sapient RISD: Rhode Island School of Design Square Kickstarter STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics) Automattic WordPress Kleiner Perkins Design in Tech Report
We chat with Tim O'Reilly, founder of O’Reilly Media, about what we’re doing wrong and what we’re doing right with teaching programming today, and how we need to make coding more inclusive for more than just career developers. Show Links Digital Ocean (sponsor) Educative (sponsor) Heroku (sponsor) Career Karma (sponsor) O'Reilly Media The Whole Internet User's Guide & Catalog, Academic Edition Make (magazine) WTF?: What's the Future and Why It's Up to Us ex (text editor) ed (text editor) sed AWK PEARL (programming language) Assembly language Unix Fortran C (programming language) HTML Common Gateway Interface (CGI) Jupyter Notebook Python (programming language) Minecraft Shell script R (programming language) NumPy The Last Mile (prison rehabilitation program) Surely You're Joking, Mr. Feynman! Graphical user interface Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) JavaScript Siri Amazon Alexa Open Source GitHub Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) Code for America United States Digital Service Harvard Business School dBase Osborne 1
You can be an amazing developer, but a terrible manager. We chat with Lara Hogan, former VP of Engineering at Kickstarter, co-founder of Wherewithall, a company that coaches and levels up managers, and author of the new bestselling book, Resilient Management, about her background going from web developer to manager, why becoming a manager isn’t necessarily a promotion, and some of the most important skills people need to not only be good managers, but in any supporting role. Show Links Digital Ocean (sponsor) Educative (sponsor) Heroku (sponsor) Career Karma (sponsor) Resilient Management Wherewithall HTML Etsy Kickstarter Dyn Responsive web design BASIC
We chat with Amy Chen, systems software engineer at VMware and creator of the Amy Codes YouTube channel, about her career two years into being a professional developer, getting into coding for distributed systems, and the benefits of creating a personal brand. Show Links Digital Ocean (sponsor) Educative (sponsor) Heroku (sponsor) Career Karma (sponsor) Amy Codes Kubernetes Omegle Java (programming language) Ada Developers Academy Rancher Labs Container Orchestration Mesos Docker Swarm Jessie Frazelle Go Virtual Machine Slack
We chat with Ruben Harris, CEO of Career Karma, and a man with bit of an unconventional background. He’s worked as an event organizer for athletes and celebrities, an investment banker, and professional cellist. We chat with him about how he broke into the startup world, his advice for people trying to do the same, and his app, Career Karma, a resource for people trying to find a coding community and preparing themselves for bootcamps. Show Links Digital Ocean (sponsor) Educative (sponsor) Heroku (sponsor) Career Karma (sponsor) Career Karma Y Combinator App Academy Breaking Into Startups Breaking Into Startups #21DayCkChallenge Naval Podcast Jocko Podcast Software Engineering Daily The freeCodeCamp Podcast The Learn to Code With Me Podcast Powderkeg Podcast Benedict Evans Newsletter Social Capital Snippets StrictlyVC Mary Meeker's Internet Trends
For all of the benefits of open source, such as pushing innovation and creating huge collaborative ways to build powerful products, there are also very legitimate concerns in terms of sustainability, exploitation of new developers, and the privilege of who actually has the time and resources to contribute to open source. We chat with Katie Delfin, one of the four software engineers who worked on GitHub's new "GitHub Sponsors" tool, which hopes to solve some of these issues. Show Links Digital Ocean (sponsor) Educative (sponsor) Heroku (sponsor) Career Karma (sponsor) Open source GitHub GitHub Sponsors Java Object-oriented programming Pluralsight/Code School Rails ColdFusion Git Dreamweaver Patreon cURL
Ageism in tech has been an open secret in Silicon Valley for years. We spoke with Ariana Tobin, engagement editor at ProPublica, and co-author of the investigative piece "Cutting 'Old Heads' at IBM," about what ageism in tech really looks like, and allegations of ageism against the tech giant. Show Links Digital Ocean (sponsor) Educative (sponsor) Heroku (sponsor) Career Karma (sponsor) Cutting 'Old Heads' at IBM U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) Got a Story About Age Discrimination in the Workplace? We Want to Hear From You.
The Pragmatic Programmer was published in 1999 by software engineers Andy Hunt and Dave Thomas, and is considered to be one of the quintessential books on programming. For its 20th anniversary edition, we chat with Andy and Dave about the book’s impact, what’s changed in the new edition, and what remains the same, along with things they’ve learned over the past 20 years. Show Links Digital Ocean (sponsor) Educative (sponsor) Heroku (sponsor) Career Karma (sponsor) CodeNewbie Survey Elixir C++ Java JavaScript Don't repeat yourself (DRY) Orthogonality Programming by Coincidence AltaVista COBRA Remote Method Invocation (RMI) Eiffel Agile Manifesto Metaprogramming BASIC Mainframe computers Lisp
At the time of this recording, the New York Times released a report titled "As Cameras Track Detroit’s Residents a Debate Ensues Over Racial Bias," which discussed some of the issues in machine learning such as algorithmic bias, and facial recognition software giving more false matches for black people than white people. We chat with Nashlie Sephus, CTO of Partpic, which was acquired by Amazon in 2016, and now an Applied Science Manager at Amazon Web Services, about her journey into machine learning, developing Partpic, and tackling some of the ethical issues in machine learning in her new role at Amazon. Show Links Digital Ocean (sponsor) Educative (sponsor) Heroku (sponsor) Career Karma (sponsor) CodeNewbie Survey Partpic Digital signal processing Machine learning Artificial intelligence (AI) Cocktail party effect Shazam Music information retrieval Computer Vision Graphics processing unit (GPU) TensorFlow Apache MXNet Caffe NVIDIA Central processing unit (CPU) Carriage bolt Hex bolt Part Finder Facial recognition New York Times: As Cameras Track Detroit’s Residents, a Debate Ensues Over Racial Bias Algorithmic bias re:MARS
GitHub cited Java as one of the most popular coding languages in 2018, and there is a reason why this language has stood the test of time. We chat with Peggy Fisher, content manager at Linkedin Learning Solutions, and author of the book Get Programming with Java, about why Java is still so popular, what it’s good for, and how to get started. Show Links Digital Ocean (sponsor) Educative (sponsor) Heroku (sponsor) Career Karma (sponsor) CodeNewbie Survey Java Get Programming with Java Linkedin Learning Solutions Object-oriented programming Functional programming Sequential Programming Graphical user interface COBOL Pennsylvania College of Technology Khan Academy Udemy Coursera Oracle Eclipse NetBeans Continuous Integration (CI) C++ C Sharp (programming language)
No matter how good of an idea you have for a product, if the design isn't executed well and people don't like the interface, the product might as well not even exist. To talk about the importance of good user interfaces and design, we brought in Mina Markham, senior engineer at Slack and creator of the Pantsuit User Interface for Hilary Clinton's 2016 campaign Show Links Digital Ocean (sponsor) Educative (sponsor) Heroku (sponsor) Career Karma (sponsor) CodeNewbie Survey Slack Pantsuit: The Hillary Clinton UI pattern library CSS Animations GreenSock: GSAP Bootstrap React Component Inverted Triangle CSS Markup Memphis (typeface) Skeuomorphism Flash Sketch Figma Pinterest CSS-Tricks Smashing Magazine Rachel Andrew Jen Simmons Code School Pluralsight Udacity Grunt Task Runner Gulp webpack
It's been an open secret in the tech world for a long time that workplace burnout is a real issue. One of the reasons why it persists is the general stigma around mental health and not having open discussions about it. And only just this year, in May 2019, the World Health Organization finally made it an official medical diagnosis. We chat with Jeffery Liebert, a psychologist who specializes in workplace burnout in Silicon Valley, to give us some resources and tools to help with workplace burnout. Show Links Digital Ocean (sponsor) Educative (sponsor) Heroku (sponsor) Career Karma (sponsor) Jeffery Liebert Stream of Consciousness Writing 5-4-3-2-1 Coping Technique for Anxiety 3-2-5 Breathing Headspace Calm Progressive Muscle Relaxation
We chat with Ali Spittel, a software engineer and developer advocate at DEV, an online community where programmers share ideas and help each other grow. Ali talks about the beginnings of her popular coding blog, strategies for dealing with online abuse, as well as some coding advice for beginners, such as what non-programming skills can help programmers, how to get past the cycle of just using online tutorials, and what makes a great website. Show Links Digital Ocean (sponsor) Educative (sponsor) Heroku (sponsor) Career Karma (sponsor) DEV General Assembly Codeacademy A Complete Beginner's Guide to React codewars New York Times SET Moving Past Tutorials: a course on problem solving for programmers Preact Rails HTML CSS JavaScript Flexbox Froggy CSS Grid Garden CSS Diner Gatsby JS Django Python Django Girls Tutorial
In this episode, we chat with Sandeep Junnarkar, Director of Interactive Journalism at the Craig Newmark Graduate School of Journalism. He tells us about his journey into code launching the New York Times on the web, what data journalism is and how to do it, and why it’s important to tell stories through code. Show Links Digital Ocean (sponsor) Educative (sponsor) Heroku (sponsor) Career Karma (sponsor) Craig Newmark Graduate School of Journalism Excel Python pandas JavaScript D3 JSON Hate Index Beautiful Soup gender-guesser NLTK fuzzywuzzy Lodash jQuery
In this episode we chat with one of the winner of IBM's 2018 Call for Code virtual hackathon, which focuses on challenging developers to find ways to reduce the impact of natural disasters through technology. The winners of Project OWL, a deployable mesh network for bringing connectivity to survivors of natural disasters (don't worry, we explain what that it), were part of 100,000 developers to compete. You can join this year's Call for Code 2019 at Show Links Digital Ocean (sponsor) Educative (sponsor) Heroku (sponsor) Career Karma (sponsor) Project OWL Call for Code Hackathon Twilio Firebase Cloud Functions Serverless LoRa Raspberry Pi Rails IBM IOT Hub Watson AI Red Cross FEMA Natural language processing
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Just started a flex bootcamp for software engineering at Thinkful and have been getting lost in trying to memorize all of the key terms. This helped me feel alot less stressed out. Thank you!

Feb 14th


I learned a lot. Now I get what I am doing wrong. I need to know a little bit more about the UI patterns

Aug 19th
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awesome 👍

Aug 10th


what is going on? I can't access the episodes anymore.

Jul 17th
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Philip-Alexander Jach


Jun 9th

A.L. Blackwell

Great Podcast Episode! Very Clear Not Hard To Understand At All

May 11th

Kyle St. Jean

I found this podcast to be very difficult to listen to because of has broken English. I spent more time trying to make sure that I understood exactly what words he was trying to say, rather than trying to focus on the content and value that he was going to provide us.

Apr 29th

Kyle St. Jean

I found his story to be intriguing, however I had a very difficult time listening to this podcast because his English was so broken. I spend an awful lot of time just trying to put together what he was saying, instead of paying attention to the value that he was giving and what he had to say

Apr 29th

محمد رياض


Apr 23rd

Rafael Moraes

Excellent as ever. =}

Apr 10th

Rafael Moraes

Excellent episode!

Feb 20th

Fahad Naeem

Great episode. I enjoyed it.

Feb 6th

Fatur Arif Muchamad

what in the name of macaroni minute 30:00 hmm hmm mean 🐐🐐🐐🐐

Jan 29th

eric wyns

This pod cast is life to be honest. Hopefully one day I could be interviewed and the title reads warehouse dock to python developer. #codegoals

Jan 10th

Marcos Cabrera

Great episode!

Jan 3rd

Steve Hardy

I can't seem to find the open source survival guide. anyone have the link?

Dec 31st

Marcos Cabrera

Great episode! Rachel was amazing and relatable.

Dec 29th

Ranjit Adhana

Super informativ podcast, I an a newbie and was searching for something like this. Keep the hustle on.

Nov 19th

Christine Vallestad

totally agree..this guy was great and also his voice is so soothing to listen to !

Sep 25th

Cassie T.

"punch your feelings in the face" is perhaps too much of a hyperbole. Facing your fear is the best way to comfort it, if you have anxiety about a task, make a little progress on it and face it, but sometimes fear is quite valid and we should run away, say from an abusive relationship.

Aug 10th
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