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Stories and interviews from people on their coding journey.
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In this episode, we talk about how to build tech for social justice, with Alex Qin, co-founder and CEO of Emergent Works. Alex talks about the challenges she had to face being a woman in tech, how shaving her head caused people to treat her with more respect and launched her on a path toward social justice, and her company’s first in-house app, Not 911. Show Links TwilioQuest (sponsor) DevDiscuss (sponsor) DevNews (sponsor) Linode (sponsor) DataStax (sponsor) Pluralsight (sponsor) Emergent Works Not 911 How to go from convict to coder Python Betaworks GIPHY Why Are All the Black Kids Sitting Together in the Cafeteria?: And Other Conversations about Race Gamergate Women Who Code Shaving my Head Made me a Better Programmer The New Jim Crow The Fortune Society React Doodle Jump
In this episode, we talk about .NET with Maria Naggaga, Senior Program Manager at Microsoft for .NET interactive and ASP.NET. Maria talks about how coding was actually a great path because of her dyslexia, what .NET is, what it’s good for and what the learning curve is to use it effectively. Show Links TwilioQuest (sponsor) DevDiscuss (sponsor) DevNews (sponsor) Linode (sponsor) DataStax (sponsor) Pluralsight (sponsor) .NET .NET Interactive ASP.NET HTML IDE Visual Studio Code Visual Studio OpenDyslexic Google Material Theme Git Flatiron School BlackBerry PowerShell Microsoft Teams Jupyter Notebook University of Waterloo The University of British Columbia AWS Azure Java C# F# Visual Basic React Ruby on Rails Docker Django Python JavaScript CRUD GraphQL
In this episode, we talk about how to stay motivated and get your first job, with Danny Thompson, software engineer at Frontdoor and the chapter founder and organizer of GDG Memphis, a meetup for providing resources and supporting developers along their careers. Danny talks about going from gas station fry cook to developer, how to maintain drive and motivation on your coding journey, and his four steps to landing your first job. Show Links TwilioQuest (sponsor) DevDiscuss (sponsor) DevNews (sponsor) Linode (sponsor) DataStax (sponsor) Pluralsight (sponsor) Frontdoor GDG Memphis freeCodeCamp HTML CSS JavaScript SQL Vanilla JS Java C# Python LinkedIn #100DaysOfCode Angular
In this episode, we talk Typescript with Dan Vanderkam, principal software engineer at Sidewalk Labs, and author of Effective TypeScript. Dan talks about the difference between working on a personal project versus a project at scale, what typescript is, and how it can help you once you move to those larger projects. Show Links TwilioQuest (sponsor) DevDiscuss (sponsor) DevNews (sponsor) Linode (sponsor) DataStax (sponsor) Pluralsight (sponsor) TypeScript Sidewalk Labs Effective TypeScript The Secret Guide To Computers BASIC Mount Sinai Alphabet Inc AlphaGo JavaScript Type Systems C# Turbo Pascal Effective C++: 55 Specific Ways to Improve Your Programs and Designs, Third Edition TypeScript Handbook Basarat's TypeScript Deep Dive Basarat's T Programming TypeScript TypeScript Quickly
In this episode, we talk about learning to code when you’re older, with Allison Sheridan, creator of the NosillaCast Mac Podcast, and former IT Fellow at Raytheon. Allison talks about why she picked up coding in her retirement, her challenges and successes on her coding journey, as well as her tips for learning. Show Links TwilioQuest (sponsor) DevDiscuss (sponsor) DevNews (sponsor) Linode (sponsor) DataStax (sponsor) Pluralsight (sponsor) NosillaCast Raytheon Fortran Programming by Stealth Base.cs Podcast Automator HTML CSS JavaScript Git PHP Codecademy Stack Exchange Stack Overflow Programming is My Happy Place Visual Studio Code GitHub Taming the Terminal DEV Notability BASIC
In this episode, we talk about how to use code to build cross-cultural understanding, with Laura Gutierrez Funderburk, data science intern at Cybera’s Callysto Project. Laura talks about how diving into projects and finding mentors helped push her through her coding journey, using Jupyter Notebooks to create curriculums for teachers with the goal of cross-cultural understanding, and why building tech with that mission in mind is important. Show Links TwilioQuest (sponsor) DevDiscuss (sponsor) DevNews (sponsor) Linode (sponsor) DataStax (sponsor) Pluralsight (sponsor) Cybera Callysto Simon Fraser University (SFU) SFU Co-operative Education BC Cancer Research Centre Anopheles Mosquito Python Pacific Institute for the Mathematical Sciences (PIMS) Jupyter Notebook Tla'amin Nation Callysto-Salish-Baskets Callysto-Fish-Traps Vancouver Datajam Pyladies R-Ladies GitHub
In this episode of DevNews, hosts Saron Yitbarek and Josh Puetz, cover how Apple server problems caused slowdowns and crashes for app launching in all versions of MacOS, the rise of school districts being the targets of ransomware attacks, and GitHub reinstating youtube-dl, a program to download videos from YouTube and other video sites, after a Digital Millennium Copyright Act takedown. And then they chat with Senior Staff Writer at Motherboard, Joseph Cox, whose piece titled, “How the U.S. Military Buys Location Data from Ordinary Apps,” shines a spotlight on the location data industry, and who is being targeted. Show Links TwilioQuest (sponsor) DevDiscuss (sponsor) DevNews (sponsor) Linode (sponsor) DataStax (sponsor) Pluralsight (sponsor) How the U.S. Military Buys Location Data from Ordinary Apps Standing up for developers: youtube-dl is back Schools Struggling to Stay Open Get Hit by Ransomware Attacks Apple Addresses Privacy Concerns Surrounding App Authentication in macOS
In this episode, we chat we talk about spatial computing with April Speight, cloud advocate for spatial computing at Microsoft. April talks about moving from fashion to development, what spatial computing is, and her personal curriculum to learn what she needed to in order to make the switch from project management to the world of extended reality. Show Links TwilioQuest (sponsor) DevDiscuss (sponsor) DevNews (sponsor) Linode (sponsor) DataStax (sponsor) Pluralsight (sponsor) Spatial computing Extended reality Project management Consumer Technology Association (CTA) Google Career Certificates Augmented reality (AR) Virtual reality (VR) Mixed Reality HoloLens Magic Leap Program Management Vive Oculus Go Oculus Quest Google Cardboard Udacity Unity Python C# Codecademy Channel 9 Scott Hanselman: Announcing free C#, .NET, and ASP.NET for beginners video courses and tutorials Mixed Reality Toolkit Chatbots Artificial intelligence (AI) Data Science Microsoft Azure Facial Recognition MIT Reality Hack Mixed Reality Academy
In this episode, we talk about about going from convict to coder with software engineer, Rick Wolter. Rick talks about being sent to prison for murder as a teen, deciding to learn to code while being locked up, and what it takes to land that first job with a felony on your record. Show Links TwilioQuest (sponsor) DevDiscuss (sponsor) DevNews (sponsor) Linode (sponsor) DataStax (sponsor) Pluralsight (sponsor) Rick Woltx The Last Mile Python Bucky Roberts Tutorials Khan Academy Adobe Dreamweaver Free Code Camp Big Nerd Ranch FIU (Florida International University) Swift C# .NET Java Object-oriented programming Rails
In this episode, we talk about how to learn data science and machine learning, with Jay Feng, co-founder and head of data science at Interview Query. Jay talks about how data science got him back into development after some bad coding experiences, how the different tools for machine learning and data science work together, and if machine learning is really as difficult as it sounds. Show Links TwilioQuest (sponsor) DevDiscuss (sponsor) DevNews (sponsor) Linode (sponsor) DataStax (sponsor) Pluralsight (sponsor) Interview Query Kaggle Inflection Jobr Monster Nextdoor Python R SQL Apache Spark Coursera Dataquest DataCamp
In this episode, we talk about React with Sophie Alpert, engineering manager at Humu, former manager of the React core team at Facebook. Sophie talks about the decision to drop out of college to work full-time at Kahn Academy, what her favorite things about React are, and going from the top open source contributor to React to then building it on the core team. Show Links TwilioQuest (sponsor) DevDiscuss (sponsor) DevNews (sponsor) Linode (sponsor) DataStax (sponsor) Pluralsight (sponsor) React Humu JavaScript Angular Vue React 16: A look inside an API-compatible rewrite of our frontend UI library
In this episode, we talk about accessibility in tech and how tech can be used to empower people from a variety of backgrounds, with Sareh Heidari, Software engineer at BBC News. Sareh talks about transitioning from physics to development, how networking and meetups helped her land her first job, and how the BBC integrates accessibility in their workflow. Show Links TwilioQuest (sponsor) DevDiscuss (sponsor) DevNews (sponsor) Linode (sponsor) DataStax (sponsor) Pluralsight (sponsor) Screen reader Codebar Sass BBC News
In this episode, we talk Ruby with Jay McGavren, author of Head First Ruby and Head First Go, and web developer at Kajabi. Jay talks about the pros and cons of using Ruby, what coding in Ruby looks like, and if it’s a good language for beginners to first learn. Show Links TwilioQuest (sponsor) DevDiscuss (sponsor) DevNews (sponsor) Linode (sponsor) DataStax (sponsor) Pluralsight (sponsor) Ruby Head First Ruby Head First Go Kajabi Commodore BASIC Scratch Visual Basic Perl Programming Perl Unix Scripting language Programming Ruby Yukihiro Matsumoto Ruby on Rails Dave Thomas Java Go Stack Overflow New Relic Unit Testing Head First Java Head First Design Patterns O'Reilly Media Keynote Head First HTML and CSS Sinatra MINASWAN The Rails Way
In this episode, we talk about learning and loving CSS, with Hui Jing Chen, UX Developer at Shopify. Hui Jing talks about how playing professional basketball led to becoming a developer, how she became a CSS expert, and why you should always read the specs. Show Links TwilioQuest (sponsor) DevDiscuss (sponsor) DevNews (sponsor) Linode (sponsor) DataStax (sponsor) Pluralsight (sponsor) Shopify CSS Drupal Git Sass Susy Floats Responsive Web Design Flexbox CSS Grid HTML JavaScript Codecademy Rachel Andrew CSS Specifications Writing Mode Chrome Canary Firefox Nightly Safari Technology Preview w3c / csswg-drafts CSS Shapes
In this episode, we talk auth, with Sam Julien, developer advocate engineer at Auth0. Sam talks about how he got out a rut and into development with a little help from his friends, what auth is, and what are the things you really need to know about it Show Links TwilioQuest (sponsor) DevDiscuss (sponsor) DevNews (sponsor) Linode (sponsor) DataStax (sponsor) Pluralsight (sponsor) Auth Auth0 Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) Codecademy Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) Treehouse JavaScript SQL C# jQuery OAuth OpenID Connect React Angular Vue.js Application programming interface (API) Authorization server Multi-factor authentication Developer Advocate DEV Twitch
In this episode, we talk about getting into open source, with Janessa Tran, junior software engineer at Ten Forward Consulting. Janessa talks about being one of a triplet of coders, how contributing to open source early on helped her to level up her dev skills, and what you should look for as a beginner when choosing what open source projects to work on. Show Links TwilioQuest (sponsor) DevDiscuss (sponsor) DevNews (sponsor) Linode (sponsor) DataStax (sponsor) Pluralsight (sponsor) Open Source Ten Forward Consulting Acorns The Odin Project Ruby on Rails Node.js Python Learn Python the Hard Way Lorenz system #100DaysOfCode Data for Democracy Ruby Together Ruby Me if me A Beginner’s Guide to Contributing to Open Source Hacktoberfest GitHub Ruby for Good Diaperbase
In this episode, we’re talking about live coding with Jesse Weigel, senior software engineer at Dicks Sporting Goods, and YouTube live streamer for freeCodeCamp. Jesse talks about how he got into live streaming his work, the ways in which live streaming has helped him as a developer, and his advice for folks who want to start their own coding livestream. Show Links TwilioQuest (sponsor) DevDiscuss (sponsor) DevNews (sponsor) Linode (sponsor) DataStax (sponsor) Pluralsight (sponsor) DICK'S Sporting Goods freeCodeCamp YouTube HTML Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) C++ JavaScript WordPress freeCodeCamp Codecademy Udacity Open source Git GitHub Twitch Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) Gwendolyn Faraday Vue.js noopkat The Matrix StarCraft
As an industry, tech is not well equipped to accept when people change their names. This problem effects a range of people, including those who have a change of marital status. However, it can especially effect the security of those who are survivors of domestic violence, and those who are trans, who have to suffer through deadnaming by their tech accounts. This constant barrage of deadnaming can be very psychologically and emotionally harmful. DevDiscuss hosts Ben Halpern and Jess Lee speak with Penelope Phippen, director at Ruby Central, and author of the DEV post, "Changing your name is a hard unsolved problem in Computer Science," about this issue and what can be done to make it better. Show Links TwilioQuest (sponsor) DevDiscuss (sponsor) DevNews (sponsor) Linode (sponsor) DataStax (sponsor) Pluralsight (sponsor) Ruby RSpec Rails Ruby Central RubyConf RailsConf RuboCop Go Format Changing your name is a hard unsolved problem in Computer Science Falsehoods Programmers Believe About Names GitHub One Medical Whipping Girl: A Transsexual Woman on Sexism and the Scapegoating of Femininity GLAD SheCodes LivingSocial Rubyfmt
In this episode, we’re talking about how as an industry, tech should strive for equitable design, and how you can harness your privilege to help create diversity, with Aubrey Blanche, director of global head of equitable design and impact at Culture Amp, and Founder and CEO of The Mathpath. Aubrey talks about how the term “diversity and inclusion” might not be as actionable as you might think, how “culture fit” may not be the thing you actually want, and how we should all be using our individual privileges to help other marginalized groups. Show Links TwilioQuest (sponsor) DevDiscuss (sponsor) DevNews (sponsor) Linode (sponsor) DataStax (sponsor) Pluralsight (sponsor) Culture Amp The MathPath HTML Python (programming language) R (programming language) Plantir Meritocracy Diversity and Inclusion (DNI) Atlassian Atlassian: How to start a learning circle with your colleagues Culture fit Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Textio Diversity in tech too often means ‘hiring white women.’ We need to move beyond that. How white women in tech can harness their privilege to help create diversity The Diana Initiative Intersectionality Culture Amp: Diversity & Inclusion Survey The Memo: What Women of Color Need to Know to Secure a Seat at the Table
In this episode, we talk about how frontend development has changed over the past 20 years, and how to keep on learning new skills, with Crysfel Villa, Senior Software Engineer at InVision, and backend lead at Coding Coach. Crysfel talks about how he navigated his english language barrier learning to code 20 years ago, how putting himself out there through blogs and remote and on-site teaching led to the most opportunities, and how he ended up diving into being a backend lead, even with his primary experience being a frontend developer. Show Links TwilioQuest (sponsor) DevDiscuss (sponsor) DevNews (sponsor) Linode (sponsor) DataStax (sponsor) Pluralsight (sponsor) InVision Coding Coach HTML Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) JavaScript C++ C PHP Learning Ext JS 4 Integrated development environment (IDE) JSON Node.js Application programming interface (API) GraphQL Stack Overflow Object-oriented programming Functional programming webpack
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Mar 22nd


Just started a flex bootcamp for software engineering at Thinkful and have been getting lost in trying to memorize all of the key terms. This helped me feel alot less stressed out. Thank you!

Feb 14th


I learned a lot. Now I get what I am doing wrong. I need to know a little bit more about the UI patterns

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awesome 👍

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what is going on? I can't access the episodes anymore.

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Philip-Alexander Jach


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A.L. Blackwell

Great Podcast Episode! Very Clear Not Hard To Understand At All

May 11th

Kyle St. Jean

I found this podcast to be very difficult to listen to because of has broken English. I spent more time trying to make sure that I understood exactly what words he was trying to say, rather than trying to focus on the content and value that he was going to provide us.

Apr 29th

Kyle St. Jean

I found his story to be intriguing, however I had a very difficult time listening to this podcast because his English was so broken. I spend an awful lot of time just trying to put together what he was saying, instead of paying attention to the value that he was giving and what he had to say

Apr 29th

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Apr 23rd

Rafael Moraes

Excellent as ever. =}

Apr 10th

Rafael Moraes

Excellent episode!

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Fahad Naeem

Great episode. I enjoyed it.

Feb 6th

Fatur Arif Muchamad

what in the name of macaroni minute 30:00 hmm hmm mean 🐐🐐🐐🐐

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eric wyns

This pod cast is life to be honest. Hopefully one day I could be interviewed and the title reads warehouse dock to python developer. #codegoals

Jan 10th

Marcos Cabrera

Great episode!

Jan 3rd

Steve Hardy

I can't seem to find the open source survival guide. anyone have the link?

Dec 31st

Marcos Cabrera

Great episode! Rachel was amazing and relatable.

Dec 29th

Ranjit Adhana

Super informativ podcast, I an a newbie and was searching for something like this. Keep the hustle on.

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Christine Vallestad

totally agree..this guy was great and also his voice is so soothing to listen to !

Sep 25th
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