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Author: Poul Hansen, Kevin Andries and Mikkel Rom

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A podcast about modern web development.
3 Episodes
In this episode we talk about utility CSS, utility-first approaches with frameworks such as Tailwind and why these could be useful to have in your styling setup or design system. *************** 🔗 LINKS Adam Wathan on utility first CSS Tailwind Tailwind cheat sheet Tachyons CSS Stats BEM ITCSS BEMIT In Defense of Utility-First CSS Tailwind versus BEM
It's 2021 and we're still in pandemic lock-down so we talk about how we're handling working from home, exercising, being productive and the tools we use to be efficient. *************** 🔗 LINKS Notion Todoist Webstorm Webstorm shortcuts VSCode Peacock extension by John Papa Bracket pair colorizer GitLens Slack MS Teams Asana
1: Code-splitting

1: Code-splitting


In this very first episode of Codesplitters podcast, Poul, Mikkel and Kevin start by introducing themselves and what this podcast will be about. We talk about code-splitting; what it is, when to split and when not to split your code. We also talk about when is a good time to think about performance in the lifetime of a project. What about old jQuery code or third-party plugins. How to do code-splitting when using Webpack or when using a JS framework. What about lazy-loading JavaScript components when you need them? Can you code-split when using a CMS? ES Modules? Can you code-split CSS? What about critical CSS? *************** 🔗 Links Lighthouse Code splitting in webpack Reduce JavaScript payloads with code splitting Route-level code splitting in Angular  Extract critical CSS Snowpack Skypack (previously Pika Package) Webcomponents
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