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Codesplitters Podcast

Author: Poul Hansen, Kevin Andries and Mikkel Rom

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A podcast about modern web development.
4 Episodes
In this episode we talk about component libraries and design systems. We talk about what they are and we share our own experiences using different tools for building component libraries such as PatternLab, Fractal and Storybook. We also share our recommendation on how to get started with this and what tool to choose. And then we of course also talk about bacon 🥓 🔗 LINKS The benefits of component libraries and when not to use one - by Mikkel Rom Introduction to Storybook Essential addons Accessibility addon Notes addon MDX - Markdown for the component era PatternLab Fractal Designsystems Repo
In this episode we talk about utility CSS, utility-first approaches with frameworks such as Tailwind and why these could be useful to have in your styling setup or design system. *************** 🔗 LINKS Adam Wathan on utility first CSS Tailwind Tailwind cheat sheet Tachyons CSS Stats BEM ITCSS BEMIT In Defense of Utility-First CSS Tailwind versus BEM
It's 2021 and we're still in pandemic lock-down so we talk about how we're handling working from home, exercising, being productive and the tools we use to be efficient. *************** 🔗 LINKS Notion Todoist Webstorm Webstorm shortcuts VSCode Peacock extension by John Papa Bracket pair colorizer GitLens Slack MS Teams Asana
1: Code-splitting

1: Code-splitting


In this very first episode of Codesplitters podcast, Poul, Mikkel and Kevin start by introducing themselves and what this podcast will be about. We talk about code-splitting; what it is, when to split and when not to split your code. We also talk about when is a good time to think about performance in the lifetime of a project. What about old jQuery code or third-party plugins. How to do code-splitting when using Webpack or when using a JS framework. What about lazy-loading JavaScript components when you need them? Can you code-split when using a CMS? ES Modules? Can you code-split CSS? What about critical CSS? *************** 🔗 Links Lighthouse Code splitting in webpack Reduce JavaScript payloads with code splitting Route-level code splitting in Angular  Extract critical CSS Snowpack Skypack (previously Pika Package) Webcomponents
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