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This episode we’re back with some exciting Safari news after Apples WWDC. We also look into native CSS nesting, which is almost available in all evergreen browsers! To wrap it all up we discuss using Nuxt for the very first time.
This episode we go over some exciting new things coming to WebKit.We also discuss our takes and experiences with AI tools such as chatGPT, Github Copilot and more. Links: Github Copilot Chat GPT WebKit Technology preview
Today we talk about getting into open source and building communities with our guest, Lars Brink. Links: Growing an Open culture in Open sourceΒ  ThisIsLearning dev community
18: PostCSS vs SASS

18: PostCSS vs SASS


Today we discuss the pros and cons of both PostCSS and SASS, and if SASS is still needed today. Links:
Today we invited Filip Bech, CTO at Umbraco, on the show to talk about the Umbraco CMS, how to go headless, Web Components libraries and frameworks. Filip also shares some of the thoughts behind the modernisation of the Umbraco backoffice where they are using an API-First approach going from AngularJS to Lit. πŸ”— Links:
Thomas Hjortsberg is a good friend and ex-colleague of ours. He joins us to talk about collaboration between UX and frontend, and shares his wise words and war-stories based on his many years of UX experience.
In this episode we share a few nice tools, extensions and gotchas with each other. We also ended up talking about how we like to organize our bookmarks. πŸ”— Links: Bun is a fast all-in-one JavaScript runtime Todo Tree extension for VS Code Webstorm Dialog :readonly Jest todo: - example: it.todo("should do this thing")
We talk about Mikkels new puppy and some other dog-talk. Once again we discuss cool new features in Safari, such as container queries and subgrid, etc. We also talk about updates in Vue, Nuxt and Angular 14. There is also a new story-tool in town - Histoire. πŸ”— Links:
This time we talk about our passion for homemade pizza, newly released Safari features, the <dialog> element, :focus-visible, optional chaining and polyfills. πŸ”— Links: Ooni pizza ovens: Safari releases: Dialog element: :focus-visible: The Optional Chaining Operator, β€œModern” Browsers, and My Mom:
12: Being a consultant

12: Being a consultant


In this episode we step a little bit away from talking about technologies and tools, instead we talk about being a consultant. What it means and how it's different from being an in-house developer or a freelance developer. We also discuss what different constellations we have been part of and some of the nice things of being a consultant.
AngularJS reached end of LTS (Long Term Support) on 31st of December 2021, so we're saying goodbye to an old friend and go back in time and talk about our first encounters with AngularJS and remember all the goods and the bads. We also talk about some other legendary tools and frameworks such as jQuery, jQuery-UI and bootstrap. πŸ”— Links: AngularJS: jQuery: jQuery UI: Bootstrap: Check out all our episodes on our website: Follow us on Twitter: Poul: Kevin: Mikkel:
10: 2021 reflections

10: 2021 reflections


We look back at 2021 and reflect on what projects we worked on and what we learned. We also talk a bit about our plans with the podcast for 2022. πŸ”— Links: React and web components: Check out all our episodes on our website: Follow us on Twitter: Poul: Kevin: Mikkel:
In this episode we focus on Mikkels experiences working with Angular and Tailwind, for the first time. What was weird? What was great? What was bad? Would he use those technologies again? With Poul being the Angular expert and Kevin being the Tailwind expert, we talk about all the pros and cons and misconceptions of both Angular and Tailwind. πŸ”— Links: Angular RxJs TypeScript Tailwind Check out all our episodes on our website: Follow us on Twitter: Poul: Kevin: Mikkel:
In this episode we talk about testing. Kevin wants to learn more about testing, so Poul and Mikkel try to guide him into how to get started. We also talk about how to sell testing, why should we spend time writing tests and the different types of tests. πŸ”— Links: Jest Testing Library Testing Javascript LightHouse Axe Storybook Storybook a11y add-on Check out all of our episodes on our website: Follow us on Twitter: Codesplitters: Poul: Kevin: Mikkel:
7: The fall of IE

7: The fall of IE


Since IE will be retired on June 15th 2022, we're talking a bit about how it was back in the days when we had to support old IE versions. Β What does this retirement of IE mean to us as frontend developers? Β What about the UX side of the decision of dropping IE support? What problems will disappear together with the support of IE? What web features will we be able to use? πŸ”— LINKS "The Internet Explorer 11 desktop application will be retired on June 15, 2022" IE retirement announcement:Β  Slack Huddle HTTP 203 - Is Safari the new IE? Moving users to Microsoft Edge from Internet Explorer Browser-update shame.css :focus-visible object-fit CSS Scroll Snap Flexbox gap WebP images CSS Custom Properties line-clamp :is() :where() String.includes Template Literals Dynamic Imports
In this episode we're really excited to talk about some of the recently released web platform features. Some of them have been here for a little while, some are very new and some are still just experimental. 2021 has been a year full of new CSS features and many more are coming. We talk about what excites us the most in frontend-land and which new features solve problems we have had in the past. πŸ”— LINKS IE retirement announcement: "The Internet Explorer 11 desktop application will be retired on June 15, 2022" Spread operator ... Nullish coalescing ?? Project FUGU TypeScript Container queries @container Experimental flag in Chrome Canary: #enable-container-queries CodePen demo Ahmad Shadeed: Say Hello To CSS Container Queries Piccalilli: Container Queries are actually coming MDN: CSS Container Queries The New Responsive Miriam Suzanne / Oddbird: Container Queries Polyfill :focus-visible :focus-within aspect-ratio gap for flexbox (and grid) CSS Grid @supports
In this episode we focus on web components. Poul gives a short intro to what they are and brings up some of the benefits of using web components, and also some of the disadvantages. We talk about the shadowDOM, encapsulation, ::part , slots, builders/compilers and framework integrations. Will web components replace JS frameworks? How do you go about styling a web component? πŸ”— LINKS Web Components Using shadowDOM ::part Explainer: CSS Shadow ::part and ::theme Adele - design systems repository Inheritable styles Lit πŸ”₯ StencilJS StencilJS Store Lion web components @deckdeckgo/lazy-img - image lazy load web component
In this episode we talk about component libraries and design systems. We talk about what they are and we share our own experiences using different tools for building component libraries such as PatternLab, Fractal and Storybook. We also share our recommendation on how to get started with this and what tool to choose. And then we of course also talk about bacon πŸ₯“ πŸ”— LINKS The benefits of component libraries and when not to use one - by Mikkel Rom Introduction to Storybook Essential addons Accessibility addon Notes addon MDX - Markdown for the component era PatternLab Fractal Designsystems Repo
In this episode we talk about utility CSS, utility-first approaches with frameworks such as Tailwind and why these could be useful to have in your styling setup or design system. *************** πŸ”— LINKS Adam Wathan on utility first CSS Tailwind Tailwind cheat sheet Tachyons CSS Stats BEM ITCSS BEMIT In Defense of Utility-First CSS Tailwind versus BEM
It's 2021 and we're still in pandemic lock-down so we talk about how we're handling working from home, exercising, being productive and the tools we use to be efficient. *************** πŸ”— LINKS Notion Todoist Webstorm Webstorm shortcuts VSCode Peacock extension by John Papa Bracket pair colorizer GitLens Slack MS Teams Asana
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