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Author: Chad Lingafelt

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New Episodes Weekly - Tuesday 9AM EST
We have weekly conversations around our morning coffee break with a mission to share business ideas, practices and strategies.
Listen to informative conversations with owners, leaders, managers and entrepreneurs that share practical ideas to help you impact your world.
104 Episodes
Today Chad Lingafelt chats with John Szczygiel, Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President at Brivo, about how to think differently in the market.  We dive into building a relationship with customers built on respect and trust. We also dive into how the market is affecting your customers and their customers.  John caps off this conversation with an excellent quote from a sign on a trip to Peru “ The way forward is difficult but not impossible.” Check Out: FollowJohn Szczygiel on LinkedIn:
Have you thought about buying a business? Maybe you are considering a franchise? Or, do you have a current business that would be good as a franchise? Today Chad Lingafelt chats with Dru Carpenito, Franchise Consultant & Matchmaker, about tactical things you need to know to set up your business as a franchise model. We dive into franchises, a topic that Dru is an expert on, and touch on what you should look for to invest in a franchise. Listen and learn from Franchise Expert Dru Carpenito as he shares how to successfully invest in, build, grow and even cash out of a franchise! Check Out: Follow Dru Carpenito on LinkedIn: Follow Dru Carpenito on Facebook:
In part 2 of this series, Chad Lingafelt chats with Andrew Moody & Mike Tyler, Project Managers at Loc-Doc Security, about the best practices and tips for Effective Project Management. We dive into project management expectations versus realities and lessons learned in the process.
In this 2 part series, Chad Lingafelt chats with Andrew Moody & Mike Tyler, Project Managers at Loc-Doc Security, about the best practices and tips for Effective Project Management. We dive into project management expectations versus realities and lessons learned in the process.
July 7, 2020 -------- Chad Lingafelt chats with Marvin King, Project Manager at The CORE Training, Inc., about the best practices of hosting a Live Virtual Conference. We dive into adapting from an in person conference to a virtual conference and Marvin shares some elements to make it successful and lessons he learned in the process! We also touch on How to keep your audience engaged and the difference between a webinar and a virtual conference. Follow Marvin King on LinkedIn: Need help hosting an event? We can Help!
Chad Lingafelt chats with Keith Tsantes, President at Tsantes & Associates, Inc., about the life of an independent sales rep. We dive into adapting when things are out of your control and Keith Shares how to be successful as a rep in 3 ways: Always Be Professional - your reputation matters. Be an Expert and Knowledgeable of your product line. Be a Consultant not just a sales person. Provide solutions, not just a product push. Watch the conversation here Check out Tsantes & Associates: Follow Keith Tsantes on LinkedIn:
Chad Lingafelt chats with Jonathan Dean, CPA and Senior Manager at Parsons CPA, about the Payroll Protection Program. We chat about how the PPP will impact your business, what to prepare and plan for, and Building Revenue Streams. We also talk about what makes a good CPA, what makes a good client, and who needs a CPA? Check out Parsons CPA : Follow Jonathan Dean on LinkedIn:
June 16, 2020 -------- Chad Lingafelt chats with Callie Langhorne, a Public Relations Expert, one of Charlotte Agenda’s 30 Under 30, and the voice behind the openings of some of Charlotte’s hottest restaurants and stores. We chat about how Callie got her start in Charleston, her relocation to Charlotte, and how she branched out to start her own business and become an independent Public Relations Consultant. We also dive into what is the difference between a publicist and just plain marketing? Callie also shares great insights on when you need a publicist, what makes a good client, and what creates a good story. Connect with Callie! Follow Callie on Instagram: @callielanghorne Follow Callie on Facebook: Follow Callie on LinkedIn:
June 9, 2020 -------- Today is an exciting episode and a little different conversation from our normal format. We are sharing a roundtable discussion with other Professionals that was broadcast to help others in our industry. Joining us was Travis Howell, Marketing Manager from H.L. Flake, Mark Dawson from Dawson Security, and our own Marketing Team, Jessica Lingafelt Director of Digital Marketing, and Aaron Beaver Content Creator Extraordinaire . In this episode we chat about Marketing Concepts, Strategies, and How to bring your story to your customers. We also talk about one of the best playbooks to kick start your Marketing Strategy and the importance of having a Clear Message. Special Thanks to H.L. Flake for promoting these conversations for the Security Industry. For More conversations like this, join us Thursdays at 2 pm for a live roundtable on Facebook & Youtube. Connect with Chad on LinkedIn: Connect with Travis on LinkedIn: Connect with Mark on LinkedIn: Connect with Jessica on LinkedIn: Connect with H.L. Flake: Follow H.L. Flake on YouTube:
June 2, 2020 -------- Chad Lingafelt chats with George Ramsay, Co Founder of Bold Music, about tools to help people teach. Bold Music hires talented musicians and connects them to students interested in playing an instrument. We chat about how George got his start and his transition from a practitioner to a businessman, some hiring practices, and the “why”. We also touch on what makes a good teacher, what makes a good student, and how the music industry has pivoted to connect teachers and students and provide a community. Check out Bold Music Lessons: Follow Bold Music Lessons on Instagram: @boldmusiclessons Follow Bold Music Lessons on Facebook: @boldmusiclessons Follow George Ramsay on LinkedIn:
May 26, 2020 -------- Chad Lingafelt chats with Andy Pfeiffer of Arthur Elliott Agency about Advertising, Marketing Attributes, and the question that always comes up ROI. We talk about the mindset you need to help your customers as well as empathy as a consumer, and tactics to work through the process. Check out Arthur Elliott: Follow Arthur Elliott on Instagram: @thearthurelliott Follow Arthur Elliott on Twitter: @thearthurelliott Follow Arthur Elliott on Facebook: @thearthurelliott Follow Andy Pfeiffer on LinkedIn:
How adapting quickly engineered success May 19, 2020 -------- Chad Lingafelt chats with Haley Bohon, SkillPop founder & CEO, about perseverance, the journey to launch SkillPop and the rapid pivot of SkillPop Anywhere. Haley shares the origins of SkillPop (expert led classes to spark a new hobby or passion) and the journey it took to launch SkillPop Anywhere (Virtual Instructor Led Classes). We talk about the mindset you need as an entrepreneur, where you can find resources to grow, and how adapting quickly can help bring value to a wider market. Check out SkillPop: Follow SkillPop on Instagram: @skillpop Follow Haley on Instagram: @haleybohon Follow SkillPop on Twitter: @skillpophq Follow Haley on Twitter: @haleybohon Follow SkillPop on Facebook: @skillpophq
Don’t miss this special episode courtesy of Brivo featuring Chad Lingafelt. Listen as Chad Lingafelt shares the 16 books that transformed his perspective and impacted our business. For the complete list of books, visit the link here.  Check out Business Meeting: Follow Chad on Instagram:@chadlingafelt Follow Chad on Twitter: @chadlingafelt Follow Chad on LinkedIn:
May 5, 2020 Chad Lingafelt chats with Brian Mister, Around the Crown Race Director, 2012 founder of NoDa Brewing Run Club, and outdoor enthusiast, all about perseverance and launching a movement. Brian shares advice and the 4 year journey it took to launch the Around the Crown 10k race that was landmark in shutting the 1-277 loop around Uptown Charlotte! Tune into this episode to find out how perseverance led to a landmark event! Check out Around the Crown: Follow Brian on Instagram:@bmister06 Follow Brian on Twitter: @bmister06 Follow Brian on LinkedIn:
Chad Lingafelt chats with Jake Fehling, VP of Marketing at Movement Mortgage, all about how the game has changed with COVID-19 and why you should just press record. This fun, fast paced conversation will have you looking at your business differently and changing your perspective on producing content during this crisis. Jake also shares why LIVE is the new TV after watching Baby Face for 2 hours with 500,000 other folks and the Documentary he began this year called 366. Enjoy this episode full of inspiration to get you ready to Just Press Record. Check out Movement Mortgage: Find out more about Jake: Follow Jake on Instagram:@jakefehling Follow Jake on Twitter: @jakefehling Follow Jake on LinkedIn:
Chad Lingafelt chats with Lee Odess, CEO & Founder of Group 337 all about how you can create innovation and break paradigms in your business. This episode is full of tactile ways to innovate and is key for business owners, managers, and leaders looking to improve. Read the article Lee wrote: Check out Group 337: Follow Lee on Twitter: @lodessFollow Connect with Lee on LinkedIn:
Chad Lingafelt chats with Dahlia Gordon, Registered Dietitian from Total Nutrition Technology, Former competitive diver, and Beanie Baby lover all about Health & nutrition as it relates to corporate wellness. This episode is full of valuable information for business owners, managers or employees wanting to add corporate wellness as a benefit. We dive into how health and nutrition impacts your overall job performance and steps to improve your health. Check out Total Nutrition Technology: Follow Dahlia on Instagram: @dahlia_the_dietitian Follow TNT on Instagram: @tnt_getfit Connect with Dahlia on LinkedIn:
Chad Lingafelt chats with Evan Knox, CEO of Caffeine Marketing, all about marketing and improving the message of your business. This episode will definitely have you takin g notes as we walk through tactile tips to help you clarify your message and ways to get that message to more people. Check out Caffeine Marketing: Find out more about Evan: Follow Evan on Instagram: @evanbknox Follow Evan on Twitter: @evanbknox Follow Evan on LinkedIn:
Chad Lingafelt chats with Larry Hubatka, Avid bird watcher, Thanksgiving Day Parade Commentator, GM of Tiny Horse, and Author of the book You Little Jerk, all about how to create Culture at home, work, and everywhere in your life. This episode will have you laughing and walking away with some great practical applications on how to build a great culture. Plus you''ll hear a bonus story about sharks and the worst haircut Larry ever received for a movie role! Buy Larry's Book: Follow Larry on Instagram: @larryhubatka - he has great animations and some pretty insightful advice on building culture! Follow Larry on Twitter: @larryhubatka  Visit Larry's Website: Visit Marketing Company:
Chad Lingafelt chats with Lucas Ward, Senior App Developer at The Lab (A division of Loc Doc Security), about the Messy Middle, Building Processes, knowing when to pivot when a process isn’t working, and the new release of the beta app. For more information about the beta testing, visit
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