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Wikka-Wikka-Errrrt, that's record scratching in words, LOL. This Mini-Monday episode is a short glimpse into my head as I live in DJ-Land.  The Call to Action is simple: tell me what your DJ name would be if you could be on the Ones and Twos.  Answer the question below. Don't be shy. Have fun and let's make some noise!!! Wikka-Wikka Errrrrrrt!!! --- Support this podcast:
Mini Monday 2

Mini Monday 2


Mini Monday 2 with Brandi for a brief life update. --- Support this podcast:
Unicornly Kayla!

Unicornly Kayla!


Meet Kayla Van Egdom: author, fitness expert and podcaster. In this episode we share what it's like being food-driven since childhood, overcoming and evolving through mindset and fitness. We discuss some awesome books that helped us rethink food and bio-hacking food habits. You can find Kayla and her books in the links below: --- Support this podcast:
Welcome to the first episode of Radio UNK!! Radio UNK is where I will share silly, endearing stories. Radio UNK * Mini-Mondays means that I will share these stories on Mondays and plan to keep them in the 10-15 or 20-30 minute range depending on topic. There is a new Radio UNK intro song and you'll have to forgive my congestion as I am at the end of a sinus infection.  Thank you for listening to the first episode of Radio UNK!! Let me know what you think in the comments... --- Support this podcast:
Meet the Uncle/Nephew team behind The Little Coffee Shop of Horrors Anthology Vol 1 and 2.  Paul and Joe Carro take us into the dark world that created this very special anthology. In this episode we chat about Halloween, monsters, the supernatural and of course: coffee. This anthology has images and coffee pairings, so you'll definitely want to grab a copy, see links for details. --- Support this podcast:
Meet Shelly Cole, author and actor. In her first book: Blue Highways, she shares her hopeful stories and speaks openly about mental illness. You might know her as Madeline from Gilmore Girls. Learn more about this resilient human who works with children, faces her fears, and gets her lahbstah on. --- Support this podcast:
Meet Stephanie M. Matthews, author of The Gift and The Eve's End. In this episode we find out why "scary things happen at Christmas," share the joy of Nutella along with Belgian chocolate, and lastly why Rome is good.  You can find out more about Stephanie and her books at the links below. --- Support this podcast:
Meet Renaissance Man Jonathan Edward Durham; author of Winterset Hollow. In this episode we deep dive into this childhood tale with a dark twist, we have fun with food and nerd out on names. His favorite description of his book is "Wind in the Willows meets Hunger Games."  Barley Day is Here!! --- Support this podcast:
Meet "Diz" as her family affectionately refers her. In this episode we chat about her book: 3 Sisters, 3 Weeks, 3 Countries (Still Talking!).  She explains how she is disrupting the memoir genre with this book. We share the same fondness for Irish Craic Music and whiskey. We chat about the charm of storytelling as a shared human experience and above all else, how laughter is key. Liz is available for bookclub chats and you can find her and her book at the links below: Thank you for listening. If you love this show, please leave a review, subscribe and share with your friends and family. Go Forth and be Magical. --- Support this podcast:
Meet author Kalvin Ellis. He is a real life hero who loves Superman, Cryptozoology, and doesn't want to disappoint his readers. The Hills Above the Gristmill is the first of many Paisley Mott books. We deep dive into his characters and share some Easter eggs. Nerd out with us as we discuss pop culture and so much more. Are you a member of the Sasquatch Search Squad? Answer the question in the Spotify poll. --- Support this podcast:
Meet Award-Winning Chef Cheryl! "She wants her coffee to spank her in the mouth." She has a special video product coming soon in addition to her line of sauces and rubs. Stay tuned for more Chef. The people have asked for more Chef and it's coming, this is just the beginning. Check out this badass human and these badass products: --- Support this podcast:
Notoriously Nicole ;-)

Notoriously Nicole ;-)


Meet Nicole: food expert, canned bean lover, and a firm believer in adding to your meals instead of subtracting. She eats sweets, meats, and loves the rainbow color of plant-based meals.  You can ask her anything.  --- Support this podcast:
Meet Donna Scuvotti: An animal lover with a big heart. In this episode we talk about sugar cookies, frozen nose hairs, and her Panster-Puppet-Master writing style. Her debut novel, Just Jonathon has been described as a "Chiller with Heart." Stay tuned for the sequel due later this year. You can find her and her book at the below links. Thank you for listening: Go Forth and Be Magical --- Support this podcast:
The Letter "S" for Support

The Letter "S" for Support


Life, Love, and the Pursuit of Coffee©️ is what we talk about. The letter "S" for Support is the theme.  Brandi and I chat about "rising by lifting others" and share deeply personal stories about how we got to where we are now.  You can find our writings on our websites: --- Support this podcast:
Meet W. M Angel, a revivalist of 1920s style writing and wanting to bring a gentleness back into a chaotic world. He is a lover of the arts and weaves that thread throughout his novel Atlas Loved. We chat about the ocean and sailing, he grew up in Italy and Norway where he is working on his next three novels. You can find him at the below links: --- Support this podcast:
Grief is a Bitch

Grief is a Bitch


This is a special video episode centered on Grief. There is now wrong way to grieve, however, there are destructive ways to handle pain and sadness and there are useful and productive ways to work through the struggle. This episode is raw and hope it helps others understand someone who has been through trauma. Please share this episode with someone you know who is or has suffered. Thank you. Remember, be gentle as you never know what someone is going through. --- Support this podcast:
Meet Marcus Hawke: Author of Miracle Sin and other dark twisted tales. We chat about yarn penises, humor in horror, villains, and share a duet of Zombie Christmas Carols.  *Listener Warning* this episode is a little graphic at times. There is much more to come from Marcus and you can find his writings and books here: --- Support this podcast:
Meet KC Loesener: Author, Creator of Kick Ass Author's Club, and Lover of Creature Features. In this episode we chat about how she got paid to write papers in school, how her cool babysitter let her watch scary movies, and she believes, "if you have a plan, nothing can stop you." We chatted about super powers and she she chose mind control for mischief-making reasons. To get on her wait-list see links below: --- Support this podcast:
Meet Paul Carro: Author of Horror, drinker of an obscene amount of "Apocalypse Coffee" and fan of aquatic horror movies and monsters. Join us as we fanboy and fangirl about movie locations, learn about his favorite band, and attempt the "Coffee Challenge" in his story The Big Guy. He has a new book coming out The Salem Legacy and he also has volume 2 of The Little Coffee Shop of Horrors. You can find him and his books in the links below: --- Support this podcast:
Meet R. K. Higgins: Author of the anti-gravity racing series: Afterburn and Afterburn Blood Rush. By day he is an animal control officer, by night he practices the Tarantino writing method. We chat about diner food, burgers, milkshakes, and of course coffee. He has a great sense of humor and he shares a story about his cousins giving him coffee when he was 8 years old at his grandfather's funeral. Higgins is a fan of Philip K. Dick, a gamer, and when he procrastinates creates some great writer memes. Go give his Instagram page some attention: --- Support this podcast:
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