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Barry covers Psalm 66, choosing an Old Testament account in Israel’s history to highlight the fact that God is good, powerful, and loves us. God uses difficult times to make us holy and for the world to see his power in our transformation. Someone may want to create singing telegrams to remind us of these […]
Barry speaks about the Israel-Hamas conflict with Dr. Scott Bridger, Dr. Sarah Spring, and Jenna Coombs, who spent time in Israel and Palestine recently as part of Criswell College’s Global Learning and Service Experience. The conversation hinges on how meeting human beings changes our engagement with the affairs affecting them. Article: Hamas-Israel Conflict: Here’s What […]
Barry relieves our discomfort by finishing up the dinner table discussion of religion and politics. However, he invites us to keep the tension going by acknowledging the inherent contrast between multiple values Christians hold: personal liberty, benevolence, and submission to authorities. Believe it or not, holding that tension in humble hands can bring about peace. […]
We have all heard there are three things one should never bring up at the dinner table, and Barry is beginning a series about two of them. How should Christians think through politics and religion, and should e’er the twain meet? Join us after a potentially uncomfortable meal for some Coffee with Creamer. Books: Songs […]
Imprecision may be the bane of our existence, but it is also the reason we have hope. Thank the Lord we have someone who can reach into our imperfect world and lives. So, what then is our job? Our job is to pursue the righteousness (justice) we know only He can achieve. Article: “For 25 […]
Although it may not always be at the forefront of our minds, imprecision surrounds us—mostly because of the “us” in this equation, rather than everything else. The good news is that our certainty is not necessary for truth to prevail, nor should we give up the pursuit of truth because we are finite.     […]
Barry walks us through Psalm 62 and Luke’s account of a harrowing experience Jesus endures once in Nazareth and again and again everywhere else.  However, the truly shocking part is his response to the threat and how it affects us. Scriptures: Psalm 62 Luke 4:16-30 Phil 2:5-9  
Christianity is no less susceptible to Pharisaism than Judaism was. The second of two episodes on incarnation highlights Christ’s teaching that we are not better than others, just better together.       Scriptures: Gal 6:1-3, 14, 20, 6:9-10 Eph 3:17-19, 4:1-4, 11-13 James 5:14-20 Luke 23:24 Acts 7:58-60 John 3:17 Referenced Episode: Meek and […]
Barry lays the groundwork for a conversation about the strengths and weaknesses of representational and incarnational Christianity. One is more familiar than the other, perhaps, but both have something to teach us about what we have been given and what we have to give away.       Scriptures: Matt 28:16-20 Acts 17:29-32, 7:2-60 1 […]
A broken world has a lot of problems. Our goal then, is to find solutions to those problems, right? Wrong. Our goal should be finding our Deliverer before we find our solution. In doing that through prayer we will deal with a problem we sometimes neglect—us.     Scriptures: Psalm 59 Mark 1:35, 3: 1-6, […]
Barry finishes up the conversation about Affirmative Action, covering the topics of quotas, tokens, and barriers to a level playing field. When it comes down to it, as we’ve learned before, our problem is clinging to our shallow arguments, not the difficulty of finding a solution.    
As background for a discussion about equity and peacemaking, Barry gives us a history lesson through the twists and turns of JFK’s Affirmative Action. A major stop on the way is colorblindness, and whether or not it is a beneficial impediment. Referenced Episode: Who’s in Charge Here? Ep 14  
Barry compares two psalms that are nearly identical, highlighting the different applications for different groups. Often we embrace the idea that to come to God we need to clean ourselves up quite a bit. In fact, the opposite is true—God is looking for people who are looking for help—a perfect match!         […]
Using the topics of cremation, political pandering, and apologetics, Barry concludes our series on cleverness. He reminds us that having a faith based in grace should center all of our confidence in Christ, leaving humility for ourselves and openness towards others.       Scripture: 1 Cor 9:24-29 Referenced episodes: When Evil Tends to Look […]
Who is crazy enough to talk about women as preachers, Rick Warren and Al Mohler, and infant salvation all in one 45-minute podcast? I think we all know who. These topics all stir numerous pots and need a good helping of nuance in order to promote greater understanding of both our doctrinal position and our […]
Everybody wants to be clever, right? While cleverness might seem like a good thing, at times it can cloak the truth. Barry begins a new series and introduces the concept by means of his Junior High debate skills, non-Euclidean geometry, and a child’s maze.         Scriptures: Matt 26:59-61 Referenced Episodes: Terms of […]
Barry takes us on a journey through various aspects of identity, highlighting the importance of acknowledging differences while extending moral equality. Ethics is in the same line of work as the good news: breaking down barriers and crossing lines.       Referenced Episodes: Disagreeing to Agree: Parts 1-3 Scriptures: Acts 22:6-22 Ez 18 Rom […]
This second episode of our series about real change has something for everyone: gnats, hermeneutics, corn shucking, and camels. Barry provides a few more instances of the ways in which we pitch our tent on the bridge instead of crossing over where love of God and others meet.         Scriptures: Matthew 23:24 […]
Barry begins a series about real change and how sometimes we stop short of it: instead of crossing a bridge, we pitch our tents in the middle. In this episode he lays that groundwork by citing some real-life (and real embarrassing) examples of this very thing in our everyday lives. Scripture: Matthew 7:1-6    
Barry covers Psalm 51 in part two of our series on David’s (the man after God’s heart) most famous failures. In this song he points out the insanely good deal we are offered (good news): we beg for mercy, and God gives it, and transformation. Our only requirement: brokenness.       Scriptures: Psalm 51 […]
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