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Cognified Marketing and Selling Podcast

Author: Joel Gaslin

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Cognify is the "aha" moment before something is understood. Knowing people buy on emotion and justify their choices with logic, how do you incite emotion and supply the right data to close a sale, generate a lead or move a person to action? Getting COGNIFIED is the way!

What the heck is Cognified? It's the past tense of Cognify, of course! Think of it like the person who had the "aha" moment and now has a good story to tell about the tools, tips and data they used to get there. They're now Cognified!

The Cognified Marketing and Selling Podcast will feature interviews and stories with everyday people using innovative tools, ideas and strategies to work smarter, faster and more efficiently. After all, it's easy to hear how to market a medical practice, start a business, grow a territory or create a product from famous people with staffs, sponsors, and large budgets.

What about the real people who get up every morning and work hard to serve their patients, clients, companies, and families? This is most of us and we are the majority of what makes commerce move! Cognified Marketing and Selling Podcast will feature those people because they have amazing ideas, strategies and stories about how to work smarter, more efficiently and effectively that all of us can use. Today.

Perhaps you know of someone who has a great "system" they've developed through years of experience? Or maybe you do, too? If you do, we'd love to hear from you and interview you on our next episode. Please remember, this is a podcast about real people hosted by a guy who, once-in-a-while, uses some salty language. If that bugs you, you probably shouldn't listen and it explains the "explicit" label.

The promise the Cognified Marketing and Selling podcast makes to you is that if you listen, you will learn, be inspired and maybe even say, "Hey, that guy's just like me!" So if you're one of the Working Doctors, Road Warriors, Phone Pounders, Solopreneurs, Product Managers, Brand Mangers, Content Marketers or anyone looking for a few good ideas, you've come to the right place.

Stop back often and get COGNIFIED!
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