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Author: Chris Marshall

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Collected Comics Library is only podcast solely dedicated to comic book collected editions news and reviews of Marvel, DC and independent TPBs and HCs.
526 Episodes
On today’s show Chris and Andy discuss the passing of Ernie Colón, Andy gets a ton of cool gifts and Chris laments of Amazon shipping. Chris and Andy also start looking at the 100 Greatest Comic Books - Comic Book Runs - Single Issues & Graphic Novels of All Time from When It Was Cool, which was compiled from several different sources in late 2017. In this first installment, the guys go over #100-81, give their thoughts and, of course, the collected editions these runs are in.
It’s a special 500th episode of the Collected Comics Library!!! Chris and Andy play a game of Who Am I?, discuss who they would like to have dinner with including etiquette, and “draft” selections from the October 2019 solicits.
On today’s show, Chris and Andy are joined by Augie De Blieck Jr., to talk about his DC Comics predictions he made on his blog Pipeline Comics. They guys also go over a number of other news and topics from Comic-Con International.
This week Chris and Andy say goodbye to Vertigo and the possibility of any more Steve Ditko Kickstarters. They also “draft” selections from the September 2019 solicits that include: Round 1 Andy: Incredible Hulk By Peter David Omnibus Vol. 1 HC (Marvel) Chris: Conan The Barbarian: The Original Marvel Years Omnibus Vol. 3 HC (Marvel) Round 2 Andy: Dick Tracy Forever TP (IDW) Chris: Aquaman: The Silver Age Omnibus Vol. 1 HC (DC Comics) Round 3 Andy: Jonah Hex: The Bronze Age Omnibus Vol. 1 HC (DC Comics) Chris: John Byrne's Marvel Classics Artifact Edition (IDW) Round 4 Andy: Battle Chasers Anthology TP (Image) Chris: Annihilation Omnibus HC New Printing (Marvel) Round 5 Andy: James Bond: Live And Let Die Graphic Novel HC (Dynamite) Chris: Batman: The Golden Age Omnibus Vol. 8 HC (DC Comics) Round 6 Andy: The Ragged Return to Lonely Street (Albatross) Chris: Crisis On Infinite Earths Companion Deluxe Edition Vol. 3 HC (DC Comics) Round 7 Andy: Peter Cannon: Thunderbolt (Dynamite) Chris: War Of The Realms: The Punisher TP (Marvel) Round 8 Andy: Daredevil Epic Collection: A Woman Called Widow TP (Marvel) Chris: Cosmic Ghost Rider Destroys Marvel History TP (Marvel) Round 9 Andy: Write Your Own Marvel TP (Marvel) Chris: Mutant X: The Complete Collection Vol. 2 TP (Marvel) Round 10 Andy: New Avengers: Breakout Marvel Select HC (Marvel) Chris: Man-Wolf: The Complete Collection TP (Marvel) Round 11 Andy: Drew And Jot: Dueling Doodles OGN HC (Boom! Studios) Chris: Marvel Masterworks: Daredevil Vol. 14 HC (Marvel) Round 12 Andy: Doom Patrol By John Byrne Omnibus HC (DC Comics) Chris: Doctor Strange Epic Collection: Triumph And Torment TP (Marvel)
On today’s show Chris and Andy go over Rob Liefeld picking a fight with DC, Batman 1989 Deluxe HC, Eric Powell’s Goon Omnibus’ & Albatross Press, Daredevil Season 3 (and 4?), Jessica Jones Season 3, Ghost Rider and Helstrom on Hulu, DC Entertainment canceling Swamp Thing, Godzilla: King of the Monsters, X-Men: Dark Pheonix, Marvel audio comic books, DC potentially shutting down Vertigo in favor of the Black Label imprint, former IDW executives create Clover Press, So What? Press from Drew Ford and It’s Alive!, and Lion Forge & Oni Press announce a merger and so much more!
This week Chris and Andy go over missing OOP books that are needed for our collected edition library: The Goon Library Edition Volumes 1 & 3 and EC Archives: Haunt of Fear Volume 5, tales from Motor City Comic Con 2019, Ditko Kickstarter says they want to publish a 2-Volume Mr. A, a follow-up from Gwandanaland Comics….and go over selections from the August 2019 solicits.
In their very own sequel to CCL #489 - Live Eisner Hall Of Fame Voting, Chris and Andy pick their favorites for the 2019 Eisner Awards and Chris casts his ballot live on the podcast. Who do they vote for? Also on the show the reprint greatness that is Gwandanaland Comics and the unbelievable true story of Aran Stubbs and the IRS Comic Collection. Plus a recap of Marvel’s reading order, DC’s Essential Reading List 2019, Black Hammer Library Edition, The Ray (Golden Age), Airboy, Green Arrow: Year One by Andy Diggle, Adventures of Captain America by Fabian Nicieza and Kevin MacGuire w/Karl Kessel; Captain America White by Loeb and Sale, and, of course, Avengers: Endgame.
This week Chris and Andy go over listener email and go over selections from the July 2019 solicits that include: Marvel Elektra Assassin TP Invaders Vol. 1: War Ghost TPB Marvel Visionaries: Roy Thomas TPB Official Handbook Of The Marvel Universe Omnibus HC Punisher: Return To Big Nothing TPB Savage Sword of Conan: The Cult of Koga Thun TP Timely's Greatest: The Golden Age Simon & Kirby Omnibus HC Venom by Donny Cates HC DC Comics All-Star Comics: Only Legends Live Forever TP and HC Batman: Kings Of Fear HC Hitman’s Greatest Hits TP Justice League of America: Last Survivors on Earth TP Swamp Thing By Nancy A. Collins Omnibus HC Tales of the Batman: Gerry Conway Vol. 3 TP Watchmen: International Edition HC New Edition Wonder Woman by Greg Rucka Vol. 3 TP Aftershock Comics Out of the Blue HC GN Vol. 2 Dark Horse Black Hammer Volume 4: Age of Doom Part 2 TP Flaming Carrot Comics Omnibus TP Monsters and Other Stories TP IDW David Mazzucchelli's Daredevil Born Again Artisan Edition TPB Ragnarok by Walt Simonson Vol. 1 TP Superman: The Silver Age Sundays, Vol. 2: 1963-1966 HC Image Bad Weekend HC Insight Comics Before Houdini GN Vol 2 Dynamite Dreadstar HC Wizard Rare Limited Edition Signed HC
On this week’s show, Chris and Andy go over DC’s updated collected editions initiatives - straight from Dan Didio’s Facebook page, a deep dive into DC’s Black Label Editions and the reissues of the Walmart 100-Page Giant Comics. Also on the show Star Wars #108 (or as Andy calls it #50.1), Avengers: Endgame ticket prices are out of control, new Marvel Retrospectives from Yoe Books (IDW) and what may be the most bizarre comic in years: Giraffes on Horseback Salad from Salvador Dali, the Marx Brothers and Quirk Books.
This week Chris and Andy go over funding campaigns for Airboy #51, Steve Ditko’s Mr. A Returns, Baltimore Omnibus Vol. 1, plus the Shazam! movie, and the trouble of releasing trades before hardcovers, and lastly we go over selections from the June 2019 solicits
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