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Welcome to the sermon podcast of Collective, led by senior leader Kevin Loo. We are a church propelled and sustained by God-centeredness, community and disciple-making.

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This week, we're giving spiritual complacency a run for its money!
By focusing on others and practicing generosity, we gain a liberated others-focused life instead of being stuck in a self-centered life.
We must speak the truth in love, and that love is a meaningful relationship built over the years.
This week we learn how to win in life, the Jesus way. Like all victories, winning lives for Jesus take time, effort, and most of all, intention. But thankfully, we don't do this alone.  Not only has He equipped us, He has opened doors for us and is there every step of the way; so that all there's left for us is to use what we have to serve others.
A reflection through Luke 10:38-42 to experience transformative power of being with Jesus.
Like an anchor, stewardship keeps our core grounded to God; resetting our attitudes in our earthly lives to build the eternal kingdom entrusted to us!
A reflection through 1 Corinthians 13:4-7 to experience the perfect patience of Jesus.
A reflection through Matthew 9:18-26 to discover the present love of Jesus.
Day 3: Life in the Spirit – In this episode, we read and meditate on the New Living Translation of Romans 8. It is a profound reminder of who we are, what we have in Christ, and what Christ has done for us.
Day 2: Prayer gives Strength – In this episode, we reflect on how prayer gives us strength thru being connected with God – the source of life and power. We also learn that true strength comes from not wavering in our faith and trust in God and the outcomes he sends.
Day 1: Prayer gives Perspective – In this episode, we reflect on how prayer gives us perspective, shows us the big picture, reveals who we really are, and gets us out of where we shouldn’t be.
It might be easy to become caught in the moment that we lose track of the center of worship. But let's do so with a heart revealed, so our truest intentions go back to Him.
Posture of the Heart(Part 3) - We should cultivate a posture of humility and obedience. But at times, the struggle is not in the obedience to do but the real struggle is obedience to wait. Let us look into the third posture for our spirituality, that is the posture of waiting before the Lord.
Posture of the Heart(Part 2) – In this journey, we want to cultivate good habits. But what is the point of doing it habitually with a wrong attitude? What is the chief end to cultivating spiritual habits? We will look into the second posture, that is the posture of humility before God.
Posture of the Heart(Part 1)- Poor posture can affect the amount of air you're taking into your lungs when breathing. When your lungs aren't functioning as they should be, your brain, heart and other vital organs won't get the oxygen they need. When you slouch, you compress your abdominal organs, including your digestive tract. Bad posture leads to bad health. It’s easier to detect a bad posture physically... but what about the posture of our hearts? We will look into the first posture, learning from Jesus, we look into the posture of habitual prayer.
Psalm 84 (Part 3) - The Doorkeeper's Trust A journey of longing, strength and trust through Psalm 84.
Psalm 84 (Part 2) - Strength in the Longing A journey of longing, strength and trust through Psalm 84.
Psalm 84 (Part 1) - A Longing for Home A journey of longing, strength and trust through Psalm 84.
We turn the volume down to a mute, and talk about how spiritually loud silence can be. 
How much do you really know about fasting? Let's learn together in this instalment of Habits to Happiness!
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