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Author: Gabe Colors

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Best for beginners and skeptics, Crypto Coloring is the most diverse, consistent and accessible podcast illuminating the blockchain and cryptocurrency. Host Gabe Colors brings a decade of executive startup experience and another decade of art and color study to conversations with investors, founders, futurists, visionaries, and enthusiasts. Join us as we shed needed light on this new technology.

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Aint nobody got time for 44 Steps. Taylor, Founder and CEO of MyCrypto brings up the biggest question we have got to answer on our way to massive crypto adoption. How do we onboard fiat to useful digital wallets. In the meantime, Taylor and MyCrypto are doing fine. Referenced during the conversation: Google Podcasts [Google Podcasts - Wyre Talks - Ep 24, Delivering Crypto to the Masses with Erik Voorhees, CEO of ShapeShift and Taylor Monahan, CEO of MyCrypto.]( And this usability panel: [Gustavo Esquinca ~ UX & Usability Panel - YouTube]( Contact: @tayvano_ @MyCrypto
Yesterday, Bill Ottman was on Joe Rogan's podcast, Episode 55 of Coloring Crypto brings a different set of questions to the same guest. Facebook is Dead? Wishful thinking as of early 2019 no doubt. But I'm a believer that we will look back years from now and see that clearly it's evil.Reach CEO and founder of at
It may be the Great Gestation in blockchain, but now's the time to get a career in crypto. Our guest is Tom Hamilton, a blockchain recruiter who's worked with or for, Electronic Arts, Second Life, Playstation, SpaceX, and Kernel. This is Part 1 as we realized we have more questions than answers. (35:00) Is where we dive deep on the topic. Read “How to get a job in Crypto” on Medium Tweet: @gabecolors Complete Show Notes on Coloring Crypto website, Guest Tom Hamilton Summary AKA TL;DR ;) *Make work and acquire skills* 1. Become really good 2. Learn social skills and Networking strategies 3. Be a good human being,able to communicate, and be positive *1. An encouraging word* In tech, Don’t be intimidated that others know more than you because in 6 months it will all change tom If it feels saturated it’s not *2. Beware* Whether high season or low season, it’s your brand… guess what, those records are there for good..! *3. Self evaluate* If you are doing it because you think it’s cool, but not really passionate, you are going to fail. don’t apply for jobs you are not passionate about . hard to fake enthusiasm Identify how much “Real experience” you have. Not just Audacity, Udemy courses… “Are you getting paid to build and deliver a product” *4. Now what you can do* Make your own product Go to the best school If you are out of school, become as active in the industry as you can Join the clubs Get involved in open source development products *5. Analyze prospective company/industry* Do your homework, research the company “Where do you want to participate in the blockchain?” Currency? Infrastructure? Which part ? Is the company traditional tech going into blockchain? Do they already have their expertise? *Links:* [17:00] Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez @aoc [19:15] Mike Dillard “Self Made Man” Is This the Start of the Next Bitcoin Bull Run? [Self Made Man™ - For Men With Ambition]( Teeka Tiwari from [28:00] Bryan Johnson [Bryan Johnson | Entrepreneur]( [Bryan Johnson – Medium]( @bryan_johnson @OSFund [OS Fund]( Kernel [Kernel]( technologies enhancing human cognition [32:30] Elon Musk [Neuralink]( ultra high bandwidth neural interfaces (medical devices) Ray Kurzwel | Singularity [The Singularity Is Near - Wikipedia]( SPACEX [SpaceX](  
The dot com days are related, it's all the same.
With the return after our break, Coloring Crypto revisits the top Spotify episode from 2018 with the team's predictions in Crypto. Tweet @gabecolors
Coloring Crypto goes on a 6 week hiatus, ushered in with this chapter close from: None other than my Mom. If I am smart at all, or in whichever smart dynamic I got, my Mom, well her whole family including the aunts an uncles, had something to do with it. If I was to say, what the Coloring Cryptp family member guests have had in common-- now having had Che, Cousin David, Aunt Terrie and now the most recent guest, Episode 51, Bonnie Mott, Coloring Crypto is a family affair. Growing up seeing your sigh in my bathroom: "Washington State has had an equal rights amendment" I thought racism would be gone, gender equality would exist, with bitcoin the rich got richer.. but the concept of a decentralized ledger is going to be good.  #ColoringCrypto
Guest Matthew Sullivan of QuantmRE Los Angeles, Blockchain, Crypto backed by property, an alternative for home owners thinking of re-financing.
KYC AML   "asynchronous messaging platform, exchanging value for trust" chain agnostic   predictions: lawsuits books:  Cryptonomicon: Neal Stephenson Bruce sterling 1989: Islands in the Net  Predictions like: Drone  assassination,  Data havens  Bahamas blockchain and  Crypto foreigners  Govt from Bahamas  Bahamian whales 
In claiming the summer of 2018 as the Great Gestation, new terms and phrases arose in these interviews and I got seriously scared of what decentralization feels like. In Part 1, Rebekah coins "access equality" and "decentralized success" in the closing episode here @miko coins "consensus currencies" and tells the story of what might the original decentralized currency in the stone age.   
What's happening with Crypto in the middle of 2018? [2:50] My friend Lenny is done with Crypto [10:00] Amy Wan, CEO Co-Founder of Sagewise says just chill [23:00] Terrence Yang says adoption is abysmal @gabecolors
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