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Come, Follow Me: BYU Speeches Podcast

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Want to take your study of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints’ Come, Follow Me program one step further? Here, you’ll find just what you need to help your personal, family, and church study. This podcast is specially curated by our team at BYU Speeches, and each week will bring you a different speech to improve your Come, Follow Me experience.
32 Episodes
Choose to keep God's commandments—always—and stay out of Satan's territory. You are promised safety and peace if you stay on the Lord's side of the line. Support the show:
David L. Kooyman teaches that hope in Christ is based on experience and knowledge. If we remain steadfast in following the Lord, He will bless us. Support the show:
God is real. His Son is real. Our faith in them will be strengthened as we learn more completely about them and have sacred experiences with them. Support the show:
In this talk, W. Gibb Dyer Jr. discusses the importance of repentance and its fundamental purpose and function within our lives. Support the show:
Prayer is a tool for comfort, peace, guidance, testimony, and forgiveness. How are you using prayer to access the powers of heaven? Support the show:
In a world that has been described as "post-truth," this message declares that truth does exist, it does matter, and we can discern it. Support the show:
Sometimes change comes in ways we want it least, and seems impossible when we want it most. But through Christ, we can change—and we can cope with change. Support the show:
The call to be a missionary is not just extended to some, nor only for a certain amount of time. We should all strive to share the gospel. Support the show:
The priesthood, the presence of the Holy Ghost, our temple covenants—these are heavenly powers that bless our lives when we live the gospel. Support the show:
Get true understanding as you study, pray, and serve. Such understanding comes as you trust in the Lord, rather than yourself. Support the show:
Pam Musil gives five suggestions to help make permanent change a part of your life. Her knowledge of dance greatly influences her advice. Support the show:
Religious freedom is crucial for our nation. By being informed, speaking up, and getting involved, we can preserve religious freedom for everyone of faith. Support the show:
By sharing his spiritual journey and his experience with the Book of Mormon, David Dollahite teaches us all something about searching for the eternal. Support the show:
Everyone faces challenges, and James D. Stice shows how we can help those who, for a time, are carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders. Support the show:
Life experience enables us to grow, gain truth, and become more Christlike. Support the show:
Christ's Atonement does more than cleanse us from sin. His grace is also an enabling power to become better and serve more faithfully. Support the show:
Repentance is the cure for a heart made sick through sin. It can be a difficult and even lengthy process, but is always worth the sweet spiritual reward. Support the show:
Sondra Heaston shares ive ways to keep your spiritual heart healthy by being service-oriented. Support the show:
Because of the resurrection of Jesus Christ, we know that there is life after death. Our loved ones who pass on are never far from us. Families are eternal. Support the show:
Marilyn W. Berrett teaches that through earnest prayer we can access the powers of heaven and commune with our Heavenly Father. Support the show:
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