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Come Away By Yourselves

Author: Fr. John Grieco

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"Come away by yourselves to a secluded place and rest a while." These words of Jesus Christ are an invitation to personal and intimate prayer. The meditations offered in this podcast are intended to help the listener enter into his own prayerful relationship with God. By reflecting on scenes from the Gospel, on other passages from Scripture, and on the insights of saints and spiritual writers, we can strengthen our faith in Jesus and our love for God. In the Gospel of John, Jesus says, "I have called you my friends." By regular meditation and dialogue with Our Lord in prayer, our life can be transformed into an ever deepening and loving friendship with God.
100 Episodes
For our 100th episode, we reflect on St. Joseph the Worker.   Providing and caring for Jesus and Mary was Joseph's most urgent reason for working and working well.  Loving God and others should also be a primary motive in our daily working lives.  Joseph's experience of being with Jesus in his workshop taught him to appreciate the great dignity of his work, to make room for Jesus in his way of working, and to work in harmony with God in his every action.
The Holy Mass makes present Jesus' Resurrection as well as his sacrifice on the Cross.  The Body of Christ, as a resurrected body, is a gift that is given to others.  To receive our Lord is to become like him and moves us to imitate his goodness.  https://comeawaybyyourselves.comSpecial thanks go to Quinn Grieco the younger for supporting this podcast.  
On Divine Mercy Sunday, we reflect on Jesus's message of peace to the Apostles in the upper room on Easter Sunday.  He brings them peace and joy when they are afraid and sad.  He gives them and us the means to return to peace, the sacrament of confession.  God's Mercy is powerful and enduring, only our pride can keep us from experiencing its marvelous effects.  https://comeawaybyyourselves.com
Jesus's Resurrection is the culmination of his victory over sin and death.  In his death and his rising to new life Jesus defeats Satan, the great enemy of God and humanity.  The Resurrection proves that God's love for us is undefeated and truly invincible.  In any battle that God wants us to fight, we can be fully confident of eventual and joyful victory.   Happy Easter!https://comeawaybyyourselves.comFor the music see last year's (calmer) Easter meditation, see or on Apple podcasts at
Lent closes with Holy Saturday.  With her Son resting in the tomb, Mary keeps the faith of the Church alive.
We are redeemed by an act of love: specifically by Jesus' willingness to suffer on our behalf.
"Behold the man."  These words of Pontius Pilate are an unwitting invitation to contemplation.  To behold Jesus in his passion is to see much more than meets the eye.  The cross reveals God's judgment of the world, a judgment at once harsh and hopeful.  The staggering mystery of good Friday is the mystery of the suffering and death of God himself.  For St. John Henry Newman's stunning sermon, see: the musical intro and outro, "Crosses to Bear," see my brother's album:
"If we knew the value of the Mass we would die of joy." -- St. John Marie Vianney
Jesus' prayer in Gethsemane is a model of Christian prayer.  His prayer is simple, honest, and focused on God.  He perseveres in trusting petition and is eventually strengthened by his heavenly Father.  The Agony in the Garden teaches us the importance of fidelity to our own prayer life.  We need to pray and in a mysterious way God needs our prayer.  For more information and resources visit 
Wednesday of Holy Week is called "Spy Wednesday."  Judas is truly a spy, and many times so are  we.
Our Lord foresees the betrayal of Judas and the denials of Peter.  He is hurt by our betrayals too.
Lent - Day 34

Lent - Day 34


Caiaphas unknowingly predicts our redemption by planning our Lord's death.  He plays right into God's own greater plan.
Lent - Day 33

Lent - Day 33


Today the Church turns her eyes towards Mary, Mother of Sorrows.
Mary's "yes" changes everything.  Our "yes" can do a lot too.
When Mary says "yes" at the Annunciation, the divine Word becomes flesh.  The mystery of the Incarnation entails a wondrous exchange of natures.  God takes on our human nature in order to have us share in his divine nature.  God became one of us so that we could become like him.  This lowering of almighty God to share in our human experience and our limitations is very personal.  He did it for you and me, for my good and for yours.
Lent - Day 31

Lent - Day 31


"The truth will set you free."  Part of the truth is hard to accept.  A good examination of conscience helps a lot. Examinations of conscience:
Lent - Day 30

Lent - Day 30


Lifted up on the Cross, Jesus reveals himself to be God.
Lent - Day 29

Lent - Day 29


"Neither do I condemn you.  Go and sin no more."   Jesus' response to our sins.
Lent - Day 28

Lent - Day 28


Christ’s words have the power to change us.
St. Joseph is a man on a mission.  His life is all about just one thing.  Ours should be too.
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