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Author: BBC Radio 4

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Brighten your week with the latest BBC Radio 4 comedy, introduced by Darren Harriott.
5 Episodes
Phil Ellis Is Trying

Phil Ellis Is Trying


When Phil and Johnny discover golden sachets in their Cup A Soup packets, they embark on a fantastical tour of the Cup A Soup factory hosted by reclusive owner Billy Bonker, who is opening the gates for the first time in 40 years. Phil cannot believe his luck. He's desperate to meet Billy Bonker and enter his magical world where, they say, the taps run minestrone. If only the other people on the tour weren't so intent on getting themselves killed. Meanwhile, Polly has enlisted Ellie to go on a double date with two so-called celebrities, who may or may not be trying to scam them. Even so, it's still worth going. After all, who can turn down a date with a celebrity? It's every normal person's dream... Cast includes: Phil Ellis as Phil Johnny Vegas as Johnny Amy Gledhill as Polly Katia Kvinge as Ellie Jason Barnett as Captain Birdseye And Terry Mynott as Klaus Von Flump/Mr Kipling With special guest star Mark Lamarr as Billy Bonker It is produced by Sam Michell and is a BBC Studios Production.
The Museum of Curiosity

The Museum of Curiosity


Professor of Ignorance John Lloyd and the Museum’s latest curator Alice Levine are joined by comedian and podcaster Suzi Ruffell, chef and presenter Ainsley Harriott and writer and creator of Bridget Jones, Helen Fielding. This week, the Museum’s Guest Committee donate a Dutch upright bicycle, the welwitschia mirabilis plant and the Victoria Falls. In this series of The Museum of Curiosity, John and Alice are recording from various locations around their fictional Museum. This week they’ve climbed up to the top of the Museum’s roof. Over the series they will also visit the canteen, the lost property office and get stuck in the Museum lift. This series was recorded remotely in June/July 2020. The Museum’s exhibits were catalogued by Mike Shephard, Mike Turner and Emily Jupitus and Lydia Mizon of QI. The Producers were Anne Miller and Victoria Lloyd. The Production Coordinator was Mabel Wright. Edited by David Thomas.
Contemporary comic tales that combine comedy with magical realism.
The Lenny Henry Show

The Lenny Henry Show


Character-based sketch comedy from Lenny Henry, featuring old favourites like Deakus (musing about Covid from his care home) and Brixton-based DJ Delbert Wilkins who's with his mate Winston talking about homeschooling. There's also new characters such as Mr Stone the former Special Forces operative-turned-teacher, and paranoid Aaron who sees crime everywhere. And there's an outtake from the Repair Shop, an appeal by parents who have been cancelled by their kids, and a debut from Northern grime artist The Yorkshire Moor, rapping about lockdown. Cast includes Lenny Henry, Vas Blackwood, George Fouracres, Llewella Gideon, Freya Parker, and Cherrelle Skeete. Written by Lenny Henry and Max Davis, with Nathan Bryon and Tom Melia, Tasha Dhanraj, Kim Fuller, Benjamin Partridge and Nathan Roberts. Music by Lawrence Insula, with Lockdown based on an original song, Shutdown by Skepta. Produced by Sam Michell. A Douglas Road and Tiger Aspect production for BBC Radio 4
Mr Muzak

Mr Muzak


Richie Webb stars as performance-shy cocktail pianist Nigel Penny. Nigel Penny’s attempts to live his life like his music, in the background, are constantly thwarted by his entrepreneurial half-brother, Pav (Paul G Raymond) who is desperate to find gigs for Nigel and his musical partner, wannabe singer Rachel (Jess Robinson). Attempting to entertain the crowd at a football match is a hard enough gig as it is, but when you hate football as much as Nigel does it’s an even trickier ask. Factor in Pav’s desire to make a quick buck, Stan’s paranoia that the Russians are still after him and Rachel’s obsession with Gary Lineker's Twitter account, and it’s a recipe for a pitch invasion. Cast: Nigel Penny ..... Richie Webb Pav Penny ..... Paul G Raymond Rachel ..... Jess Robinson Stanislav ..... Dave Lamb Marco ..... Jim North Lucy ..... Anna Morris Directed by Nick Walker Audio Production by Matt Katz Written and produced by Richie Webb A Top Dog production for BBC Radio 4
Comments (81)

Andrew Wilson

Finally, an episode of Comedy of the Week which has some comedy! BBC please give us more like this. This is a ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ episode 👍👍 What a refreshing change. An excellent mixture of old and new characters. Lenny Henry still manages to entertain.

Sep 16th

John Durcan

This is comedy?

Sep 5th


What is this and who listens to this? No offence butthis was sh!t

Jul 17th


In the latest episode, "Little Lifetimes". I feel like the protagonist isn't necessarily enjoying her own life as much as she is poking fun at everyone and messing with their plans as much as possible. She doesn't seem genuinely happy. Anybody else feel that way?

Jun 16th

Patricia Nascu

I absolutely love that song! Can you please publish the words? I want to sing it for my team of nurses!

Apr 13th

Cath Trott


Apr 10th

damian edwards

As a political discussion podcast this was bang average, but as a comedy of the week it was utterly out of place.

Apr 7th

Dean Clark

More of this please.

Apr 6th


What pile of boring shite - get your act together COTW this is not comedy, funny, amusing or close to interesting. I can't be alone with this opinion. Alfie Brown, if this is what you consider worthy you're never going to be popular.

Mar 23rd

Simon Moss

Awful racist podcast!

Feb 5th

Amy Louise Crothers

This show is incredible! I'm loving it, it manages to be engaging and entertaining and familiar and foreign all at the same time.

Jan 30th

Ed Porter

I waited in vain for the theme music to roll and the show to assume some cohesion and purpose. 8 mins or so was plenty...

Jan 23rd

Greg Barnett

as an occasional audio producer I appreciated the creative vision and technical prowess to pull this off ... especially as it never flags over 30 minutes. brilliant. thanks.

Jan 22nd


love it

Jan 4th

Barbara Koont

"women are bettter than men in survival situations because women are more mentally strong" I take it that is a sweeping generalisation...and be honest, if you were about to die somebody would have saved you therefore not a 'real' survival situation at all. Is this really how you want girls growing up to think? No better than the 'alpha' male you claim to be so different from. shame

Jan 2nd


very funny!!! was cracking up on the tube!

Dec 11th

Sekkiou Salah

Really awesome

Nov 20th

Joye Liu


Nov 13th

Asim Warraich

Great selection of stories, very well presented.

Nov 12th

Pierce Merrin

great fun innit

Nov 11th
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