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Author: Hall of Joestice | Above Average Joe

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Hardcore Comic Book knowledge at its finest! Brought to you by some of the nerdiest people you’ve never heard of! Lifelong comic fans Above Average Joe, Mighty Mike and Excalibur hit you with factoids, commentary and a hefty dose of groan inducing puns as they take a trip through the wild history and culture of Comic Book Fandom. So what do you say, ready to enter the Hall of Joestice?
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Young Justice is back and so are we! Join in on the fun as Above Average Joe and Xcallibur take on the newest episodes of the hit series. FOLLOW US: Podcast Instagram/Twitter @HallofJoesticeDROP US A LINE:
Alpha! The Morphing Grid is under attack! Assemble a group of 30 somethings with microphones! That's right Ladies & Gents, we're back with a morphenomenal new episode based on the hit comic book incarnation of everyone's favorite Teenagers with Attitude: The Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers!It's Morphin Time!FOLLOW US: Podcast Instagram/Twitter @HallofJoesticeDROP US A LINE:
It's midseason finale time! and for Young Justice that usually means death, betrayal, shocking revelations and the mother of all cliffhangers. Does season 3 measure up? tune in to find outFOLLOW US: Podcast Instagram/Twitter @HallofJoesticeDROP US A LINE:
Seriously, is DC Universe offering a support group for mind blown Young Justice fans!? WE ARE NOT OKAY!!!FOLLOW US: Podcast Instagram/Twitter @HallofJoesticeDROP US A LINE:
Another week, another 3 episodes of Young Justice: Outsiders! This show just continues to kick into higher and higher gears. FOLLOW US: Podcast Instagram/Twitter @HallofJoesticeDROP US A LINE:
Young Justice is back and we are not okay! Xcallibur & Above Average Joe react to the first three episodes of the Fan Favorite series on DC Universe!FOLLOW US: Podcast Instagram/Twitter @HallofJoesticeDROP US A LINE:
We live in increasingly changing times. Diversity, representation, political narratives and social agenda are pervasive elements of our day to day life. This level of conversation is not a bad thing, and an accurate reflection of Comics position as an instrument of social change. And yet, where change goes resistance is sure to follow and every once in awhile that resistance gives way to anger and fear. We, as fans, tend to attack one another for any variance in the truth's we cling to. In this very special episode, guest star Xcallibur and Above Average Joe peel back the curtain on this toxic nature of fans. FOLLOW US: Podcast Instagram/Twitter @HallofJoesticeDROP US A LINE:
Here is is Joestice Leaguers, the World Builder's episode we never wanted to make. Grab the tissues and settle in as Above Average Joe and a special guest discuss the impact and legacy of Stan "The Man" Lee. Forevermore, Excelsior!FOLLOW US: Podcast Instagram/Twitter @HallofJoesticeDROP US A LINE:
X-Men: God Loves, Man Kills

X-Men: God Loves, Man Kills


The X-Men have their share of detractors, but what happens when one man tries to convince the world that they are subhuman? That they deserve to be eradicated. How do you stop a man who plays on the worst elements of humanity by corrupting the best parts of ourselves? Join us as we take on one of the most relevant and hard-hitting moments in Marvel HistoryNOTE: This episode deals with very mature themes and references Slurs used to demean and insult individuals. These comments in no way reflect the views of their publisher or this podcast and are taken directly from the story's dialogue. Their use has been censored here, however, the context may be troubling. Listener Discretion is advised. FOLLOW US: Podcast Instagram/Twitter @HallofJoesticeDROP US A LINE:
In memory of his passing, we take on the life and legacy of Spider-Man's Co-Creator. The one and only Steve Ditko. Join us as we discuss this legendary creatorFOLLOW US: Podcast Instagram/Twitter @HallofJoesticeDROP US A LINE:
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