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From the viral Instagram account @commentsbycelebs comes the much awaited Comments By Celebs Podcast. Emma Diamond & Julie Kramer, the creative minds behind the account and self-proclaimed celeb experts, talk all things pop culture. Using the unique angle of their Instagram account to frame the conversation, they delve into what's going on in the world of celeb comments, and how that translates into real life drama. Having a hard time keeping up with your favorite stars? They’re here to break it all down for you. The girls of CBC dive right into it all - giving you their honest, no bs approach to what’s going on in Hollywood. With no shortage of games & hypothetical celebrity scenarios, they make the gossip both fun and highly relatable. If it’s happening, they’re talking (and instagramming) about it.

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Today's throwback Kardashian episode is an amazing snapshot in time. We really get to see Kris beginning her career as a 'Momager,” and how she got off to a bit of a rocky start. We also get a look into some deeper family dynamics, Rob and Adrienne Bailon's relationship, a little throwback Kylie Jenner with blonde streaks, and even one of Kourtney's viral TikTok quotes. Kourtney books her first magazine cover with 944 magazine, and hires Kris as her manager to help things go smoothly. But, on the day of the photoshoot, Kris is nowhere to be found - and is hours away in San Diego with her "#1 priority,” Kim. Khloé swoops in and saves the day, but Kourtney is not happy. 21-year-old Rob is moving in with Adrienne Bailon (who is a Cheetah Girl, as he likes to remind us.) The difference in the way they value organization is causing a huge strain on the relationship. Adrienne and Rob separately turn to the Kardashian sisters for advice, and eventually they help to make things right. Kris eventually redeems herself by securing Kourtney a spread in Maxim, and Emma & Julie end the episode by reading and discussing a portion of that interview.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Emma and Julie begin this week’s episode recapping the American Music Awards from Sunday night - from Justin Bieber's performance, The Weeknd, Megan Thee Stallion, Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox on stage, Taylor Swift breaking records, and more. Next they discuss Michael B. Jordan crowned as People's Sexiest Man Alive 2020 (duh), backlash against Sia around her new movie, all the TikTok / D'Amelio drama of this week, Charli hitting 100M followers, and more. The Kardashian recap includes Scott Disick's DM to Love Island's Megan Barton Hanson, Stormi's latest baking video, and Tristan's Boston Celtics deal. Highlighted Black-Owned Business: ALilScribble Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
*timestamps subject to change due to ad placement*  Today was a gooooood one you guys.   Emma and Isabel begin with both episodes 2 and 3 (released early on ) of RHOSLC. They break down some emerging plots as we get to know the women, their families, and the drama. Salt Lake City Ep 2 ~ 3:20 Episode 2 revolves around the end of Jen's birthday party for Meredith, Lisa providing tequila for Whitney's vow renewal, and a day on the ski slopes that ends in a drama-filled dinner. Salt Lake City Ep 3 ~ 29:00  In episode 3 we get a closer look at Jen and Meredith's relationship, Mary inviting some of the women to her church, a closer look at her marriage, and end with Whitney's roaring 20s party. And, a ton of blenders. Southern Charm ~ 53:30 Charleston is preparing for lockdown and it is not fun to relive. But, we get even more into John Pringle's fascination with Madison, Austen's frustration for Pringle completely ignoring bro code, and Patricia sitting back and watching it all go down. Potomac ~ 1:02:00   The most interesting part of this week's Potomac was Candiace and Ashley rehashing old issues and how some of their previous altercations have come back to light in regards to Monique's countersuit. We also get to see a hilarious prank pulled on Wendy, and Gizelle/Robyn acting as America's Next Top Model judges. Last but certainly not least, Isabel and Emma are joined by OG RHOBH, host of the 'All Things Vanderpump' podcast, creator of Vanderpump rules animal activist, restauranter, Lisa Vanderpump. They have an amazingly funny and casual conversation about taglines, life in quarantine, the VPR 'kids', the premiere of RHOSLC, starring in a Lady Gaga music video, some of her favorite things, and more. It was just so much fun. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
With the conclusion of season 19, Emma & Julie are back to recap earlier seasons. Before they begin, they spend a few minutes talking about the news of Amelia Hamlin and Scott’s apparent relationship, and how uncomfortable they are by it.  They then start by mentioning notable points from the last two episodes of season 2, such as Kim & Reggie’s relationship and Kris & Caitlyn’s sex life. They then get into the meat of the episode: Season 3, Episode 1, where Khloe goes to jail. This episode is of course iconic, for the sole fact that it gave us one of Kris Jenner’s most infamous lines. However, rewatching, Emma & Julie realize the most memorable part of the episode actually revolves around the grieving of Robert’s death. Five years later, Kris is really struggling, and we see how the children handle that differently.  Documentary mentioned: Time: The Kalief Browder Story on Netflix  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Emma and Julie start this week's episode with a brief recap of the People's Choice Awards. They then move on to the news that Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis are splitting after 7 years of engagement - which leads to a longer discussion on celebrity couples as a whole. Next up are some of the big magazine interviews - Harry Styles for Vogue, Zendaya for Elle, and Taylor Swift/Paul McCartney for Rolling Stone. Julie gives a quick reaction to the Season 17 premiere of Grey's Anatomy (Big spoiler alert in this part if you're watching.)  The Kardashian recap includes Khloé and Tristan following/unfollowing, Scott and Kylie's sponsored posts, and Kim's birthday vlog.  Highlighted Black-Owned Business:  Bee Love Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
*timestamps subject to change based on ads* A good week in Bravo!! Emma and Isabel start by quickly discussing new rumors circulating about Erika Jayne after announcing her divorce from Tom. Southern Charm: ~4:00  They first dive into this week's episode of Southern Charm - the news of Thomas Ravenel having another baby, Leva hosting a Persian-themed dinner to teach the group more about her background, and the boy's night out where John Pringle seemingly admits his growing interest in Austen. RHOSLC: ~34:00 Next up is the ground-breaking, jaw-dropping, iconic premiere of Real Housewives of Salt Lake City. The Bravo world really came together to welcome in this new city and it was FUN. Emma and Isabel go through their first impressions of each castmember, some of the breakout stars, and the initial plotlines. RHOP: ~1:07:10  Last but certainly not least, they get into a discussion of this week's Potomac, where the women head on a group trip to Portugal. This episode highlighted Karen's stance firmly in the middle of Monique and Candiace, Ashley and Michael's ongoing issues, and the group confronting Gizelle about her relationship with Jamal. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Guys, we've made it to the end of the second to last season of KUWTK and it did not disappoint. Emma and Julie did this one a little differently, discussing the two big plotlines on their own as opposed to scene-by-scene. They begin with Khloé and Tristan's relationship. This episode gives a lot of insight into where they stand, what will happen next, and their dynamic figuring things out while co-parenting their daughter. Khloé was super vulnerable and open during this episode, and Emma and Julie analyze it all. The other main plot of the finale is Scott confronting some of his mental health struggles and brief stint in a rehabilitation center. This episode breaks down what we saw happen in realtime, how someone in the center exposed him, and the battles he continues to face. There are other fun moments in this episode - like Kourtney's birthday caravan, Scott's birthday party, a possible 4th Disick baby, etc. It was one for the books and already can't wait for next season. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Today's episode is a medley of topics and conversations, and it's quite a ride. First, Emma and Julie begin with the heartbreaking news that beloved Jeopardy host Alex Trebek has passed away after battling pancreatic cancer. They highlight his incredible career, achievements, and legacy.  Next is a full breakdown of the Carl Lentz / Hillsong Church drama, how it affects The Biebers, plus some history of the church and timeline of events. In the award ceremony, Snooki takes home the gold for "funniest comment" of the week. The Kardashian recap includes Larsa Pippen's explosive interview on The Hollywood Raw podcast explaining her fallout with Kim and Kanye, and her previous relationship with Tristan pre-Khloé. Plus, another shutdown of the Scott and Amelia Hamlin rumors, Lamar's engagement being called off, and Khloé and Tristan potentially moving in together.  Finally, they are joined by comedian, actor, philanthropist, and host Bob Saget to talk all things The Masked Singer, podcasting, Danny Tanner, comedy shows, his charity work, and more.  Scleroderma Research Foundation: Highlighted Black-Owned Business:  Brandon Blackwood Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
*timestamps subject to change with ads*  Emma and Isabel take a necessary break from election coverage to talk all things going on this week in the Bravo world.  They start with the news that Erika Jayne and Tom Girardi are divorcing after 21 years of marriage. From her statement to the rumors and their deep feelings, they get into it all. They also touch on the news of RHOA's latest addition, Drew Sidora, and the drop of the trailer for the upcoming season. Southern Charm ~ 14:00 Season 7 of Southern Charm premiered last week, and it did NOT disappoint. Isabel and Emma get into episodes 1 and 2 of the season and some interesting discussions of the plots. First with Austen, Madison, and Shep's tricky relationships, then Kathryn spreading rumors about Cam, and finally their thoughts on the newest castmembers, Leva and John.  Potomac ~ 48:00  This week in Potomac, there is drama going down between Karen and Wendy after their heated discussion last week. The ladies gather for Robyn's 'Embellished' hat photoshoot (not embezzled, @Gizelle...) and clear the air before they head on a girl's trip to Portugal. We also see an update from Candiace and Monique, with Monique filing a countersuit and it making serious headlines. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Emma & Julie start out with a debrief about the throwback Kourtney posted of her and Scott.  On this week's episode of KUWTK, we're transported back a few months to the beginning of the pandemic and get a first-hand look inside the Kardashian/Jenner homes during lockdown. This episode follows how each family member handled quarantine - from Kim struggling to keep up with her four kids, Kendall by herself, Khloé fighting the virus and having to stay away from True, and Kris trying to keep everyone sane from afar. This episode also touches on the status of Khloé and Tristan as partners and co-parents, as they shack up together during this time and navigate where they stand as a couple. We also get to see the aftermath of Kendall and Kylie's fight in Palm Springs, how they didn't speak for a month, behind-the-scenes of an infamous Instagram comment, and their reconciliation. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
In today's episode, Emma and Julie begin with breaking comment news between Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green and their ongoing relationship. Next up is Scarlett Johansson and Colin Jost tying the knot secretly, Beyoncé's cover interview with British Vogue, Lori Loughlin beginning her prison sentence, Justin Bieber's newest documentary series, and more. Lastly, they touch on the exciting news that Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton are engaged. They then get into a little TikTok discussion: Addison & Bryce, The D’Amelios & more. In the awards ceremony, they highlighted Sharon Stone’s love affair with the People Magazine Instagram account.  The Kardashian recap includes Kendall's Halloween birthday party, Scott spotted with Amelia Hamlin (Emma & Julie think it’s entirely clickbait,) and Kanye's gift of a hologram of Robert Kardashian to Kim. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
This episode was a little different than the normal KUWTK recaps, as it was a bit more of a 2-in-1. First, Emma & Julie started with a whole conversation on Kim’s 40th (and the social media posts that accompanied it.) They gave all the details (guest list, location, price,) and then got into the controversy and backlash surrounding it. After a lengthy discussion analyzing the public perception of this type of extravagant getaway amidst a global pandemic, they talked some of the other elements we all care about. For example, analyzing Kylie’s apparent absence, and Kourtney & Scott’s solo selfies. If you’re reading this, manifest their rekindling. In the second part of the episode, they discussed Thursday night’s KUWTK. As this episode wasn’t as riveting, given the content, they didn’t go scene-by-scene like they normally do. Instead, they broke down some of the major discussion points: Khloe’s self quarantine, MJ & Kris, Kim & Kanye, Malika giving birth, etc. As mentioned in the episode, just because Emma & Julie are Kim stans and Kardashian enthusiasts, they can very much acknowledge when their actions come across as tone deaf or insensitive. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
On this week's episode, Emma and Isabel start with the super exciting announcement of two big additions to the upcoming season of RHOBH: Crystal Kung Minkoff and Kathy Hilton. They speculate on how the women will fit into the group and already can't wait for the premiere. Next is RHONY's Heather Thomson spotted filming with the ladies for the upcoming season, and the exciting news that Brandi Redmond is expecting her 4th child after an emotional year. This week's episode of Potomac highlights Monique's "Not For Lazy Moms" live podcast event, Wendy's "Wine with Wendy" night, all of the women's marriage/relationship standings, and Karen finding herself in a sticky situation torn between Candiace and Monique. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
On today’s episode, Emma and Julie begin by giving the latest updates in the Lily James / Dominic West saga, how Armie Hammer has entered the equation, and their scooter rule breaking. They then discuss Adele’s incredible performance hosting SNL, how happy they are that she’s back, and her best sketches of the night. H.E.R. was the night’s musical guest, and did not disappoint. As Emma & Julie put it, she is just so unbelievably cool.  Next, they highlight the best moments from Jennifer Lawrence’s appearance on Heather McMahan’s podcast, Absolutely Not. Among many topics, she discusses her infamous Oscars fall, Real Housewives, Kardashians, and her political advocacy work - and Emma and Julie can’t help but fantasize about a world in which she joins Instagram. Finally, they report on Ariana Grande dropping new music, her ‘Positions’ music video, plus the exciting news that Hilary Duff and Matthew Kona are expecting their second child together.  In the awards ceremony, Elizabeth Banks takes home the gold for “best comment” of the week.  Kardashian recap includes Sofia Richie’s new relationship with the matcha king, Khloé and Tristan, and Scott & Kourtney.  Highlighted Black-Owned Business: Little Likes Kids Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Emma and Julie are so excited to break down a big week for Kim - including her 40th birthday celebration episode of KUWTK, and her appearance on 'My Next Guest Needs No Introduction' with David Letterman. They start by discussing the sentimental surprise party thrown by her family that we saw on KUWTK. They get into all of the amazing details, Kourtney as the MVP of the episode (and her & Scott’s sexual tension,) the glam, the nostalgia, and more. They then break down some of the most interesting moments from her sit-down with David Letterman. She went deep into her experience with the OJ Simpson trial, preparing to become a lawyer, her Paris robbery, and being the queen of social media. Happy Birthday, Kim.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
*times are subject to change due to ad placements.*  On today's episode, Emma and Isabel start with the best news stories that went down over the week in the Bravo universe. They begin with Bethenny Frankel's new podcast, Just B, and her interviews with Dorinda Medley and Paris Hilton. They discuss Dorinda's termination and potential return, and Paris reminiscing on the days of Bethenny being her nanny.  They move on to a crazy story which broke all in the comment section of Instagram - as all the best stories do - with Erika Jayne clapping back about a meme, thus beginning a wave of memes about her. Before getting into this week's episode of RHOP, they discuss footage of Michael Darby caught inappropriately grabbing a cameraman from Season 1 that one eagle-eyed Reddit user caught and has been sitting in plain sight all along. Potomac Episode ~34:00  The RHOP episode 12 debrief breaks down Wendy's sip and see for her daughter Kamrynn, Ray and Karen's marriage, Ashley and Michael dealing with the aftermath of his cheating scandal, and of course Candiace bringing criminal charges against Monique. There's so much to unpack here, and the season keeps throwing curveballs that we don't see coming. LadyGang Segment ~ 1:17:00 *Two weeks ago, Emma and Julie had the women of The Lady Gang on as a redo of their March interview that never aired. (As mentioned, there were some major BTS audio issues - so please excuse any choppiness!) They spoke about how it felt to make the NYT Best Sellers list, the ups and downs of being on television, The Kardashians, Dorinda’s RHONY exit, and how grief manifests itself, and what’s to come for their business. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
This episode was the second one since the beginning of quarantine that Emma and Julie have been physically together for, so you know it was about to be a good time.  They started by discussing the media storm that followed Dominic West & Lily James’ PDA in Rome, the press conference that followed, and how bizarre of a story that was in general. They then spoke about the way the media and public treated those paparazzi photos of Billie Eilish, citing a powerful article by Scaachi Koul titled, ‘That Photo Of Billie Eilish Isn’t Brave. It’s Just Typical.’ They then spoke about Cardi & Offset’s romance, and Cardi’s upset with her fans’ behavior. Justin Bieber & Chance’s SNL performance was discussed at length, as was Timothée Chalamet’s November GQ cover. Congratulations was also in order for Nicki Minaj, who just announced the birth of her baby boy.  In the Kardashian recap, they talked Kim’s Skims Velour campaign ft. Paris Hilton, their disappointment of Kourtney posting in a ‘Vote Kanye’ hat, The Givenchy photos & Scott’s new fling.  Highlighted Black-Owned Business: Copper and Brass Paper Goods Text CBC to 26797 Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
This week’s KUWTK is the aftermath of last week’s drama-filled sister fight in Palm Springs. Emma and Julie are here to break it all down - from Corey Gamble’s involvement, everyone’s different perspectives, the shifting dynamics of the family, and how they will move on from here. They break down in-depth a heated phone call between Kendall and Corey, who they think deserves an apology, and how Kris is stuck in the middle.  This episode also highlights the family starting to feel nervous about the Coronavirus outbreak, and how they’re beginning to understand the severity. It’s a crazy look back at a time that feels so long ago. And finally, Khloé and Malika take a trip to a casino in Palm Springs for the last hurrah babymoon before welcoming Malika’s son. They have a nice weekend celebrating their friend, showing her support, and discussing some of the issues she has with the father of her child. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
On today's episode, Emma and Isabel first get into some of the news stories of the week - from Bethenny Frankel and her boyfriend Paul Bernon's surprising split, the exciting news that Eboni K. Williams will be the newest addition to RHONY, a little bit of OC, and RHOBH's casting for the upcoming season.  **time stamps are subject to change as ads may change** Potomac: ~25:00 This week's Potomac took a turn from the past few weeks, and focused more on the lighthearted nature of the ladies, their friendships, and personal growth as women. Emma and Isabel break down Karen's heartwarming visit back to her hometown, Candiace's healing process, Robyn & Juan, and where Monique stands after the fight. Cynthia Bailey's Wedding: ~1:00:00  And finally, Emma and Isabel are joined by host of E!'s Daily Pop and Just The Sip podcast, the fabulous Justin Sylvester aka @TheLadysitter! Justin was a 'bridesman' in Cynthia Bailey's wedding to Mike Hill over the weekend, and he's here to report all the details from the weekend - how they met, the housewives, the details, the fashion... he covers it all. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
In today's episode, Emma and Julie begin by giving an update on Max Ehrich and Demi Lovato - her returning the huge engagement ring, his IG lives, being spotted crying on the beach where he proposed, the fan account screenshots, and more. Next is exciting baby news for Mindy Kaling who secretly welcomed a son in September, Meghan Trainor announcing her pregnancy, and Katharine McPhee and David Foster expecting their first child together.  They also get into Cardi B's birthday celebration with Offset, Alexis Ohanian's investment in David Dobrik's disposable camera app, and the latest 'Call Her Daddy' saga updates. In the awards ceremony, Zoe Kravitz takes home the gold for "best clapback" of the week.  Kardashian recap covers Stormi and Kylie's Halloween baking video, Kylie's latest hit song about tequila, Addison and Kourtney in NY, Kim for Grazia, Khloé's collagen investment, and more.  Text CBC to 26797 Highlighted Black-Owned Business: SALT N SPRINKLES Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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Desiree Mcclellan

I just don't see how if Jordyn's story is true the situation would have become so volatile. Jordyn's version essentially leaves her blameless, and I think it's the version she wishes was true, because she's generally a person of high integrity, and she really fucked up. So, because she is a person of moral integrity, it makes her version very believable, and publicly, I think she'll be repeating it to her grave.

Mar 4th
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