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From the viral Instagram account @CommentsByCelebs comes the much awaited Comments By Celebs Podcast. Emma Diamond & Julie Kramer, the creative minds behind the account and self-proclaimed celeb experts, talk all things pop culture. Having a hard time keeping up with your favorite stars? They’re here to keep you informed. On Monday, Emma and Julie do a general pop-culture breakdown of everything that transpired in the last week. They come prepared with the facts, timelines, and analytical discussions - leaving you feeling like an expert. The second episode of the week is a ‘Kardashian Bonus Show,’ where Emma and Julie recap throwback and new episodes of KUWTK. The week’s last episode - dedicated to all things Bravo - is hosted by Emma and Isabel Greenberg, the third member of the CBC team. They break down any news in the Bravo world, as well as give detailed and analytical episode reactions. It’s your one stop shop for everything Bravo. Between the extensive research done for each episode and these women’s organic and close friendships, this is the perfect way to get completely caught up, while feeling like you’re hanging out with your friends.

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Emma and Isabel begin this week’s episode with a FULL timeline and debrief of Porsha William’s engagement to Simon Guobadia, her ‘friend’ Falynn’s ex. They go through all the social media posts, timeline of Falynn’s appearance on the show, the divorce, Dennis, and more.  They then get into the special-edition episode of WWHL featuring kids of housewives through the years. The nostalgia was out of control. They get into the Giudice/Manzo reunion, Avery Singer’s stunning revelation, Noelle Robinson, Briana Culberson, and more.  RHONJ ~44:00 This episode of Jersey focuses on Marge’s Halloween party, where things with Melissa/Dolores come to a head and they get into some issues with Joe Gorga. They also get into why Bill Aydin is a superior castmate, and all about Teresa introducing her boyfriend Louie. RHOA ~1:00:00  The third installment of the Atlanta reunion is - once again - all about BOLO. They discuss the privacy/hiding the cameras, where Tanya is now, and some of Kandi/Porsha’s past relationship issues coming up again.  RHOD Twitter ~ 1:22:00 RHONY ~1:24:00 The women are off to Ramona’s house in The Hamptons, so you know we’re in for a good time. Isabel and Emma break down why the dynamic of the show has really changed and how this season feels different. They also debrief the Burning Man party, Eboni’s first trip away with this group, Leah opening up, and what’s to come when Heather Thomson arrives. Codes:  Sunday Scaries - code: CBC at for 25% off  Sakara - for 20% off first order  Athena club - code: CBC at for 20% off  Canva pro - for free 45 day trial Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
On this week’s KUWTK, the main focus is Scott’s worry about the family spending less time together once filming of the show wraps. He tries to insert himself into each family member’s daily activities and voices his concern to Kim and Khloé, who reassure him they are his brother no matter what.  The second plot revolved around the viral Instagram account @NorisBlackBook, and the family’s search to find the woman behind the magic. Kim and Khloé finally get to meet Natalie Franklin, and we get to hear her explain the brilliance behind how she built the brand. Lastly, we see a little more of Khloé & Tristan’s surrogacy journey.  Codes:  Sunday Scaries - code: CBC at for 25% off  Sakara - for 20% off first order  Athena club - code: CBC at for 20% off  Canva pro - for free 45 day trial Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Emma and Julie begin this weeks episode with a major update in the Bennifer rekindling - the two were spotted together in Montana.  They then move on to news that John Mulaney and his wife Anna are divorcing. Next, a conversation sparked by a viral TikTok that showed Ben Affleck sending a match on Raya a video to prove his indentity. They get into privacy as a celebrity, dating app courtesy, and more.  Last but certainly not least, new photos of Lily James and Sebastan Stan as Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee for a new Hulu series. In the Kardashian recap: the family’s Mother’s Day posts, and the Kylie/Travis of it all.  Highlighted Black-Owned Business: Greer Chicago Codes:  Sunday Scaries - code: CBC at for 25% off  Sakara - for 20% off first order  Athena club - code: CBC at for 20% off  Canva pro - for free 45 day trial Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
This was a jam-packed week in the Bravo world.  RHONY ~ 2:00  It was so nice to have the New York women back in action. This episode had everything that there is to love about New York - Sonja in her townhouse with her interns, Ramona and Luann back on the Upper East Side, and Leah at her boxing/therapy session. We also finally get to meet the newest castmember, Eboni K. Williams, already admiring her vulnerability and excited to see her in action. RHONJ ~ 30:00  While this week’s actual episode of Jersey wasn’t especially exciting, the husbands’ appearance on WWHL was nothing short of Emmy-worthy. From the taglines, their brutally honest answers to the questions, and Frank Catania’s Botox confession - it was pure genius.  RHOA ~ 51:00  The second part of the Atlanta reunion digs deeper into Toya and Drew’s dysfunctional relationship and where they went wrong. We also get to hear Marlo’s side of the story, and where she and Porsha currently stand. Plus, more details of the women’s wild dungeon night. Summer House ~ 1:13:00  Finally, this epic season of Summer House comes to a close. Isabel and Emma focus on Luke’s “fourth wall break” and everyone’s reactions to his claim. They also discuss Carl’s summer overall, and Hannah/Kyle/Amanda’s dynamic  Jenni Kayne - code: CBC for 15% at  Bruush code: CBC for 15% off at  She’s Birdie: for 15% off Save 20% on AZO Dual Protection with code RADIO on Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Today’s episode of KUWTK centers around the family making the tough decision to end the show after 20 seasons. Emma and Julie break down the family’s discussions, how they each express themselves differently, and the behind-the-scenes of the plan being made. We also see Kris feeling stressed about what’s next, and taking her best friends (who happen to be Faye Resnick and Kyle Richards) to Palm Springs to get her mind off of things. Plus, more insight into Kourtney and Scott’s ongoing relationship status. Jenni Kayne - code: CBC for 15% at  Bruush code: CBC for 15% off at  She’s Birdie: for 15% off Save 20% on AZO Dual Protection with code RADIO on Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Emma and Julie begin this week’s episode with news that, after her split with A-Rod and his split from Ana de Armas, JLo was spotted out with Ben Affleck. Bennifer - while most likely platonic - is back in action for the first time since 2004. They also discuss Billie Eilish’s cover of British Vogue, and the power behind her words as they relate to body image, independence, privacy, power dynamics, fame and more. They also briefly circle back to Yuh-jung Youn and Brad Pitt’s moment at the Oscars, clarifying her message and how they actually misinterpreted it last week. Her comments towards Brad were actually more meant as an acknowledgment of his lack of involvement in the filming process of Minari. In the Kardashian recap: the mid-season KUWTK trailer, Kylie and Travis in Miami, Kendall/Devin’s relationship insight on ‘Poosh Your Wellness,’ an update on the Tristan rumors, and more. Highlighted Black-Owned Business: Savoy’s Objects Vote for CBC in the Webbys! Category 1 - Entertainment: Category 2 - Humor: Jenni Kayne - code: CBC for 15% at Bruush code: CBC for 15% off at She’s Birdie: for 15% off Save 20% on AZO Dual Protection with code RADIO on Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
New Jersey ~ 2:00  Emma and Isabel begin by breaking down this week’s episode of RHONJ, mostly focusing on Dolores’ relationship with David, Teresa’s love life, and Evan Goldschneider looking hot during the golf game. They get into the dynamics of the group when it comes to talking about Dolores and why things exploded at the end of the episode. All Stars / RHOSLC / RHOA Part 1 with Kiki Monique ~ 36:00 They are then joined by TikTok star, pop culture expert and host of her upcoming podcast ‘Moms vs. Aunts,’ Kiki Monique AKA The Talk of Shame. She helps break down everything we know so far about Peacock’s All Stars series that is filming in Turks and Caicos right now. They also get into a little bit of a Jen Shah discussion and analyze some of her social media behavior. The RHOA reunion started off hot. Isabel, Emma, and Kiki get into some of the funniest and shadiest moments - including the set/fashion, Ralph in Tampa, Kenya vs. Porsha, and LaToya’s Vitamin C.  Kiki Monique: Summer House ~ 1:23:00 The first part of the Summer House reunion was a wild ride. Emma and Isabel focus on Hannah’s performance, the “podcasts” of it all, and how the group & public perceive her. They also touch on Amanda and Kyle, Carl, Danielle, Ciara/Luke and Lindsay/Stravy. Vote for CBC in the Webbys! Category 1 - Entertainment: Category 2 - Humor: Sunday Scaries - code: CBC for 25% off Vizzy - Sakara - for 20% off first order  Truth - text DITCHVAPE to 88709 Bruush - code CBC for 15% off Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Since there’s no new episode of KUWTK this week, Emma and Julie used today’s episode as a supersized Kardashian recap. They begin with all things Kourtney & Travis - their romantic birthday trip to Utah, all of their PDA-filled social media, how the kids continue to play into it, and more. They also break down some of the interesting comments on their posts and discuss Travis’ 2008 plane crash and why he no longer flies. They also read a post from celebrity aura reader/medium, Mystic Michaela, that explains why we may feel so passionately about their relationship. Of course, the Scott element is heavily discussed, analyzed, and hypothesized.  Next, they get into Younes’ cryptic Instagram stories that seemingly alluded to Kourtney and his response to the headlines. Finally, new rumors of Tristan cheating on Khloé via Instagram & TikTok, how Khloé may respond, and everything we know so far.  TikTok Mentioned:   TikTok Mentioned: Mystic Michaela:  Vote for CBC in the Webbys! Category 1 - Entertainment: Category 2 - Humor: Sunday Scaries -  code CBC for 25% off at Vizzy - Sakara - for 20% off first order  Truth - text DITCHVAPE to 88709 Bruush - code CBC for 15% off Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
On today’s episode, Emma and Julie begin by recapping last night’s Academy Awards - the fashion, notable moments, and more.  In relationship news: Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly showing PDA at his concert, Pete Davidson and Phoebe Dynevor spotted together publicly for the first time in England, and an update on A-Rod and JLo after official news of their split.  MGK/Megan video: “Hot ugly” tiktok: They also touch on Jeff Wittek’s video series, discussing his injury and his current relationship with David Dobrik.  In the Kardashian recap, they get into the resurgence of the Kim/Van Jones rumors, as well as a discussion on Kim’s potential dating life and Chrissy’s comments on WWHL. They also talk Andy Cohen’s comments about the KUWTK Reunion that he made on Radio Andy. Highlighted Black-Owned Business:  Coco & Breezy Vote for CBC in the Webbys!!  Category 1 - Entertainment: Category 2 - Humor: Sunday Scaries - code: CBC for 25% off Vizzy - Sakara - for 20% off first order  Truth - text DITCHVAPE to 88709 Bruush - code CBC for 15% off Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
These three were definitely not the most drama-packed episodes of the year, but Isabel and Emma found plenty to discuss, nonetheless.  New Jersey ~ 3:00  Emma and Isabel begin this week recapping RHONJ - from Marge sharing a very personal chapter to her mother and the group of women, Teresa opening up about her new relationship, and a Turkish Tea at Jennifer’s home. They also spoke about the vicarious awkwardness they felt for Antonia, and how Melissa having that talk so publicly didn’t sit right with them.  Atlanta ~ 26:00  The finale of Atlanta was all about a white elephant gift exchange gone wrong. Cynthia hosts the women for a holiday party - and Drew uses the opportunity to “expose” LaToya, but is confused when no one cares. We also see Drew’s son meeting with his biological father, and a deeper look at where Kenya is in her relationship with Marc. Summer House ~ 50:00  Summer House has finally come to an end - and goes out with a bang. We got so much in this episode… from a Hannah/Amanda sit-down, a classic night with Lindsay/Stravy, and a beautiful practice wedding for Amanda and Kyle. We also get to see Amanda ask Paige to be a bridesmaid, Kyle ask Carl to be his best man, and end the night with them all skinny dipping in the pool. A beautiful ending. Vote for CBC in the Webby Awards!:  Category 1 - Humor: Category 2 - Entertainment: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
This may have been one of the most in-depth looks at Kourtney & Scott’s relationship that we’ve ever seen. Additionally, watching this while knowing the intensity of Kourtney and Travis‘ current romance was quite the experience. The main plot here centers around Scott’s feelings for Kourtney, and him voicing them to her and the rest of the family. Emma and Julie analyze every single interaction, potentially ending with more questions than they started with.  The first subplot includes Shorty, a Los Angeles based homeless man with a huge heart and infectious smile. We were first introduced to this sweet soul in Season 1, so it was really special to be reunited with him. Additionally, Addison makes another appearance as Kim toys with the idea of doing a TikTok-based Skims campaign.  Overall 10/10 episode. Original WAP dance:  VOTE for CBC in the Webby Awards!!  Category: Entertainment Category: Humor Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
On this week’s episode, Emma and Julie begin with the official news that JLo and A-Rod have split. They then move on to Colton Underwood’s appearance on GMA where he came out as gay, and the duality of the public reaction. And finally, Lizzo and Chris Evans’ flirty DM exchange, which leads into a general Chris Evans conversation.  A lot to get into in the Kardashian recap. Travis Barker’s post for Kourtney’s birthday practically broke the internet, and Emma and Julie have been chomping at the bit to discuss it. They break down every element of it, as well as Scott’s story and more. They also touch on Landon Barker’s comment on Shanna Moakler’s photo, as well as give a nod to Alabama Barker & Jodie Woods’ friendship.  Highlighted Black-Owned Business: T.A New York Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Emma and Isabel begin this week’s episode with the news of the week: a lengthy discussion of the RHOBH trailer (+ their fantasy scenes), Madison LeCroy’s comment on JLo and A-Rod’s split, WWHL announcing their week of specials, and more. New Jersey ~ 24:00 This week’s jersey was light on drama but entertaining nonetheless. They get into the medium reading with Gina Marie, Melissa and Joe’s dinner, Jennifer’s family situation and more. Atlanta ~ 36:00 Atlanta was a whirlwind this week. This episode focuses on Drew postponing her daughter’s baby blessing after an alleged affair between Prophet Lott and LaToya. Cynthia and Porsha host a Black-Owned Business event where the rumors spread, then Kenya hosts the women at her house to (try to) get the story straight. Summer House ~ 1:00:00 Fashion influencer, co-host of Giggly Squad and star of Summer House Paige DeSorbo joins Isabel and Emma to recap this week’s episode. Paige gives her perspective on Lindsay and Stephen, Hannah and Des, Danielle and Robert, Hannah’s sit-down with Luke, the biggest conflicts of the season, and more. She also goes deep into her breakup with Perry, the Craig rumors, her trip to Charleston with Ciara, and what’s next for her. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
You can’t win ‘em all. If we’re being totally honest, this was a rather subpar episode of KUWTK. But, Emma and Julie had plenty to analyze nonetheless.  They started out by somehow getting into a Travis and Kourtney discussion, touching on the way his kids seem to be responding to the relationship, as well as Shanna Moakler’s Instagram comment shade.  This episode is mostly filler, with a hint of depth regarding Kris and Caitlyn’s relationship. We also see Kourtney navigate Poosh, and Khloé and Tristan search for UFOs.   Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
On this week's episode, Emma and Julie begin with a quick discussion on the just-dropped RHOBH trailer, and the mention of Scott Disick with Amelia / Lisa Rinna.  They then get into the final part of the Demi Lovato documentary and what's next for her. They discuss Holly Madison's episode of Call Her Daddy, where she breaks down her time living in the Playboy mansion and starring on Girls Next Door. Plus, Sophie Turner and Taylor Swift’s *chef’s kiss* Instagram back and forth about Mr. Perfectly Fine.  The Kardashian recap includes Travis Barker's "Kourtney" tattoo, Jordyn Woods getting a 'Safely' PR box from Kris Jenner & Chrissy, and Khloé's photo saga - and how it leads to a larger conversation on body image, social media, and beauty standards.  Highlighted Black-Owned Business: Oat Cinnamon Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
This week, Isabel and Emma begin with the breaking news stories of the week: Jen Shah’s Instagram stories, Whitney Sudler-Smith and Madison LeCroy spotted kissing (???) in public and Patricia’s response, behind-the-scenes from the Dallas reunion, and Sutton holding a diamond in the upcoming season of RHOBH.  New Jersey ~ 20:00  This week’s Jersey covers Melissa and Joe Gorga’s marriage, more conflict between Jennifer and Marge, and a beautiful celebration of life for Nonno. We get into some of the deeper issues in the Gorga marriage, what was performative for the cameras, and how Teresa falls into the mix. Emma and Isabel also briefly discuss the WWHL ‘Kids Special’ which will feature some of the Housewives’ children, and who we think called Andy to complain.  Atlanta ~ 42:00  This week’s RHOA was a hurricane - literally. There was so much going on as the women wrapped up their trip in New Orleans. Marlo is *still* in the middle of Kenya and Porsha, and continues to stir the pot even at a group dinner… and Porsha is not happy. Kandi and Porsha leave early, the power at the hotel goes out, and things are just a mess. We see a little peek of next week at Kandi and Todd’s restaurant opening, where it seems a confrontation goes down. Summer House ~ 1:15:00  This was a wild week in the Hamptons. Stephen surprises Lindsay to try and win her back, Hannah’s boyfriend Des comes to stay after weeks of phone sex, and we finally meet Danielle’s chef boyfriend Robert. Carl continues to take on the stress of his friends with simultaneously mourning the loss of his brother, and Ciara continues to offer her support. We also get more insight into Paige’s relationship with Perry, Luke meeting Des (and more insight into his timeline with Hannah), and Lindsay taking Stephen back…for now. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
This week was so interesting to watch. The family is introduced to Addison Rae, and is curious about her close relationship with Kourtney that seems different than her other girlfriends. The sisters take it upon themselves to get to know Addison and figure out what’s going on. Emma and Julie dive deep into all of the uncomfortable/interrogatory moments. Kim’s anxiety is triggered when her bff Jonathan Cheban/FoodGod is robbed at gunpoint, reminding her of her own robbery in Paris. She recruits Khloé to go test out emergency bunkers - which does not go so well. Lastly, MJ’s birthday was another focus of this episode. We see Kris and the family navigate between giving MJ a celebration she will love, while still maintaining COVID safety. It was definitely emotional to watch, as we see the shared respect they all have for their regal matriarch.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
On this week’s episode, Emma and Julie begin with a breakdown of the third episode of Demi Lovato’s documentary series ‘Dancing with the Devil.’  They then get into Ariana Grande announcing she will be a judge on The Voice, and discuss how she may impact the show’s audience demographic and involvement.  Article mentioned:  So much Kardashian content this week - Kourtney and Travis’ family trip to Aspen, TikToks, the epic Palm Springs Easter celebration, and the Scott of it all.  TikTok mentioned: Highlighted Black-Owned Business: Partake Foods Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Comments By Bravo: Jen Shah, RHONJ Family Fights, RHOA in NOLA, Summer House, & More. This week was INSANE, to say the least. Emma and Isabel begin with the breaking news of RHOSLC star Jen Shah being charged for running a nationwide telemarketing fraud scheme. They get into the full timelines of events, social media posts, the filming of the show, fan reactions, what this means, and so much more. John Franchi Twitter: New Jersey ~ 33:00  This week’s Jersey began with more of the explosive dinner at Dolores and Frank’s, with Joe and Melissa confronting Teresa, Jackie and Joe B settling their differences about boys night, and more. Evan arrives at the shore and Teresa *finally* apologizes, and even ends up taking photos of Jackie and Evan on the boat. We end on a sour note when Jennifer and Marge get into it, and what both of their comments really mean. New York ~ 58:00 They quickly get into reports that Heather Thompson has stopped filming RHONY Season 13 after a blow up fight with Leah McSweeney. They read Leah’s Instagram posts, and try to put together what may have happened. Atlanta ~ 1:01:00 The women of RHOA arrive in New Orleans for a fabulous trip planned by Drew. Kenya already is not feeling the trip, but eventually loosens up. Emma and Isabel break down Toya declaring that she won’t be drinking, Drew revealing what she knows about the situation, and Porsha and Marlo’s sit down to figure out where their friendship stands. Summer House ~ 1:32:00 Finally, in the Hamptons, we see the end of the Luke/Carl/Kyle fight and how the boys make up and get vulnerable with their feelings on the situation. We get a sneak peek of Stephen trying to win Lindsay back, and Hannah’s growing relationship with Des. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Another great episode. This week was a little less intense than the last two, but we still got our fair share of Kourtney and Scott. Which, in all fairness, is all we could ask for.  We see Kendall, Kim and Khloe have the same thought process as the rest of us: wondering why Kourtney and Scott won’t just give it one more shot. Especially since they were both single at the time this was being filmed. They are set up with a romantic dinner, Parent Trap style, to hopefully have sparks fly. It’s evident that Kourtney is not in the mindset of rekindling, and Scott is clearly respecting that. Although we all know he would jump at the opportunity, if given it. As always, Emma and Julie analyze every second of their interactions, as well as some of the comments made by other family members. The subplot of this episode centers around a Spartan obstacle course, where the Kardashians battle the Jenners to see who was granted the most athleticism in the family. Lastly, Corey and Kris help Kourtney out with some celibacy research for Poosh. We see them both struggle with completing the two weeks, as they can’t keep their hands off of each other. And we can’t get enough.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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L Lee

I think the natural progression of Kim and Kanye growing apart makes sense. I also think Kim should be with a "Professional" man, a Van Jones type. She is a strong business woman and needs a man who understands the media but is stable enough to not need her spot light. I'm confused by Van's business relationship with Trump but he would be a good partner for Kim. He wouldn't stifle Kim like Kanye has, like with styling her and the kids.

Jan 9th

Bari DeWitt

what happened....podcast ended ya left me hanging in the middle of the Messy Monique rumor

Jan 3rd

Desiree Mcclellan

I just don't see how if Jordyn's story is true the situation would have become so volatile. Jordyn's version essentially leaves her blameless, and I think it's the version she wishes was true, because she's generally a person of high integrity, and she really fucked up. So, because she is a person of moral integrity, it makes her version very believable, and publicly, I think she'll be repeating it to her grave.

Mar 4th
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