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We have just launched season two with a more concentrated look at all things coffee related with a focus on small batch coffee roasters! Thanks to our show sponsors Roaster's Marketplace.
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On this episode of The Common Grounds Podcast we are welcoming back Emily Smith and her colleague Michelle Dunaway from Mercon Specialty Coffee to talk about the state of specialty coffee imports as we move into 2021. This is going to be a great episode and I encourage any roasters to watch and engage with us during the show!Watch the show here out more about Mercon Specialty coffee here.Visit our show sponsor and find some amazing coffee at Roaster's Marketplace!And as always our amazing intro written and recorded by the famous Dom Cours
Tonight we will be welcoming back J.R. Alaniz to the show to talk about his roastery and how he is putting his own Texas twist on coffee roasting!We discuss multiple aspects of J.R.'s unique approach to coffee roasting and how he plans to grow his business. If you haven't already done so head over to our YouTube channel and subscribe there as well. You can find Third Day Coffee Seguin here or on our sponsors  website at .And as always thanks to Texas Country Music super star Dom Cours for the amazing intro! 
In this episode we talk to David Jewett from Muddy Joe's Coffee! Tune in and find out all about this awesome small batch coffee roaster that is doing some pretty amazing things with barrel aged coffee.You can find Muddy Joe's coffee at to Dom Cours for the awesome into music and our as always to our show sponsors . Where you can find over 300 roasted to order specialty coffee selections from more than thirty five roasters!Thanks for listening!
Meet Your Coffee Roaster Veterans Day Special Event! What could be more fun then a bunch of Veterans talking about their shared experiences and coffee?  In this episode we get a little history of our guest time in the military and how it influenced their paths into coffee. We also explore how important sourcing is to each of us and go into detail about one of our favorite sources of green coffee and roasted coffee. Legacy Farms.  If you want more information about Legacy Farms contact Ashely Williams at to Dom Cours for the awesome into music and our sponsors can find the roasters here
In this week's installment we will be speaking with coffee roaster and café owner Stephanie Mora of  Coffee By Steph Tune in to our live stream to ask questions or just hang out and learn more about this amazing small batch coffee roaster.You can find Coffee By Steph here.Thanks to our sponsors at Roaster's Marketplace.Intro music by Dom Cours.
We will be speaking with owner and roaster Jen Stone of  Ciel Café Privé Sélect about her roastery and world wide coffee adventures! Going to be a great show!Thanks to our sponsors at Roaster's Marketplace.Intro music by Dom Cours.
We are talking with the designer of the Flair Espresso Sergio Landau. Join us for this special live broadcast of the Common Grounds podcast and find out more about this awesome product!You can find out more about Flair Espresso here.Thanks to our sponsors at Roaster's Marketplace.Intro music by Dom Cours.
Wil is back! One of our favorite guest from season 1 is back to talk coffee with us on the Common Grounds Podcast! In this episode we talk about  Wil's transition from hobby roasting to venturing into commercial coffee roasting.  Wil current roasts on a Aillio Bullet coffee roaster. Find out more about Liam & Ian Coffee Roasters at to our sponsors at
Kruve with Marek Krupa

Kruve with Marek Krupa


In this episode we will be talking to Marek Krupa from Kruve, an innovative company elevating the specialty coffee world through beautiful and high quality products.  This was such an awesome episode!  If you want to learn more about this amazing company you have to check out this interview!You can find out more about Kruve at Find hundreds of amazing coffee selections at out our friend Dom Cours as well!Want to watch the episode on Youtube? Check out and subscribe to our Youtube channel!
In this episode we are bringing back one of our first guest, Brian Keezer from Unrest Coffee Co. We discuss a little about how Brian got into roasting coffee and then look at how tackled a few challenges that most small roasters face. We deep dive into the issues he has faced with switching eCommerce platforms and expanding his online sales.Thank you to our show sponsor music by the amazing Dom Cours    
Meet Your Coffee Roaster with Kaveri Coffee roaster and owner Tanya Rao.  In this episode we will talk to this bay area specialty coffee roaster about her awesome story and inspiration behind Kaveri.You can finde Kaveri Coffee at  or at Roaster's Marketplace. Thank you to our show sponsor music by the amazing Dom Cours 
In this episode we be visiting with our friend Adrian, roaster & founder of Scandinavian Alps Coffee Roasters. We will explore how he combined his love of skiing and coffee to form this amazing company."This project started because we have always been passionate about skiing and coffee. The main source of our inspiration came from our late grandfather who helped introduce us to skiing in the Alps and amazing coffee in his home city of Vienna, Austria. Today we have combined these two passions to make great artisanal coffee in one of the most beautiful places in the world, Hemsedal, Norway, "The Scandinavian Alps". We truly believe your surroundings help shape who you are, and who you want to become in life. We want to share our love for coffee and the outdoors, to help inspire others in their surroundings.The goal is to seek out the finest specialty sustainable coffees from around the world, hand roast them with great attention and care to bring you a truly unique coffee experience every time."Adrian Seligman
The boys are back! Join Donny, Michael, and Chris as we discuss a whole lot more about what Project Buna has coming up on the horizon. Possibly find out about a really neat secret squirrel project and of course talk about some amazing coffee.Find out more about Project Buna here.Intro music by Dom Cours & Company.The Common Grounds Podcast is brought to you by Roaster's Marketplace.
I am excited to be interviewing Roman Rabinovich the inventor of the Joepresso attachment for  the Aeropress coffee brewer. This awesome  invention allows you to make a tasty espresso at home or on the go!Check out their Kickstarter campaign here.The Common Grounds Podcast is brought to you by Roaster's Marketplace.Intro music by Dom Cours & Companymv9aLVYT9MXyIk4iUEBb
We are talking with our friend Joseph Mastrangelo of Zelie Beans Coffee from Houston, Texas in this episode. Find out more about this fantastic specialty coffee roaster and his new efforts to build his business.Watch it here! The Common Grounds Podcast is brought to you by Roaster's Marketplace.Intro music by Dom Cours.
Tim of Evansville Coffee Company  is back for round two of Meet Your Coffee Roaster on the Common Grounds Podcast! We speak with Tim in depth about some of his amazing new coffee selections and the detailed processes that he uses when selecting green coffee beans and roast profiles!The Common Grounds Podcast is brought to you by Roaster's MarketplaceYou can watch the live video here on our Youtube channel!
This week we will be talking with Josh Schmitt of Banyan Coffee Co!“We began roasting coffee beans in our garage in 2013 with your everyday popcorn popper. We were frustrated with the same coffee chains offering the same products and cutting corners. We started to shared our coffee with anyone around us and eventually we upgraded to larger size coffee roaster so we could keep up with demand. Banyan Coffee was Born!”
Welcome to Season 2 of Meet Your Coffee Roaster! In this episode we will we be speaking with award winning micro batch coffee roaster Kevin Smith about his insight into the world of craft coffee!You can find more information on Kevin at
In this episode we speak with the two guys behind Project Buna , an amazing micro roaster out of Virginia that focuses on single origin specialty coffee. The tell their story of how they were introduced to specialty coffee and coffee roasting. Find Project Buna and over 25 other micro batch coffee roasters at
Active Self Protection

Active Self Protection


We will be meeting the team behind Active Self Protection! Tune in while we talk to John, Stephanie, and Neil about what it takes to run a YouTube channel with more than a 1.5 million followers and the growing small business of ASP!Join us live on our Common Grounds Podcast page or the Roaster's Marketplace as well as the Common Grounds YouTube Channel
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