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Commune is a podcast where we explore the ideas and practices that bring us together and help us live healthy, purpose-filled lives. We believe personal and societal health are two sides of the same coin, and that cultivating personal wellness is the first step toward making the world well. We connect with experts, scientists, and storytellers around food, health, social impact, mindfulness and movement practices, personal growth, and environmental action. In addition to being a podcast, Commune is also an online course platform where thousands of participants take each course together, day-by-day, for free. We then provide social tools that empower participants to form local action groups and implement their new knowledge in their communities.
99 Episodes
The global pandemic conscripts a different type of soldier, wearing a different sort of uniform. Dubbed "essential workers," they fight an invisible enemy that cannot be slain, only grimly flattened. This podcast is in recognition of their service, and includes an interview with an essential worker very close to home. This podcast made possible by: Grass Roots Farmers' Cooperative
India.Arie is a prolific singer-songwriter and the winner of 4 Grammy awards, but today on the show we talk about a different dimension of her life that has always been quietly present — her spirituality. What turns a simple object into a meaningful heirloom? How can we tap into the power of ritual to create transcendent art? Check out India.Arie's new music video, shot right here at Commune: This podcast made possible by: Grass Roots Farmers' Cooperative Molekule
When you fly over a city and see all those backyard swimming pools and barbecues, do you ever wonder: What if we shared more resources? What if we had passionate conversations with people next door rather than someone on social media a thousand miles away? In this episode, Robert O'Neill, founder of Haven Coliving, shares his vision for small urban communities and a return to real human interaction. This podcast made possible by: Ritual Thrive Market
Raised by a shaman in New York City and signed to Sony Records at 19, Biet's life has been a rollercoaster of highs and lows, clarity and addiction. Now dubbed the “Lady Gaga of Meditation,” her approach to spirituality is pragmatic and practical: You will find enlightenment within your life's circumstances, and nowhere else. It's not about changing the facts of your life, but working with and within them. This podcast is made possible by: Blinkist Cannaquility Liquid IV
Like a reef or rainforest, what we call a human is actually a multispecies superorganism — technically a "holobiont." We evolved to exist with our microbes and the microbiomes of others. Breast milk co-evolved to feed the growing garden in an infant's gut. We exchange microbes when we hug and kiss or have a pet in the house. Today, Ara Katz, co-founder of Seed, talks about the importance of microbes and how they can impact the health of our bodies, our children, and our planet. To learn more from Ara and Seed, check out their Instagram channel at or visit This podcast is made possible by: Grass Roots Farmers' Cooperative Skillshare
None of us imagined motherhood under these conditions. Some of us are essential workers navigating front-line jobs, but most of us are now stay-at-home moms, our careers vying with our kids for breathing room. Schuyler Grant hosts today's Mother's Day episode where she, along with other mothers, reflect on what it means to be a mom in this moment. This podcast is made possible by: Grass Roots Farmers' Cooperative
Capitalism bombards us with the message, “You’re not enough, but to compensate we're going to sell you a product.” This gets particularly dangerous when the products are pills and medical devices, and in particular, hormonal birth control. Today, Allison Behringer, creator of the Bodies podcast, shares her personal story with "the pill" and discusses how the -isms (sexism, racism, and capitalism) cause problems in modern medicine. This podcast made possible by: Ritual Better Help Raycon
Is your personal narrative true? Or do you manipulate and aggregate past phenomena to support your current story? Today, Nick Ortner, CEO of The Tapping Solution, talks about how the simple technique of tapping can powerfully address fear and anxiety and aid the process of healing. Plus, experience a short tapping session! This podcast made possible by: Grass Roots Farmers' Cooperative
Our patterns of behavior are often rooted in our lack of self-worth. When there is something wrong on the inside, our instinct is to look for external agents to deal with those issues. However, radiance only comes from self-reflection. In today's episode, Danielle LaPorte discusses the importance of introspection, as it allows us to forgive, better understand our stories, and reach a place where we accept our enoughness.
What is the new world story that will spin out of our situation? Meditation doesn’t necessarily lead to a passive life — it can also encourage an active one. Today, author and recording artist Justin Michael Williams talks about how meditation helps us quiet the mind and rest in gratitude while becoming engaged members in our community. Together, we can be part of the solution. This podcast made possible by: Blinkist
If ever there was an opportunity to introduce a more local way of life, one not engineered for corporate globalism, it is now. Today’s guest is the founder and director of Local Futures, Helena Norberg-Hodge, who discusses how we can address some of the world's most salient issues, from global warming to income inequality, through localization. Yes, we CAN create sustainable local economies that don't require exploitation of anonymous workers and the desecration of the planet. This podcast made possible by: Liquid IV - Enter promo code "COMMUNE" at checkout for 25% off! Ritual
Why are so many of us sick when we value health? The American way of processing and marketing food is spreading. All over the world waistlines are expanding, hospitals are filling up, and people are getting sick with chronic illnesses. In the time of COVID-19, our health is becoming more important than ever before. Today, we talk about the relationships between immunity and a healthy diet, regenerative agriculture, localization, and how Ocean’s unique family history shaped his life’s work. This podcast made possible by: Better Help
When information overloads us, we need a reset. But how do we really surrender and let go of so much thinking? Today, Tracee discusses how Yoga Nidra can help us quiet the mind, unwind and understand our stories, and ultimately reach a place of discernment and clarity. This podcast made possible by: Better Help Magic Spoon
In today’s episode, Dr. Mark Hyman shares a wide range of options for boosting your immune system — from food groups and supplements to practices and rituals. He and Jeff also delve into food policy, environmentalism, and how the pandemic may impact our approach to health moving forward. This podcast made possible by:
Spending quality time with our own minds can be terrifying for our socially oriented species, and yet here we all are, home alone with thoughts for company. Fortunately, we have a technology for that (albeit an old one) — meditation. Today, meditation teacher Light Watkins shares his pragmatic approach to our modern, quarantined life. This podcast made possible by: Liquid IV Ritual
Eventually this crisis will end, and at that point we have an opportunity to rewrite the story of humanity. Will we use this pause in business-as-usual to reassess consumerism, globalism, and how we define a well-lived life? Or will we scurry back to business as usual? That's up to us. If you have any thoughts feel free to email me at For now, stay centered. Follow the science. Don’t succumb to fear. And spread knowledge, not the virus. This podcast made possible by: Ettitude - Just text Commune to 64-000 to get 20 percent off your set of Ettitude sheets (and FREE shipping) Magic Spoon
The spread of the coronavirus reflects our inter-connectivity, starkly highlighting our intertwined destiny and common humanity. We are not just individuals living among other individuals acting in our own self-interest. We are connected by a power greater than ourselves. This podcast made possible by:
Inquire Within with In-Q

Inquire Within with In-Q


In-Q is a national poetry slam champion, multi-platinum songwriter and jaw-dropping performer with an incredible talent for weaving sound, rhythm, and insight. In this episode, In-Q offers spiritual lessons with hip hop grit in turns of phrase that incite tears, laughter, and epiphany. This podcast made possible by:
The Mind Architect

The Mind Architect


You might call this week’s guest an “inner designer.” Peter Crone helps professional athletes, entrepreneurs, parents, and (in this case) podcast hosts to dissolve the mind’s limiting beliefs and unleash our human potential. His techniques directly address the uncertainty, anxiety, and mental anguish that constantly bubble up from our subconscious.
As the founder of B-School, Marie Forleo has inspired over 55,000 students to step into their entrepreneurial potential. In this conversation she shares the benefits of being multi-passionate, why limiting beliefs about starting a business hold us back (and how to move past them), and key business techniques for aligning profit and passion. Plus, you’ll here the story of why “everything is figureoutable.” This podcast made possible by:
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