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Author: Sara Nightly

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Join us while we drink a couple of adult beverages, talk about our favorite TV shows and movies and read Reddit!
During each episode, we'll discuss a specific TV or movie and read some Reddit posts as they relate to the series. We'll also discuss pop culture in general and how it is affecting society past and present.
We also offer several bonus episodes on TV and film such as Game of Thrones, Star Wars, and Westworld.
Check out our older episodes as well that relate primarily to the hospitality industry and the Reddit sub r/talesfromthefrontdesk
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54 Episodes
Welcome to Comp My Pod!Exciting announcement at the beginning of this episode!Be sure to listen until the end for the beautiful score by Ramin Dijiwadi "The Spoils of War".Another very controversial episode and with only one more to go.We brake it all down for you here.What did we love, what did we hate?What is the series doing correctly?What is the future of the franchise?Tune in for our rating. (How many bells)Just about everyone hated it but did we love it or hate it?Thanks for listening!Follow us here: Game of Thrones Spoilers Welcome Twitter: Josh: --- Support this podcast:
Welcome to Comp My Pod with your host's Sara and Josh!We talk about another controversial episode in the fandom.Is the show meeting our expectations so far?With only 2 episodes left and seemingly new plot lines, how are they going to the land this?Listen in as we discuss what went well and what went badly on this episode.Stay tuned until the end of the episode for a beautiful rendition of The Rains of Castemere by Tina Guo us here: Facebook Group Game of Thrones Spoilers Welcome Support this podcast:
Welcome to COmp My Pod!We discuss all the good, the bad, and the heartbreaking on this amazing yet very controversial episode of Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 3 titled "The Long Night."  Joining me on this episode is Pat from The Untitled Gaming Podcast or Tug Pod for short!Follow him here: This was an incredible episode of the most epic show on TV!  We break it all down for you.  No holding back here!  No fanboy here!  Just honest and fair criticism about the show we love the most!Follow the show here: Join my Facebook group Game of Thrones Spoilers Welcome here:  Music provided by Raidon Music Ben Dan Support this podcast:
Welcome to Comp My Pod!On this episode we discuss the highly anticipated Season 8 of Game of Thrones episode 2 titled A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms.We think the episode should've been titled "The Disappointment of the Seven Kingdoms."Tune in and listen to Sara Nightly and guest host Josh discuss what we loved and what we hated about this episode.You can follow the show here Join my Facebook group here --- Support this podcast:
Welcome to Comp My Pod!Join us while we discuss our favorite and least favorite scenes in the highly anticipated season 8 premiere of Game of Thrones.On this episode is a new guest host Josh!Corey returns from the Game of Thrones season 6 episode!How did you watch the premiere?Did it live up to the hype?Listen as we discuss these topics and more.Links!Facebook group Game of Thrones Spoilers Welcome Twitter --- Support this podcast:
Welcome to Comp My Pod!This is the predictions episode for season 8!Guest host Pat is back from the Togpod podcast.We discuss everything leading up to season 8.What we think happens with our main players.We read some Reddit theories.It's death pool time people!We make our predictions and speculate on what we think will happen in the end.Who will sit the throne, will there even be a throne?What is the Night King's purpose?Will we find out?Listen as we nerd out over the greatest TV show ever made!Follow us! --- Support this podcast:
Welcome to Comp My Pod!On this episode we will be discussing all of the controversial season 7 of Game of Thrones.Some people are ride or die for this season, others not so much!What did you like about this season?What worked what didn't.All this and more!I'm joined by my returning guest host Adi and Pat!Follow Pat me my Facebook group'll see you soon in season 8!--- Support this podcast:
Welcome to Comp My Pod! Joining me on this episode is my returning guest Pat and a new guest host Corey!Listen in as we discuss all the trials and   triumphs of this tumultuous season!Were in the great Game now friends!We also talk a bit about current events and how they might tie in to the final season.It gets a little tinfoile folks!Leave us a message through the ANchor app!We'd love to hear from you.Follow Pat Follow me for listening.--- Support this podcast:
Welcome to Comp My Pod!Joining me today on this episode is my returning guest Joey Abate!Listen in while we discuss all the losses our favorite characters suffer throughout this tumultuous season.We also ask why certain people hate this season so much?Feel free to weigh in!Follow Joey on instagram my Facebook Group Game Of Thrones Spoilers Welcome Follow me on Twitter Comp My Pod Support this podcast:
Hello friends!Welcome to Comp My Pod!This is a bonus episode covering all of Game of Thrones season 4.I'm joined on this episode by a returning guest Pat!Listen in while we discuss all the satisfaction and misery that season 4 had to offer!Be sure to follow Pat and check out his podcast The Untitled Gaming Podcast Pat on Twitter as well can follow me here sure to join my Facebook group Game of Thrones Spoilers Welcome for listening!--- Support this podcast:
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