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Author: Kristina Zias and Raeann Langas

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Two plus-size models & body activists here to get real and candid about living your most confident life. Get ready for powerful conversations that will leave you laughing, motivated, and inspired.
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Ep. 8: Celeste Thomas

Ep. 8: Celeste Thomas


The Episode: Our skin’s appearance tends to play a MAJOR role in our self confidence which is why we are so excited to have registered nurse and clean skincare guru, Celeste Thomas on today’s episode! Celeste combines western and eastern medicine practices to provide a holistic approach to treating your skin with the love and care it deserves. She gives us an overview on how to nourish your skin through your diet, and shares helpful tips about what to look for and what to avoid when shopping for new products. Celeste also gives us expert insight into injectables like filler and botox, from a holistic and medical perspective, and shares her fave skincare products for clean (and affordable!!) at-home skin care. We Also Talk About: Skincare Food Triggers like Refined Sugar and Caffeine What is Cortisol and How to Regulate It Collagen Benefits and What To Look For When Purchasing Clean Beauty “Medical Grade” Products Resources: Instagram: @celestethomas TikTok: @celestethomasrn Celeste's Youtube Channel Celeste's Blog Skin Confident Course- use discount code CONFIDENTCOLLECTIVE for 20% off your purchase! Coffee Alternatives: Matcha: Ujido or Ippodo Mushroom Coffee: Four Sigmatic Reishi or Four Sigmatic Instant Other Websites Mentioned: The Detox Market, EWG skin database, Credo Beauty Products Mentioned Cleanser: January Labs Cleanser Toner: Primera, Versed Hydration: cocokind Vitamin C Moisturizers: Versed SPF January Labs Mist Collagen: Ancient Nutrition
Ep. 7: Ask Steve

Ep. 7: Ask Steve


The Episode: We are so excited about this week’s episode because we have Chef Boyar-Steve aka Swole Steve aka Kristina’s husband Steve on the podcast! We set up a special TCC voicemail box and had Steve give the male perspective on all the incredible questions people left for us! From talking about what men really say to their friends after a hook-up, to how men react to curvy women, Steve gives us the inside scoop on what men really think.   We Also Talk About: The Aura Being Confidence Emits Ghosting Playing “Games” Body Building Virginity Financial Stability and How It Relates to Relationships What Men Think of Women’s Clothing Sizes Hook-ups   Resources: Instagram: Steve , Confident Collective, Kristina Zias, Raeann Langas TCC Voicemail Box: Call 818-650-0392 The Confident Collective Facebook Group
The Episode: In this week’s episode, we have an open and honest conversation with each other about our personal confidence journeys, followed by a Q&A. We discuss how our childhoods, relationships, and experiences have shaped how we view ourselves and how we’ve learned to overcome societal standards to embrace our bodies and channel our confidence. We speak candidly about things we still struggle with and share personal stories of times our confidence was tested. We hope our stories help to inspire you to love yourself, and serve as a reminder that self confidence is truly a journey, filled with ups and downs, not a straight line.   We Also Talk About: Seeking Male Approval Putting Yourself In The Friend Zone Feeling Confident Naked Career Confidence & Being Paid Your Worth Dating and Dating Apps Stretch Marks Feeling like “The Big Friend” Clothing Sizes and “Sizing Up” Dealing with “Bad Days”   Resources: The Confident Collective Facebook Group Instagram: Raeann Langas & Kristina Zias & The Confident Collective Kellie Brown Episode The Bird’s Papaya Episode
You’re going to want to grab a pen & paper before you start this episode because it’s FILLED with insanely helpful tools and tips to increase your wealth and become the financially-free badass you were born to be! Tori Dunlap, owner of Her First $100K, is a money expert with the goal of taking down the patriarchy by providing women with the financial education to get over their money shit, gain financial independence and excel in their careers. She explains how she went from working a 9-5 in Marketing to making 6 figures as an owner of her own company with 100k of savings all by age 25, and gives us advice on how we can grow our own savings and overcome our fears surrounding money. Personal finance can be overwhelming and full of jargon, but Tori breaks it down for us with a list of where to start and an overview of important money vocab. This episode is full of guidance and expertise to help you feel confident and prepared to work towards your personal money goals. We Also Talk About: Systemic Issues Surrounding Wealth Lack of Financial Education for Women + Wealth Gap The Influence our Upbringing and Family Have on Our Finances Debunking Dave Ramsey’s Millennial Money Myths Common Misconceptions that Women Have About Money Money Vocabulary Retirement Accounts (401Ks vs IRAs) Financial Priorities and Where To Start Side Hustle Tips Credit Scores and How to Increase Them Emotional Spending Resources: Instagram: @HerFirst100k TikTok: @HerFirst100K Website: Her First 100K Side Hustle Course Personal Finance 101 Emotional Spending Course High Yield Savings & Credit Card Recommendations
We are so excited to have self love advocate and body activist Sarah Nicole Landry of @TheBirdsPapaya on today’s episode to talk about body acceptance and advocating for yourself while pregnant. We discuss empathy, vulnerability and how being “willing to be wrong” allows us to learn and grow. She speaks about the necessary discomfort in change and how diversity of thought allows us to move forward. Later in the episode, Sarah opens up about her struggles with prenatal depression and her determination to redefine motherhood with this pregnancy. We are so grateful for her openness and honesty, and hope you connect with her vulnerability as much as we do. We Also Talk About: Confidence in Decision-Making Accountability and Cancel Culture Journalling and Finding Your Own Voice Body Autonomy and Plastic Surgery Redefining Motherhood Self Love as an Action The Fear of Losing Yourself During Pregnancy and Motherhood Self Love vs Self Acceptance Body Respect and Stretch Marks/Cellulite Resources: @TheBirdsPapaya The Papaya Podcast The Birds Papaya Blog Untamed by Glennon Doyle
We are SO excited to introduce today’s guest: Kellie Brown! Kellie is the mega-talented blogger and home decor guru responsible for creating AndIGetDressed and the viral #FatAtFashionWeek hashtag. Not to mention, she was also recently featured in Vogue Magazine and is about to launch her very own Fat Icon Podcast! Kellie begins the episode with the story of how she took the leap from working in PR with Shark Tank’s Daymond John to becoming her own boss and the creator of an uplifting online community. She shares the importance of understanding your unique value from an analytical standpoint, and the power that comes with having the confidence to stand up for yourself. We dive into the responsibility that comes with choosing your own opportunities and the ethical necessity to make sacrifices to make the world a better place. She continuously inspires us to invest in ourselves, so we know you’ll finish the episode feeling motivated and ready to take on anything that comes your way. We Also Talk About: Knowing Your Worth The Influencer Pay Disparity The Power of Saying “No” Organic Media and How To Leverage It Taking the Hate Out of the Word “Fat” Diversity in the Body Positive Space Blind Spots and the Importance of Showing Up for the Global Community Resources: Kellie Brown’s Instagram AndIGetDressed Instagram Fat Icon Podcast Instagram Kellie Brown’s Youtube Channel AndIGetDressed TikTok AndIGetDressed/Fat Icon Merch Kellie Brown X Vogue Magazine #FatAtFashionWeek Kellie Brown’s Favorite People to follow: Tamu McPherson , Courtney Quinn (ColorMeCourtney) , Rachel Martino and Nadia Aboulhosn
You may recognize today’s iconic guest from the many tears she’s shed in The Bachelor franchise, but since then, Ashley Iaconetti has gone on to be an Access Hollywood and ClevverTV correspondent, a contributor for Cosmopolitan magazine, a children’s book author, AND the host of two podcasts. She also happens to be Kristina’s long time friend! Ashley begins by sharing the unconventional way she and Kristina became friends and discusses what her life has been like since she left the Bachelor franchise. She shares the stress and fear that comes with being a public persona and how she stays positive despite criticism. Throughout the episode, Ashley discusses the importance of staying true to yourself, and inspires us and our listeners to always “let our souls shine through.” We Also Talk About: Cancel Culture Embracing Your Interests Peer Pressure Body Scrutiny Struggling with Acne as an Adult The Effect of Instagram Filters and Facetune on Self Confidence Maintaining Self Confidence While Dating Resources: Ashley Iaconetti’s Instagram The Ben and Ashley I Almost Famous Podcast I Don't Get It podcast Ashley and Jared’s children book Why Men Love Bitches by Sherry Argov
Welcome to the first episode of The Confident Collective Podcast! We are so excited to dig deeper into The Confident Collective community through this podcast and can’t wait to share new episodes with you every Tuesday! The Episode: In this introductory Q&A episode, We share the strange way we first met and how we’ve supported and grown with each other in both our careers and personal lives. We talk about why we started The Confident Collective and how being plus-size models and fashion influencers encouraged us to inspire others. We explore future topics like sex & intimacy (sorry mom!), and discuss how we hope to inspire women in a collaborative and inclusive way. We finish the episode by answering questions from our Instagram followers and discuss our ever-evolving journeys with self love and confidence. We Also Talk About: Sex in Relationships Family Influence on Body Image “Promoting Obesity” Cosmetic Procedures Self Love and Confidence as a Journey Kristina’s Instagram Raeann’s Instagram



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