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In Washington, politicians are full of half-truths and hot air. They do little more than grandstanding by spouting off talking points and spin. The Conservative Review with Daniel Horowitz is here to help you cut through the rhetoric and noise and explore the politically right way to think about the issues .

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Contrary to the beliefs of the political elites, we actually have a woeful under-incarceration problem that has resulted in unimaginable crime. I offer incontrovertible data on crime and incarceration rates demonstrating that we actually need to lock up more criminals. I also update you on the latest news on the shots and the virus. It’s in our hands to be free again if we just fight for specific issues with a focused strategy. Most importantly, we need to turn to God for help, because without his divine providence, there really is no successful man-made solution to what ails this country.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Most Republicans are suddenly on the Kyle Rittenhouse bandwagon now that it’s easy, but they were on the other side when it mattered. Today, I tie together the Rittenhouse verdict with what appears to be a terror attack nearby in Waukesha, Wisconsin. Republicans have betrayed us by joining with the BLM movement as well as the de-incarceration agenda, both of which might have played a role in this attack. Also, why is Trump continuing to promote the injections when the information we have on the shots is worse than ever? I update you on the latest math and science of the injections that should be called “kill shots.” Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Despite winning the Virginia election, Republicans have learned nothing from it, and they never will unless we force them. Today, I offer a blueprint for a massive primary campaign uniting under the banner of medical freedom with a drive for state constitutional amendments affirming these fundamental rights. Also, we have definitive proof that the failed vaccines are both causing widespread injuries and making the virus much worse.   Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
On today’s blockbuster, I offer the CliffsNotes version of the timeline leading up to the creation of the virus, the vaccines, and the failed therapeutics for coronavirus. Why is this relevant? Because the same timeline, with the same players and modus operandi, appears to be repeating itself for smallpox! Bookmark this podcast forever, because it’s one of the most important and informative ones you will ever hear.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
There’s nothing more heartbreaking that being denied the right to cure COVID patients by a hospital protocol that offers patients no proven alternatives. But that is the predicament of today’s guest, Dr. Paul Marik, who is suing a Virginia hospital for denying him the right to treat with any effective therapeutic, including even vitamin C. Marik, a professor of internal medicine at the Eastern Virginia Medical School, is one of the most published and cited intensivists in the world. He has developed the FLCCC COVID protocol that has saved countless lives, and now he is suing Sentara Healthcare for preventing him from using them in the ICU.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Today’s special guest, Dr. Jessica Rose, gives a presentation on how VAERS data and its reporting process are woefully deficient in capturing the full extent of the safety concerns with the shots. Rose, a viral immunologist who has published several papers on VAERS data, raises concerns that more people are dying from the shots with the surge in boosters, yet the reporting lags and deficiencies in the data will ensure we won’t know until it’s too late. She also attests to her personal story of censorship when a study was withdrawn without explanation. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
It’s time we stop calling these injections “vaccines.” Today, I prove to you through data from all over the world that the shots now have negative efficacy and have made the virus worse. The injection is, in fact, a bioweapon. Also, the individual side effects are more underreported than we ever imagined. Finally, we tackle the need for systemic health care reforms to break the monopoly of the insurance and hospital cartels that are committing nothing less than genocide against our people.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Even in deep red states like North Dakota, we can’t affirm basic rights and basic science. Today, I discuss how the more information that comes out showing how COVID fascism is making the virus worse, the more RINOs join with the Democrats to promote their policies. Also, we are joined by Dr. Mary Talley Bowden, a Texas-based ENT specialist, who has pledged to prioritize treatment for those who did not get the shots because of the discrimination against them. She tells a harrowing story of genocide that is being committed in a local hospital, with doctors senselessly denying care to her patient.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
What we face today is a government-created and -manipulated medical dictatorship that is not only controlling our lives but controlling the ability of doctors to practice medicine. We are joined by Dr. Richard Amerling, a board-certified internist and nephrologist, to discuss the history of medical tyranny and how the government uses the Orwellian “evidence based medicine” protocols to destroy independent doctors and learned clinical experience. We need states to level the playing field between the medical cartel and independent physicians. Amerling, currently associate medical director of America’s Frontline Doctors, also gives us an update on how his organization is helping treat patients and fighting the legal battles for liberty.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
We always hear that the current general election is the most important of our lifetime. But today I explain how the upcoming GOP primaries, particularly for state offices in red states, are truly the most pivotal of our lifetime. I offer messaging and policy advice on how to avoid the mistakes of the past, where we kicked out the Democrats with fake Republicans. We need a unifying message and a specific pledge on issues like health care freedom and COVID fascism to single out the good guys from the swamp monsters.   Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
On today’s special long episode, we are treated to a spellbinding presentation by Dr. David Wiseman on how Pfizer’s clinical trial data is completely corrupted and cannot be trusted. Dr. Wiseman, a bioscientist who helped develop clinical trials for Johnson & Johnson, takes us through the math of Pfizer’s adult and child clinical trials and demonstrates how every step of its data collection was corrupted to the point that both the safety and efficacy data are meaningless. He also raises concerns about Pfizer changing its formulation and the fact that there are really no regulatory guard rails controlling the distribution and maintaining of the vials.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Today, I offer a briefing on the latest studies about the virus and the shots. It is now clear that all of the data was wrong or outdated, and the shots no longer protect those who need the protection the most. On the other hand, the risks are even worse than we thought. I also explain why we can’t afford to back down in our fight in the state legislatures. Big Government wants to use viruses and vaccines to permanently control us like cattle. This is only the beginning.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Ever wonder why Republicans don’t seem to fight for us even in the reddest states where they enjoy supermajorities? Well, today we are joined by the conservative leader in the Wyoming state House whose effort to block Biden’s mandate was defeated. Even though Wyoming is the state that gave Trump the largest margin of victory and where Republicans enjoy the greatest supermajorities, it is full of RINOs who do the bidding of the system. Rep. Chuck Gray shares some stories about the legislature, offers a path forward to shed light on what goes on, and teases a potential run against RINO Gov. Mark Gordon.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Today, I analyze the election results in a way no other conservative talk show host is willing to do. The elections are actually meaningless because, thanks to the phony Republicans, Democrats continue to win on policy even as they lose. The good news is that the people are waking up and are demanding action. I propose the specific actions that must be taken now. We can’t afford to wait until January 2025 to live free again.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
I hate to say, "See, I told you so," but it's better we realize that we were lied to about the courts before it's too late. I explain how two of Trump's three SCOTUS picks are so bad that they now support "bodily autonomy" for abortion and the "right" to castration surgery, but not for the right to refuse a shot. Also, I share some scary data on blood clotting and some disturbing stories about inhumane treatment in the hospitals. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Imagine if every doctor in this country had treated patients as Dr. Syed Haider did with his telehealth service. Today, Dr. Haider explains in great detail how he successfully treated so many people for COVID with ivermectin, fluvoxamine, and other cheap drugs. He also gives his recipe for treating long COVID, as well as vaccine injuries. I also explain why we can no longer rely on the courts to protect liberty. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Are tiny microbes in our digestive systems the key to outcomes from COVID-19? Today, we are joined by Dr. Sabine Hazan, a California gastroenterologist who has over 22 years of experience in clinical trials, to discuss her emerging research on the microbiome. She hypothesizes that the health of a person's gut might hold the keys to outcomes from COVID, as well as other common ailments and diseases. She believes that if science, rather than greed, directed the research, this is where it would head in the coming days.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
First it was the lockdowns and the masks, then it was the failed shots and remdesivir. Now Merck is pushing the first outpatient drug to treat COVID. Dr. Lynn Fynn, associate director of America’s Frontline Doctors and expert drug developer, joins us to discuss her concern with molnupiravir, Merck’s new drug. Unlike ivermectin and other established drugs, this one is mutagenic and has the potential risk of causing cancers and birth defects while also possibly making the virus mutate more. We contrast everything that should be done to combat vs. what they are actually doing, and the picture that emerges is very dark.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Today, we contrast heroes who are working to save lives with the zeroes who are making sure more people die from the pandemic so it can increase their money, power, and control. The drive to vaccinate children is driven by pure idolatry, thus the more the vaccine bombs out, the more they place their faith in it. Later on, we are joined by Tim Cheung, the chief medical officer of Seven Cells pharmacy in Florida. He walks us through his integrated telehealth operation to get ivermectin and other drugs into people’s houses as quickly as possible for those who believe it will help them in this pandemic. Tim offers a fascinating insight on the supply chain of pharmacies as well as questions of impurities with foreign brands.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
After today’s show, you will understand why our government has created the ultimate dangerous monopoly for Big Pharma to violate our human rights. There is no free market. As such, we can’t have red states merely being passive in the face of an active, aggressive assault on our liberty. They must use the power to counteract the power given to them by the feds. I’m joined today by civil rights attorney Aaron Siri, who is fighting vaccine injuries and helping with vaccine exemptions. He discusses a client who was injured by the child vaccine clinical trial from Pfizer and explains how the company tried to cover up the injury. Can you imagine how many thousands of injuries and deaths are not being traced back to the shots? Aaron explains how this immoral system is working by the design the federal government established.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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Maynard Cortes

where can or how can we get 25 hydroxy vitamin d? I felt like we were left in the air. pharmacist will not make it and the doctor said he doesn't know of any hospital using it. why mention it of we can't get it.

Aug 20th

Marylou Fulton

Daniel... it was so amazing to see you over the memorial day weekend in Pahrump! I wished I personally met you.. it was because I heard it from you that I went to the Patriot Academy Constitution Defense course! I want to go again! God bless!

Jun 7th

Elliot Axelman

I said this months ago :)

May 7th

Paul Sansonetti many of the screenings for cancer actively cause harm, biopsy can sometimes spread cancer, mammograms actually cause women to get slightly more breast cancer, colonoscopy misses much cancer because the flat lesions that are like 5x as carcinogenic than polyps are much harder to spot , kills people from perforated colons, actively ruins the microbiome,ct scans have as much radiation as 80-200 x-rays.

Mar 29th

Paul Sansonetti lead time bias explained

Mar 29th

Paul Sansonetti

overall a very good show, but I'm not buying his explanation for the decline in flu, I'm sure that he is seeing bigger cancers, but early detection has done almost nothing for cancers death, google" lead time bias" ,we have actually made very little progress in cancer mortality since the 1970s, we just find it sooner. also he really seemed to take it easy on rt pcr tests, probably because that's part of his own lunch box.

Mar 29th

Christina Mancini

fantastic. just fantastic.

Mar 28th

Ed Alvarez

excellent interview...she makes a great deal of sense

Dec 27th

Diane Standish

shannon is absolutely correct. it's time to mobilize locally and push against the local mandates

Dec 22nd
Reply (1)

Ben Maguire

o cc j

Dec 10th

Toni Paxton

🎯 Speaking of dystopian, these testimonies look like an episode from Handmaid's Tale

Oct 14th

Chris Murphy


Oct 5th


Unfortunately conservatives won’t do 💩

Sep 28th


If you can't figure out why there's more riots under Trump than Obama, then you're an idiot. Blaming Trump for the Demonrats' behavior is disgusting.

Jun 14th

Lloyd Higley

post links to articles please

Jun 6th

Christina Mancini

brilliant. Why do so many "Republican" Americans WANT TO BELIEVE the politispeak?

Mar 24th


Aaaaaaahhhhhh his voice is like fingers on a chalkboard.

Mar 17th


Great show. This info needs to be heard everywhere. Col. Dan Steiner, the returning guest, is always riveting. He has a blog, if interested.

Jan 5th

Christina Mancini

a brilliant show today. outstanding.

Jan 4th


Here in Michigan, we have a new mandate that we citizens are REQUIRED by Law to obtain a new "ENHANCED" Licenses by sometime in 2020. However, illegals do not have to comply. Dems are behind all this cheating at the polls & Schiff 😳 is the no 1 cheerleader! I am convinced he was bullied in school & college. I don't even have the words to describe him & WHY hasn't the MSM asked him where his proof of Russian collusion is?

Oct 11th
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