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On this podcast, we will discuss the season finale of Andor (which we will break into two podcasts since there is a lot to discuss). We will talk about the lone gunman theory and its correlation with the Empire’s closure of the Aldahni heist and then we will discuss a few quotes from Nemik’s Manifesto about the uphill battle against oppression, fear-based control tactics, and more. --- Support this podcast:
Quick message to say thank you to all supporters of my content. God bless! --- Support this podcast:
Andor #10-11: Levels of Sacrifice, Prison Evangelism, and Emo Droids --- Support this podcast:
On this podcast, we discuss the new animated series Tales of the Jedi and discuss whether or not Count Dooku was justified in joining the dark side due to the pervasive corruption in the Galactic Republic and the Jedi Council's inability to think for themselves.  Through three animated shorts, we get a deep dive into life and times of Dooku and see how he slowly comes to terms with the noble Republic not being what it seems.  We parallel the prequel conflict between Palpatine and the Republic to the Russian vs. Ukraine situation - just because one side appears to be a victim, are they 100% faultless in their own downfall? May the force be with you and God bless! --- Support this podcast:
On this podcast, we dive into episode 9 of Andor titled “Nobody’s Listening.” We talk about Kino and his faulty logic regarding following the rules and being a good prisoner (which parallels to the Biblical truth of faith over works), Palpatine keeping the Senate around as an artificial government body, psychological torture, and fighting for a just cause by being strong and courageous (referencing Joshua 1:9 from the Old Testament). May the force be with you and God bless! --- Support this podcast:
On this podcast, we discuss episode 8 of Andor where Cassian finds himself in a sophisticated Imperial prison that could look similar to our own future on Earth if things progress. We also discuss the idea of false light, in how the prison appears clean and safe on the surface, but is dark and depressing in actuality (the future of Musk Twitter?) --- Support this podcast:
On this episode, we tackle the latest two episodes of Andor, from the robbery at Aldahni to the massive Imperial overreach afterwards.  People are standing up to the Empire, and people are feeling the effects of the Empire (both those not involved with rebel activity and those trying to flee from rebel activity).  Alot to talk about here from money laundering to Native American paralells to even Biden's 1994 Crime Bill!  May the Force be with you and God Bless! --- Support this podcast:
I stopped by to chat with Jack Allen, John Brisson, Loyalist, and Scott to discuss monarchies and the Biblical context, historical context, and pros and cons.  No Star Wars in this episode but a lot of great discussion with great people!  Hope you enjoy it!  God Bless!  A star studded cast uses their brains to matter the system...its broken :) @weve_read @loyalist6 @konspiracy_kyle @JBNpod --- Support this podcast:
On this episode, we break down all the great quotes and in-universe discussion from episode 5 of Andor.  While there was little to no action or plot elements driving the story forward, we got some great chat between characters about their motivations for fighting the Empire and how the Empire was able to seize and maintain control so easily.  I also posit the idea that the Republic of old was closer to the Empire than you may realize....listen in to find out more! --- Support this podcast:
- Imperial ‘black budgets’ - all seeing eye symbolism - Mon Mothma banking being monitored - Afghanistan = Mimban - Imperial Security Board = CIA --- Support this podcast:
This episode will break down key elements of this new series which just dropped the first three episodes: - sex in Star Wars?? - rules to live outside of the system - rules to live by in a smart city 🌆 - droids that lie? - Imperial Crime Rate Review (The Wire in space?) - Cassian Biblical parallel…and more! --- Support this podcast:
This episode is light on conspiracy but is a fun topic and provides some good information! Both the Star Wars saga and The Bible present content in a (somewhat) non-linear chronology: is there a preferred way to approach this literature? What approach do I use? Tune in and we’ll discuss! --- Support this podcast:
This episode will provide a preview of the characters, timeline, and storyline of the upcoming Andor series being released on September 21, 2022. We break down key quotes from the trailers and compare them to our world, and then we end with a ‘controversy’ that sprung out of actor comments regarding the series (you won’t be surprised when you hear it). Welcome to Season 2 of the show! More good stuff coming in the future - God bless and may the Force be with you! --- Support this podcast:
Hey Konspiracy Kyle here and I am back!  This episode will showcase the new theme song i have created for the podcast plus some information about what I've been up to, Star Wars and politics, and some info about Season 2 of the podcast coming at you soon.  The audio was recorded in my car, so apologies if there is some obnoxious background noise - that won't be typical going forward! God bless, and may the force be with you! --- Support this podcast:
We discuss the documentary “Light and Magic” about the Lucasfilm special effects team over the years. We talk about the interesting military ties (DARPA) to this team and we discuss the ramifications of CGI going forward (and likely past uses). --- Support this podcast:
This episode will break down the key elements from the final two chapters on Obi-Wan, as well as my goodbye from podcasting. Other duties and obligations are taking precedence right now, so I will be taking a temporary, but maybe permanent, hiatus from the podcast. I love you all - God bless and may the force be with you....always. --- Support this podcast:
**Audio issue has been fixed - my apologies** After a brief announcement about the future of this show you will hear audio of my interview on the Amit's Corner podcast from a few days ago.  If you enjoyed this, go consider giving his show a follow!  He has been podcasting for a while now and is starting to do interview episodes.  I was honored to be his 3rd guest. Good friend and supporter of the show Amit invited me on his podcast to talk about all things Star Wars.  Go check out his show at the links below: --- Support this podcast:
I’ll be back Tuesday with my Obi-Wan #5 podcast, but in the meantime I wanted to share a song I wrote and posted to my The Prodigal One IG page. This is all about the masked Karens of this world and those who choose to live in fear instead of enjoying fellowship with others. I hope you enjoy it! Link to full video: --- Support this podcast:
On this episode, I am joined by renowned author and host of the Macroaggressions podcast Charlie Robinson!  This is his third appearance on the show and he brought the flamethrower as always.  We talked a little about Star Wars and how it ties in to real world politics and what made it so popular - we then shift to the conversation surrounding 'hate speech' and how it literally means 'speech that the powers that be hate' and has next to nothing to do with actual hate.  We talk about red pilling people on both ends of the political spectrum and end with discussion of Biden and his dysfuctional presidency (such as his new press secretary and the White House's wink to us by honoring Elder Abuse Day...) Find Charlie, his books, and his podcast here: Buy the Space is Fake and Gay T-Shirt from Bobs Lessons/Sideshow Bob by contacting him here: --- Support this podcast:
This episode is audio of my appearance on Fire Theft Radio a few weeks ago - go check out their podcast two great dudes! "On this episode Chuck & Nicolai talk to Konspiracy Kyle! If you haven't noticed, during the last few years many podcast were born out of the supposed medical nonsense. Lots of things were just not adding up! Many people took the (redpill) and realized that things are really getting pushed to a global world order. Well Kyle noticed that and how Star Wars has shown very clearly how that can happen right before our very eyes! His book “Intergalactic Totalitarianism” connects the dots from what happened in Star Wars and shows how it relates to modern day events. queue “duel of fates” --- Support this podcast:
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