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Conspire Away, B*tches! With Kat Dunn
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Conspire Away, B*tches! With Kat Dunn

Author: Kathryn Dunn

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Welcome to the "Conspire Away B*tches" podcast with Kat Dunn, where everybody is a celebrity in their own head. From reality television to social media and pop culture updates, let's conspire about what's going on in, and out of, this world.
28 Episodes
James Rhine, Elena Davies, Cliff Hogg, Tommy Brocco, Christie Murphy, Jessica Milagros, Andy Herren, Andy Sloan, Sam Smith, Josh Martinez, Snarky Marky, Alex Kidwell, and Britney Haynes weigh in on who THEY think will win BB22 All Stars.
Kat interviews with Love Island's couple Mackenzie Dipman and Connor Trott.
Recently we have seen some of the BB22 houseguests under fire for their insensitive remarks surrounding houseguest Ian Terry. On this episode of Conspire Away B*tches, Kat Dunn and Joel Lefevre discuss the recent controversy surrounding the houseguests, why what they said was wrong, and how we as a society can become better when it comes to understanding the autism spectrum.



Returning 15 years after his first season, Kaysar Ridha felt as though he had a call to duty to come back and make a difference. As the game of Big Brother reflects the society that we live in, how can we educate ourselves on micro-aggressions, have impactful conversations with one another, and better ourselves for a better future? Listen and see why Alison Grodner herself said, after 15 years, Kaysar Ridha is the only houseguest who was able to transcend the purpose of the show.
Sometimes the biggest Big Brother success stories don’t happen on finale night - sometimes they happen YEARS after the confetti settles. After winning BB9, Adam Jasinski took his winnings to fund a lucrative business dealing drugs. After a year of using his “celebrity status” to skate through TSA at the airports, he was eventually arrested after flying to Boston with 2,000 oxycodone pills smuggled into a sock. He was then sentenced to four years in federal prison for drug trafficking and tax evasion (he failed to report his $500,000 winnings). In this very fascinating and transparent interview, Adam tell us stories about his childhood, buying/selling drugs at age 13, his big brother experience, his time in prison… the stories go on and on🤯 But the most important story of them all is how he has been sober ever since and now spends his life helping those with addiction and mental health illness. When I asked him what he did with winnings? He replied “my mom saved my life” ❤️ 
We’ve talked a LOT about conspiring b*tches on this podcast, but what happens when the real conspiring b*tch….. is yourself? Kat talks with BB22 evictee Nicole Anthony, about what happens when paranoia gets the best of us and how anxiety, mental health, and the pressure of pleasing others can affect the game.  As one of America’s favorite underdogs, Nicole victoriously finished 3rd place in BB21. So what mindset did she have moving back into the Big Brother house less than a year later? Was she ready? 
Kat talks with BB20 Angela Rummans to see what she’s been “cooking up” these days! With her boo Tyler Crispen off in the BB22 All Star house, Angela has been plenty busy launching her new vegan cookbook, “Angela’s Plant Based Kitchen”, filling orders for Naut & Chain, and basically being a badass entrepreneur (we love to see it!) So what does she think about Tylers BB22 game so far? “Lettuce” conspire about it!
Are you b*tches pregaming against me?! Kat talks with Big Brother 19 winner and current Challenge competitor Josh Martinez about all the All Star pre-gaming rumors, bb22 predictions, and the current casting conspiracies surrounding "The Challenge".
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