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Author: Ashley Ashbee

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Informing and supporting your community is a great way to prepare your business for growth and sustainability.

But first you need to find out who the heck they are and what they want.

In each episode, my guest and I share how to get to know communities and then create and manage informative content that will engage and nurture them.

I'm your host, Ashley Ashbee, an inbound marketing strategist, coach and writer.

Visit me at to get more of my insights and explore working with me.
10 Episodes
Edgar Brown and I talked about his experiences in entrepreneurship and how they led him to co-founding Engyne, a platform that uses AI to scale content marketing strategy. We busted myths about AI and gushed over the opportunities of AI for content. Visit for the show notes and transcript.
Cam Sloan is passionate about optimizing user onboarding and I loved chatting with him about his tool Hopscotch and how to personalize the user onboarding experience. Get the show notes at Sign up to get notified when I launch my course and book at
Product marketing consultant Zach Messler and I chat about branding, positioning and customer relationship building in general in the digital business world. Visit for the show notes.
Episode 7: Zlatko Bijelic founded a full-service Shopify Plus agency and we have something in common: we're both workflow dorks. We're passionate about smooth and efficient operations and love chatting about how to automate processes. So that's what we did for this episode! Get the show notes and transcript at
Christina Garnett shares how collaborating with your brand advocates, (who I call superfans -- HubSpot calls theirs HubFans) can help your other users get even more value out of your product and the workflows, community engagement and the events that make it happen.  I had a blast chatting with her about her work as head of community and advocacy for HubSpot and her course for SEMrush on social listening, one of my favourite research strategies in content marketing. I had such a blast chatting with her!  Thank you to my sponsor for this episode,, a handy email subject line tester. Get the show notes and transcript at
Ah, sweet relief from traditional cut-throat narratives and ideas about entrepreneurship, thanks to my guest Natalie Franke.  In this episode, she shares how we all as individual entrepreneurs benefit from supporting each other in a community. Natalie also provides some objective ways to measure the success of communities. Natalie is Head of Community at HoneyBook, the creator of the Rising Tide Society and author of the book Built to Belong. Visit me at to get the show notes and transcript.
Specializing in a certain thing for a certain audience can make your business more valuable. But how do you position your business and its features in a way that enhances and communicates that value? My guest Tamara Sykes and I chatted about this and I really enjoyed it. She's the PR and Reputation Specialist for Postali, a marketing agency for law firms and attorneys. Visit for the show notes!
Stefan Palios is a freelance coach, author and, like me, he also freelances himself. We chatted about how people can get the best value from working with a freelancer and how to position yourself as a freelancer. I think we somehow managed to make efficiency sound fun. Get the transcript and show notes at and check Stefan out at
Brian Sowards is a proud proponent of human-to-human connection in business. We chatted about the many doors this approach opens and how it enlightens both your life and your business. It was a delight! Check out my website at for the transcript and the show notes.
Have a small budget? You can afford word of mouth regardless of your budget by supporting and informing your target audience online. Kendra Garagan and I chat about common misconceptions we've seen in startup marketing and share tactics and key performance indicators for getting your business on track for retention and growth. She's a founder and managing partner of Moken, a growth hub for startups. Check it out at Get more of my insights and read the transcript for this episode at
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