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Controversies in Church History

Author: Darrick N Taylor

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Podcast of Controversies in Church History, a monthly lecture series that takes place in Kansas City, Missouri. Each talk is recorded as a podcast each month during the academic year. Support this podcast:
29 Episodes
Humanae Vitae

Humanae Vitae


My lecture on the history of how and why the encyclical Humanae Vitae was promulgated in 1968 as well as the fierce reaction the encyclical and its continuing legacy for the Catholic Church today.  Recorded on Facebook Live May 27 (the audio makes reference to visual slides, but is otherwise intelligible.) --- Support this podcast:
The Case of Edgaro Mortara

The Case of Edgaro Mortara


My talk from April 27. The Case of Edgaro Mortara I. Introduction A. The Story 1. In Bologna, Edgaro Mortara baptized secretly by wet nurse, 1851 2. Holy Office informed of baptism, 1858 3. Papal police remove Edgaro from his family, June 24 B. Why Now? 1. David Kirtzer, The Kidnapping of Edgaro Mortara (1997) 2. The beatification of Pius IX (2000) 3. Hollywood to the rescue 4. Publication of the Mortara memoirs, 2016 C. Preliminary Remarks 1. Liberalism: a definition 2. Anti-Judaism vs anti-Semitism II. The Papacy and the Jews, 1789-1848 A. Relations Before Pius IX 1. Condition of Jews in the Middle Ages 2. Post Reformation: forced baptisms 3.  Impact of the French Revolution B. Pius IX and the Jews 1. Relations before coming pope 2. Paternalistic charity 3. Qui Pluribus (1846) 4. The Papal State constitution of 1848 III. The Church and the Risorgimento, 1848-1858 A. The Papacy and Italian Nationalism 1. Mazzini and Young Italy 2. Revolt of the middle classes 3. Nationalism and the “Jewish” question B. Pius IX and the Revolution of 1848 1. Pius refuses war with Austria 2. Murder of Rossini; Pius flees Rome 3. Roman Republic declared, condemned by Pius 4. Pope restored by French troops, 1849 C. Pius and the Jews after the Revolution 1. Restoration of Jewish inequality 2. Response to Jewish grievances 3. Legal exemption, not legal equality 4. Why Pius IX refused to emancipate Jews D. Cavour and the Kingdom of Piedmont-Sardinia (1848-1858) 1. The journal Risorgimento 2. “A free church in a free state” 3. The parliamentary elections of 1857 IV. “Non Possumus”: the Mortara Affair A. The Mortara Family and the Vatican 1. Family appeals to the Vatican 2. The invocation of Aquinas 3. Response of the Holy Office 4. Why Pius refused their request B. An International Scandal 1. Papal allies: Austria, France 2. Cavour and Napoleon 3. British diplomacy 4. Moses Montefiore and Jewish opinion C. Aftermath 1. The Mortara family’s grief 2. Triumph of the Risorgimento, 1859-1861 3. Papal States abolished, Italy united, 1870 4. Edgaro Mortara ordained priest, 1873 V. Assessing the Case A. Judgment of Pius IX 1. Pius was wrong 2. Baptism and its discontents 3. Pius as a foil for modernity 4. Should Pius be canonized? B. The Mortara Case and the Jewish People 1. The Church’s responsibility for antisemitism 2. Infallible, not impeccable 3. Temptations of sanctity --- Support this podcast:
The recording of my talk on the Western Schism of 1378-1417, recorded live on Monday March 30, 2020. --- Support this podcast:
The lecture given on February 24, 2020, at Guardian Angels Parish in KCMO, on the medieval theologian John Wyclif and his followers. --- Support this podcast:
My lecture on the medieval reform movement of the 11th and 12th centuries, given at Guardian Angels parish in KCMO, on January 27, 2020.  In it, we describe how reforming clergy reshaped the Church and assert its authority against the interference of secular authority. --- Support this podcast:
My lecture on the schism between the Church of Rome and the Orthodox Churches of the East (primarily Constantinople), given at Guardian Angels parish in KCMO, December 2, 2019.  It details how the schism came about and examines some of its causes. --- Support this podcast:
My talk on the Arian Controversy of the fourth century, given on Monday October 28, at Guardian Angels Parish in Kansas City, Missouri. --- Support this podcast:
The First Council of Nicaea

The First Council of Nicaea


This is a recording of my talk on the First Council of Nicaea, given Monday September 30th, at Guardian Angels Parish in Kansas City, MO.  (There is a slight dead period in the recording somewhere in the middle, where I had to do some finagling of my powerpoint slides. FYI) --- Support this podcast:
My talk from September 2018, in which I discuss the religious wars which plagued Europe during the Reformation period, culminating in the Thirty Years War.  Was Christianity responsible for the violent wars of the period?  Or were there other factors which complicate this received picture of the era?  Listen to find out! --- Support this podcast:
This episode was recorded in August of 2018, and featured a guest speaker, Dr. Ezekiel Stear, who gave a lecture on the history behind the Spanish Conquest of the Americas in the 16th century.   (Note: you may need to turn the sound up for this episode, as the lecture was not recorded at a very high volume for some reason). --- Support this podcast:
The recording of my lecture of April 2018 on the topic of the Church and the Holocaust.  It discusses some of the accusations leveled against the Church, particularly against Pope Pius XII, and what type of defense Catholics should make when confronted with them. --- Support this podcast:
The First Vatican Council

The First Vatican Council


My talk from March of 2018, in which I discuss the First Vatican Ecumenical Council (1870), called to deal with issues of church government, and more specifically, the definition of papal infallibility.  It covers the religious and political background to this important council, which would set the stage for much of the modern Church, and especially the modern papacy. --- Support this podcast:
This special Fourth of July episode focuses on the life of Charles Carroll of Carrollton (1737-1832), the Catholic landowner, politician and businessman who signed the Declaration of Independence, and helped transform an anti-Catholic British colony into a part of a union one of whose basic rights was religious freedom.   --- Support this podcast:
This week's episode of Catholic Lives recalls the life of Barnaba Chiaramonti (1742-1823), known to history as Pope Pius VII (1800-1823), the pope who dealt with the aftermath of the French Revolution in Europe, including the general and statesman Napoleon Bonaparte, whom he excommunicated in 1809.   --- Support this podcast:
Our talk given in February 2018 on the condemnation of Galileo Galilei (1564-1642) will discuss why the Inquisition condemned his word.   The Galileo affair is often used by polemicists against the Catholic Church, to demonstrate its supposed opposition to scientific inquiry, but our talk discusses the historical background, which does not fit the conventional narrative, and actually exonerates the Church from much (though not all) of the calumnies it has received over the centuries. --- Support this podcast:
In this episode of Catholic Lives, we discuss the heroism of Witold Pilecki (pronounced Vitold Piletski, 1901-1948), a member of the Polish resistance against the Nazi occupation of Poland who volunteered to enter the concentration camp of Auschwitz to gain information. Captain Pilecki wrote a hundred page report on the camp, and both it and his life testify to the enduring power of the Catholic faith and the human spirit. --- Support this podcast:
This episode is a recording of the lecture I gave on the Protestant Reformation in January 2018.  It covers the basics of how the Reformation started, the theological issues involved, and much more.    --- Support this podcast:
Today we take a brief look at the life of Constantine XI Dragases Palaiologos (1404-1453), the last Emperor of the Romans, who came to the throne of Constantinople at the very end of the Roman (i.e. "Byzantine") empire's life, and fought a heroic 52 day siege against Ottoman forces before succumbing in May of 1453.   --- Support this podcast:
The Inquisition

The Inquisition


This is a recording of my talk at Our Lady of Sorrows in KCMO on the Inquisition.  It give a broad overview of how the Church has treated heretics, how an "inquisition" as a legal process was established in the Middle Ages, debunks some myths about its destructiveness, and explains how it came to used in propaganda against the Church from the Reformation onward.   --- Support this podcast:
The latest episode focuses on Dhuoda, the 9th noble woman known to us only through her Handbook, the work she wrote for her eldest son William.  Dhuoda's handbook instructs her son on how to live a Christian life, and prepare him for public life as an aristocrat.  Written during a time of war an turmoil during the Carolingian period, Dhuoda's handbook is a testament to a life filled with grief but also a strong and enduring Catholic faith. --- Support this podcast:
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