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Patrick Gahagan talks about "COVID MEETING SUPPORT"PreventionDetectionResponseOn-site COVID and Flu testing. 
Today's top news: Pfizer says early analysis shows its Covid-19 vaccine is more than 90% effective.We talk with Malvina Messler, VP of Sales at Exhibitor Connect and Cloud Touch.Malvina tells us about:Virtual Concierge KiosksTemperature Scanning KiosksMobile Health Screening SoftwareCustom Screen ContentFind out more by visiting:
MGM Resorts is ready for live meetings and events!  We chat with Luis Lamar, VP of Sales, and Operations of MGM Resorts in Las Vegas.Recently, MGM released their "CONVENE WITH CONFIDENCE" MEETINGS AND EVENTS HEALTH PROTOCOLS brochure: their 7-point safety plan: for protocols mid/post COVID-19
This week we talk with Marc Salmon of The Brown Hotel in Louisville, KY.On November 11th, 2020 your host, Scott Tokar will be speaking at the Exhibitor FastTrak at The Brown Hotel presenting "Booth Basics Bootcamp".  Visit THIS link to find out more about Exhibitor FastTrak: more about The Brown Hotel, Louisville HERE:
GREAT NEWS Nevada is OPEN FOR CONVENTIONS! Thanks to new guidance from the Governor of Nevada, conventions of up to 1000 persons are allowed as of October 1st, 2020! Story from MeetingsNet: to NEVADA GUIDANCE FOR SAFE GATHERINGS:, we talk with Jessica Gonzalez, Founder & CEO of InCharged about Disinfect hard to reach places in a fraction of the time with electrostatic cleaning technology and the power of UV-C Sanitizing & Cleaning lights!Visit InCharged here:
When COVID hit the exhibition industry it also hit all of the exhibit producers and custom fabrication houses. Exhibit Services in Anaheim, CA decided to make a major pivot by producing hand sanitizer dispensing stations that can be custom branded and scaled to meet the needs of the exhibition and meetings industries. Michael Taylor and David Bacha have solved the problem of WHERE to find wipes and gels AND they are maintaining a 100% AMERICAN MADE shop!Visit for more!
Event-ScanKatherine McCommon - Certified Epidemics Specialist, Stanford UniversityEvent-Scan started as a high-tech temperature scan solution using professional facial recognition to identify the best thermal point on the human face, the tear ducts for the most accurate core body temperature regardless of the surrounding environment, indoors or outdoors.In today’s podcast, we discuss the difference between COVID tests like the “PCR” or nasal swab test, an antibody test, and an antigen test that takes just a drop of blood from a fingertip like a glucose test for blood sugars for a rapid 10-minute result.Contact tracing and wrist band identifications after an individual has been cleared for event participation.Prevention protocol coaching to help an event foresee the path to a successful opening mid/post COVID.Contact tracing and levels of protocol for any event.More information available HERE: www.Event-Scan.USSocial media Instagram: @ILDeventScan
Health Shield is an SMS based, AI "Chat Bot" that ensures CDC pre-screening compliance of signs and symptoms for COVID-19.Ray Baum shares the secrets behind this text-based COVID Symptom Screening for Events, Schools, Sports, Gyms, Churches, and more! Health Shield ensures every person entering your business attests to their current health status, reduces legal liability and PR risk while complying with regulations, and provides screening information before people arrive.
Season 1, Episode 2: Scott Tokar talks with Brian Yost COO, Las Vegas Convention & Visitor Authority#VegasMeansBusiness. LVCC is now GBAC Star Accredited. The comfort of the event guest is directly tied to their trust in the protocols in place today.The LVCC upgrades to MERV 14 Air filters for high quality and increased outside air circulation, even in the heat of the desert.GBAC training for ALL staff, food and beverage, retail, and event service providers is now required.Temperature screening protocol and masking requirements for guests AND EAC (Exhibit Appointed Contractors) at main doors and employee entrances.UV Technology for surface and air exchange scrubbing…The new WEST Hall opens in December with 1.4 million square feet with state of the art COVID protocols.In-person meetings are important and visitors are looking forward to meeting again! What are the government requirements and current protocols in place for Nevada and Clark county with a weekly survey and measuring points?Vegas Means Business: https://www.vegasmeansbusiness.comSouthern Nevada Health District: https://www.southernnevadahealthdistrict.orgNevada COVID Response Website: https://nvhealthresponse.nv.govExpanded aisle widths, higher booth drapes, lobby level and show floor innovations.What are OTHER Las Vegas Meeting properties doing to ensure safety guidelines?When are meetings getting back to normal, or what will it take to get them back to normal.Good news, not only is the West hall ready to open, but the first commercial application of Elon Musk’s Boring Company’s people mover with Tesla cars is almost ready to open as well?Some NEW properties are also opening soon to bring excitement to meetings for years to come!
Innagural podcast with host, Scott TokarJon Petz is a professional speaker and meeting emcee that specializes in keeping a meeting energized and on time. His job is much more than just a guy that introduces the next speaker at a sales meeting, he also has to make sure that the meeting is running smoothly, that important directions and safety information is passed along tho all the guests and he has to be happy and entertaining while doing it! By adding additional spacing of guests at typical round-tables and making sure that everyone was wearing a mask at all times, Jon tells us about the difficulties presented in communication and how he felt with an insecure and quieter audience, let me say THIS is why you need an experienced talent you can trust to wake everybody up…Today's podcast explores a state "annual association meeting" and leadership institute at the Gault House Hotel in Louisville, KY. This meeting usually has 2000 people but under COVID protocol they ended up with just 650 on-site. What was the visitor’s comfort level and how did they react to an interactive LIVE presentation? Seated in “Rounds” the state of KY is under a full “mask mandate” the rooms were set at 3x the size and 1/3 capacity. The use of ushers to help seat the audience for safety in entering and exiting for each session.The disinfectant procedures were evident to everyone, with electrostatic sprayers, hand sanitation stations, and wipes available to all. How the audience management was handled while maintaining back of the room sales and speaker’s meet-and-greets. How to relearn to network with each other while still maintaining social distance and no hand-shake zones.Should speakers wear masks? How do you handle microphone hand-offs or clickers in a multi-person interview session?How to maximize the success of the “perfect cue” clickers for multiple speakers.One way aisle fails, and the solution to floor graphic fouls. Ropes, arrows, and “hall monitors” as local event staff solutions.Should meetings include temperature checks and contact tracing? Hybrid meeting integration for those that can’t or won’t attend the meeting in person. How to maximize the tradeshow floor interaction both LIVE and on video.
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