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Author: The Takshashila Institution

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All Things Policy is a podcast on subjects ranging from the challenge of job creation to the latest developments in space warfare. We're a bunch of public policy nerds based in Bangalore and we like bringing fresh perspectives to Indian affairs, as well as an Indian perspective to global affairs. All Things Policy is brought to you by the Takshashila Institution, a centre for research and education in public policy.
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When Xi Met Modi

When Xi Met Modi


The Shanghai Cooperation Organization summit seemed to herald new thinking on Sino-Indian relations. But will it amount to anything? Manoj Kewalramani and Anirudh Kanisetti join Aditya Ramanathan to discuss.Editor: Parth Vaitha
India Needs GMOs

India Needs GMOs


Despite India's ban on genetically modified crops, hundreds of farmers in Akola are planting them anyway. Why are GMOs banned in the first place? Will India roll back the ban? Anirudh Kanisetti and Shambhavi Naik join Yazad Jal to discuss.Editor: Pranav Prashanth
Upheaval in Hong Kong

Upheaval in Hong Kong


The mass protests against Hong Kong's new extradition law turned violent on Wednesday. As tensions boiled over, Hong Kong police used tear gas and fired rubber bullets to disperse the crowds, injuring over 70 people. Manoj Kewalramani and Suyash Desai joined Shambhavi Naik on Wednesday to discuss the controversy surrounding the new law and the underlying reasons for the protests.Editor: Parth Vaitha
Shambhavi Naik, Pranay Kotasthane and Gayatri Ganpule join Yazad Jal to discuss the latest section of the Economist. Today's podcast includes the economics behind plant activity, the legality of certain drugs, Mohammed Salah's contribution to dispelling Islamophobia in the UK, and more.Editor: Parth Vaitha
A recent paper by former Chief Economic Advisor of India, Arvind Subramanian made a shocking claim that India's GDP growth between 2011-12 and 2016-17 was 4.5 per cent per year, substantially lower than the oft-quoted figure of 7 per cent. This finding serves as a reminder that not all's well in the economic engine and incrementalism can't resolve India's growth challenge. Nitin Pai and Anupam Manur join Pranay Kotasthane to discuss.Check out:1. India's GDP Mis-estimation: Likelihood, Magnitudes, Mechanisms, and Implications, by Arvind Subramanian India's GDP Growth, The Indian Express, Pranav Prashanth
In this special episode, Rear Admiral Sudarshan Shrikhande talks about how maritime power has shaped our world, from ancient Greece to the 21st century Indo-Pacific. In conversation with Aditya Ramanathan and Anirudh Kanisetti.Editor: Pranav Prashanth
With the recent wave of anti-abortion laws in the US, the right of a woman to bodily autonomy is being attacked. Shambhavi Naik is joined by Nidhi Gupta, Anirudh Kanisetti and Yazad Jal to discuss the effects of abortion laws.Editor: Parth Vaitha
The US has a new Indo-Pacific strategy. What does it mean for the region? What's China's response it? And how does it impact India? Manoj Kewalramani and Suyash Desai join Yazad Jal to discuss this topic.Editor- Pranav Prashanth
Shambhavi Naik and Gayatri Ganpule join Yazad Jal to explore the latest section of the Economist and discuss the nuances of its most intriguing articles. Listen in to hear about how intestinal bacteria can reduce the symptoms of autism, the extrajudicial role of Iraqi sheikhs, female genital mutilation in the United States, the latest developments and challenges in robotics and more.Editor: Parth Vaitha
The Tiananmen Square massacre is still an extremely controversial topic in China 30 years on. What led to the mass protests at the time? How does the Chinese Government still censor it? Manoj Kewalramani and Suyash Desai join Yazad Jal to discuss the history of the event and the current ramifications. Editor- Pranav Prashanth
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shikha sourav

I am glad you mentioned the temporality of the process in the discussion. good discussion. thank you

May 10th

Raghu Nandan

certainly one of the best podcasts I have listed to

May 8th

Parul Shanker

Very nerdy, very informative and very cool. One of the best professional podcasts from the Indian policy world - I'd highly recommend!

Apr 25th

Ravi Kumar Tiwari

this podcast is not available.

Jan 5th
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