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Marriage and family podcast of CrossLife. The hosts discuss how to bring LIFE into our marriages and families.
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A Battle of the Sexes?

A Battle of the Sexes?


Some claim that Genesis 3:16 lays out a battle of the sexes paradigm in marriage where women will experience a sinful tendency to usurp a husband's authority, and where men will experience a sinful tendency to rule harshly over their wives. Is this indeed what Genesis 3:16 suggests? How has this interpretation fueled certain kinds of mistreatment of women in evangelical churches? Is there a better interpretation that fits with the context and intent of the author of Genesis? Join in the conversation today to find out!
The Abdication of Adam

The Abdication of Adam


In today's conversation, we look at how Adam's failure to carry out his God-given responsibility leads to Adam and Eve's fall into rebellion against their Creator and Lord. Along the way, we also discuss why God allowed Adam and Eve to sin: knowing the awfulness of sin and evil, why would God give Adam and Eve the internal and external possibility to rebel?
What kind of relationship did God create men and women to have? Join us today as we see how Genesis 2 offers a subversive, worldview-changing depiction of the marriage relationship between a man and woman.



Join the conversation today as we discuss what Genesis 1 tells us about masculinity and femininity in God's original design and how this guides us as we seek to live out our faith in the modern world. Along the way, we'll talk about the temptation to view a woman's choice of how to participate in society through categories of "right" and "wrong," rather than biblical wisdom. We'll also answer the question, "Can a man read a book on the Bible or theology written by a woman?" And much more.
This week we continue our discussion about God as our Heavenly Father. We bring the discussion into our emotional, relational, and everyday life, and discuss what sanctification looks like when it involves the whole person.
Why does God reveal Himself in masculine ways, and direct us to call Him Father? Are people who say we should abandon this kind of language right? How should we relate to God as Father when we've experienced pain, trauma, and hurt from the hands of our earthly father? Join us today as we discuss Scripture's teaching on God as our heavenly Father.
There are passages in God's law that might cause a woman to wonder her worth. But in fact, the law was written to protect women and communicate their worth as image bearers of God. Join us as we discuss some of the more difficult passages related to women in the Old Testament law, as well as cultural values that are different from our own.
What does God think about women? Does the Bible support misogyny? What should we do with stories in Scripture that seem silent, or even supportive of the mistreatment of women? In this conversation Kathleen and I talk about a topic that is highly sensitive, yet vital for believers today, especially for women. Join us, and add your voice to the conversation by leaving a comment on our Facebook page or at
Faith That Grows

Faith That Grows


How can you help your children develop a faith that grows as they do?
Body image, virtual lives, and more. In this episode we wrap up our conversation on parenting and the body in relation to Prof. Nancy Pearcey's book, "Love Thy Body."
Jonathan and Kathleen reflect on our conversation with Prof. Nancy Pearcey and how a Christian worldview of the body matters in marriage and parenting.
What does the Bible teach us about our bodies, and how does this help us answer questions about abortion, same-sex marriage, and other issues related to our bodies? Join us for the second part of our conversation with Christian thinker, author, and speaker Nancy Pearcey, author of Love Thy Body.
What does the Bible tell us about our bodies and how does this inform the way we live our lives and interact with our culture? Join in our conversation with prof. Nancy Pearcey, author of Love Thy Body, today!
Do you long to be more in prayer for your spouse, your children, yourself, and others? Do you sometimes feel at a loss for how to pray? Join us as we continue talking with author, missionary, and Bible translator Andrew Case to discuss how Scripture can serve as the substance our prayers.
Do you long for a deeper prayer life? Join us as we sit down with missionary, Bible translator, and author Andrew Case to discuss how Scripture can lead us into prayer for our spouse, our children, ourselves, and others. You can access Andrew's free resources at his Website.
Intimacy in Marriage

Intimacy in Marriage


Is it possible to experience increasing intimacy in marriage or is this just a fairytale? Join the conversation today as we explore this timely question.



How can personal maturity both be about our ability to develop a strong sense of self AND be connected with others? Join our discussion today as we explore a vital dynamic of healthy family systems.
Sharon helps us see a better way to deal with our insecurities and inadequacies is to free ourselves of self-preoccupation and instead focus on the One who made us and designed us to worship Him.
We talk with SD Smith, the author of the Green Ember series and co-founder of Story Warren, about how to foster imagination in the home.
Human beings live in a world of intensive emotional and relational connectedness with members of their family and their community. Join us as we explore the significance and impact of this reality on shaping who we are as individuals and the kind of families we create.
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