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How a bush kid from Magnetic Island graduated to an ashram in India and came to harvest cacao with an ancient, Indigenous tribe on the Amazon River
After Nova Weetman's partner died, the children's author started writing from and about grief
True crime journalist Jack Hoysted tells the story of the life and times of the man known as the 'Mr Big' of organised crime
The Australian Wars

The Australian Wars


Rachel Perkins' is one of the country's great storytellers, and now she's turned the lens on the bloody conflicts that broke out across the continent after the arrival of the British colonists
Reverend Bill Crews on the moment which changed how he saw his own life story, and his ideas on how we can all cultivate compassion, tolerance, empathy and love in difficult times.
Mike's evolution came as a shock, when he was fired from Columbia University and started working in a deli
The story of an Austin-driving Australian maverick who died in mysterious circumstances (R)
The former frontman recently uncovered boxes from his adolescence in his attic, and he was amazed at his early, detailed plans to take over the music industry
The author describes his early life during the Iranian Revolution and the Iran-Iraq war and how arthouse films and illegal street photography provided him with an escape
Uncle Jack was forcibly removed from his mother as a baby and denied his Aboriginality. A one-off trip to Fitzroy connected him with a family he didn’t know about, and promptly landed him in jail (R) (CW: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander listeners please be aware — this interview contains the voice of someone who has died)
A Heart in Two Places

A Heart in Two Places


Sarah Donnelley on her life working at Wilcannia Central School, on Barkandji Country 950 kilometres west of Sydney
The outback vet with stories of treating racehorses, camels and the odd chimp as he zigzagged around the Pilbara from the 1970s onwards, and how he came to meet the legendary red kelpie
The Coast Watchers' story is little known, but these civilians played a crucial role in protecting Australia from the advance of the Japanese Empire
Deborah Prior was one of more than 2000 mixed-race babies born to white British women and black American GI's during WWII (R)
Tom Gleeson discovered and honed his distinctively caustic, laconic style of humour in some unlikely places
Early aviation's most dramatic event saw courage, tragedy and a miraculous rescue involving the whole town of Albury (R)
Right up until the very first game, Women's CEO at the Brisbane Lions, Breeanna Brock wasn't sure that the women's league would ever become a reality
Sam Vincent was a struggling writer when a freak accident led him to unexpectedly take over his family's farm
As a boy, Simon Longstaff's life was changed by one of the most searing ethical dilemmas imaginable (R)
Professor Kelvin Kong is one of Australia's leading ENT surgeons. The proud Worimi man changes the course of children's lives by looking inside their ears.
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graduated to an ashram? what a weird phrase.

Sep 30th

Jessie Adams

This was fascinating. Thank you for sharing.

Sep 28th


be our voice #mahsa_amini

Sep 25th

Thanas Meshini


Jul 31st

Marco Viviers

mn k m I

Jun 16th

Jessie Adams

This was beautiful to listen to. Thank you, Gillian and Conversations.

Jun 8th

Chrys Woodyard

This is joyful!

May 4th

Lori C.

definitely learned some things from this interview. good things. I love her phrase "I've got two feet and a heart". reality check for me. Turia, this is the first time I've heard your story. you're inspiring... stay strong and find your way back to those ultra marathons 🌠🌠

Apr 14th

Glenn Day

this is,awesome listen

Mar 27th

Katie Cuthel

What a amazing lady.

Mar 19th

Robin Rowlands


Mar 3rd

michael o neill


Mar 1st

Brendan Heffernan

The audio quality isn't as good as other podcast, a slight buzzy affect with the voices

Feb 26th

Farnaz Shirazi

nice subject. unfortunatelly too much noise :(

Feb 11th


About time there was a sausage. it's becoming a burrito festival. Go woke go broke

Feb 6th

Jacqui du-Buisson

Thanks for sharing Lisa! I'm a huge fan and now even more so. BTW, I'm pretty sure I would have benefited from a stint in a psych ward when I hit the wall as a young woman. my folks pretty much said to me 'only crazy people go into psych wards' 🤣. yup. true story.

Feb 6th

kurt simon

Great story 👍

Jan 28th

Ana M Cattini

I totally admire her courage could never do it.

Jan 27th

Wayne McAuliffe

I like his observations on The Beatles.

Jan 20th

Annette Kollowski

a bit late , l didnt realise the podcast was in 2016

Jan 18th
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