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Cooley On Cars (video)

Author: Roadshow by CNET

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Cooley On Cars is the only show all about high-tech cars and modern driving, hosted by Brian Cooley.
136 Episodes
We tried seven of the best-known tire shine products to see how they stack up for shine, durability and ease of application. What we found might surprise you.
If you park outside, your car will cook and fade. These products can stop that.
Mobile car repair service can be cheaper and a lot easier.
Back seat belts and airbags lag front-seat safety by a wide margin.
Electricity is more important than ever, make sure you can run your generator when the lights go out.
The new wave in driver assistance slows you down.
Here's a hint: Get a loaded Ford Expedition instead of a Cadillac Escalade.
Don't just compare the cost of repair to the value of the car
The crash after the crash is a real killer.
The best AR examples are popping up in cars -- and they 'll change driving.
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