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Core Internal Medicine via following segments:
5 Pearls || Clinically relevant pearls on IM topics!
Mind the Gap || Why do we do what we do?
Hoofbeats || Dissecting clinical reasoning!
At the Bedside || Explore everyday challenges
76 Episodes
How do we respond to challenging times? Are you a driver of change? How can we forge ahead during times of adversity? What lessons can we learn from the stories of our peers and colleagues? Show notes, Transcript and References: Time Stamps: 02:48 Minneapolis 2020 with Dr. Uloko 06:44 Early HIV/AIDS with Dr. Kalet 12:07 Hurricane Sandy with Dr. Hwang 17:20 Aftermath of the Syrian Civil War 20:23 Transitions with Dr. Arora Tags: Core IM, IM Core, change, inspiration, narrative medicine
What are common mistakes with protein on the UA? What questions should you ask while obtaining a history that could clue you into nephrotic syndrome? Are kidney biopsies risky business? Is there an associated clot risk in patients with nephrotic syndrome? Get CME-MOC credit with ACP: Show note, Transcript and References: Amboss Article on Nephrotic Syndrome: Time Stamps: 03:22 Evaluating Proteinuria 09:37 Nephrotic Syndrome specifics 22:31 Who to biopsy 31:39 Diuretics 37:16 Thrombosis Risk Tags - CoreIM, IM Core, edema, proteinuria, kidneys, thrombosis, urinalysis, diuresis 
How tough is it to forge your career in clinical research? What struggles do physicians face in finding protected time? Are there setbacks and frequent rejections? How can you follow your passion and find success? Show note, Transcript and References:…rs-in-gim-series/ Time Stamps: 1:28 Origins 6:57 Mentorship 14:30 Reality, Roadbumps, and Failures 18:17 The path of many fellowships   Tags - CoreIM, IM Core, clinical investigator, general internal medicine
Are fall prevention programs helping our patients? Should patients receive outpatient PT based on clinical diagnosis? How has the landscape changed because of insurance reimbursement? Show note, Transcript and References:…education-series/ Get CME-MOC credit with ACP: Time Stamps: 01:47 Functional Assessment 07:47 Documentation 14:35 Outpatient PT 18:14 Durable Medical Equipment 22:55 Reimbursement Tags: Core IM, IM Core, physical therapy, durable medical equipment, IPE, multidisciplinary team, interdisciplinary
What goes into decision making? What are the invisible tugs that may keep patients from acting in line with their values? Why isn't it part of the formal capacity assessment? Show notes, Transcript and References: Get CME-MOC credit with ACP: Time Stamps: 2:57 Defining voluntarism 5:36 Four elements that influence voluntarism 10:26 How do you incorporate voluntarism into the capacity assessment? 16:11 Discussions with uncooperative patients 19:14 Protecting unrepresented patients 21:30 Clinician perspective 25:06 Moral distress Tags: medical humanities, ethics, psychiatry, IM Core, CoreIM
Unpack a famous historical legend's medical dilemma on a special "Historical CPC" episode! Show notes, transcript and references: Time Stamps: 02:55 HPI 07:33 Past Medical History 04:25 Physician Exam findings 24:22 Historical Figure Revealed 26:30 Reflections on top 3 diagnosis Tags: cognitive and neuropsychiatric disturbances, rabies, mercury poisoning, cholera, delirium, COREIM, IMCORE, clinical reasoning case
Packed with so many clinically relevant points taking care of a patient with decompensated heart failure on general medicine floors! Time Stamps: 03:17 What are the key initial clinical variables in evaluating heart failure admissions? 10:09 What are key lab findings for patients with heart failure exacerbation? 17:14 Which guideline-directed medical therapy, and in what circumstances? 22:12 What are diuretics dosing strategies and monitoring tips to help guide initial volume removal? 28:43 What role do thiazides and ultrafiltration play in diuresis, why does diuretic-induced metabolic alkalosis happen and what should you do about it? 38:09 Expert Recap Show notes, transcript and references: ACP CME:   Tag: Cardiology, BNP, cardiorenal syndrome, beta-blockers, CoreIM, IMCore
SNF vs. NH? SAR vs. SNF? What are the differences in resources, nursing and clinician oversight and who pays for what?! Show notes, transcript and references: ACP CME: Time stamps: 04:07 SAR vs SNF 13:35 Long term Nursing Home Care 18:30 Assisted Living Facility 24:40 Acute rehab 26:11 LTACH 27:49 Home Tags: Subacute rehab, skilled nursing facility, long-term acute care hospital, CoreIM, Core_IM, hospital medicine, family medicine, emergency medicine, physician assistant, nurse practitioner, interprofessional education
Let's dive deeper into the dogma of salt restriction in heart failure! Show notes, transcript and references: Get CME-MOC credit with ACP! Time Stamp 01:37 Sodium restriction guidelines 07:13 Current data in outpatient data 11:32 Do inpatient studies show signal? 13:44 Physiology behind sodium balance 16:27 Take away and clinical applicability
How do you navigate new challenges with goals of care with your patients in clinics? Show Notes, Transcript, References: Time Stamps 01:32 COVID Crisis as an Outpatient and Advance Care Planning (ACP) 08:06 The virtual visit 12:44 Vital Talk Mnemonic:  “CALMER” 22:03 Challenges to Outpatient COVID Care 26:03 Parting Thoughts
Episode Outline Disconnection/connection: Patients Disconnection/connection: Family/friends Disconnection: Security, Certainty Connection: Other clinicians Sharing fears, supporting each other) Shared ethos in healthcare (one workforce, no division of specialty or hierarchy) Conclusion: Post-traumatic growth / Peri-Traumatic Growth Thank you to everyone we interviewed, particularly to the voices you heard: Dr. Kimberly Manning (@gradydoctor) Dr. John Hwang (Hoofbeats segment) Dr. Steve Liu (Mind the Gap segment) Dr Katherine Arthur Dr. Maria Garcia-Jimenez Dr. Kelsey Luoma Hosts: Dr. Margot Hedlin (@MargotHedlin) - Introduction and Ending Dr. Tamar Schiff Dr. Michael Shen (also audio editing) Dr. Jafar Al-Mondhiry (@mondhiry)   tags: COVID19, COVID-19, CoreIM, coronavirus, narrative medicine
What is your approach to goals of care conversations, particularly during COVID-19? How do you navigate some of the new challenges with COVID19? Show notes, transcript and references: Time stamps: 05:54 Laying the groundwork 08:56 Asking permission, eliciting values and making a recommendation 15:55 When a patient is dying 16:42 Sharing the prognosis first 20:28 Functional status post-CPR 21:52 Headline statement 23:40 Virtual and PPE Communication Challenges 25:28 Separate process from outcome Tag: coronavirus, COVID, CoreIM, Sars-cov-2, medicine floors, wards, advanced care planning
How do you organize your day? How do you minimize exposure of yourself and your colleagues? What are the new things to keep in mind with discharging patients? Show notes, transcripts and references: CME Credit with ACP: Time Stamps 02:37 Entrance and Exit strategy 04:25 Prioritizing patient acuity 08:14 PPE uses 11:11 Respiratory concerns in COVID-19 patients 16:35 Patient examination 18:49 Family updates 20:56 Oxygen requirements 23:12 Medications 24:08 Discharging patients 31:00 What we mean by isolation tag: coronavirus, COVID, CoreIM, sars-cov-2, medicine wards
Practical tips on starting estrogen or testosterone on patients who are transgender and approach to primary care with cancer screening. CME Credit with ACP; Show notes, transcripts, and references: Time Stamps: 02:54 Hormone therapy contraindications 07:09 Time course for hormone changes 10:21 Hormone risks 19:09 Hormone treatment options 25:22 Preventative Care Screening Tags: CoreIM, gender affirming care
Practical tips on Gender Affirming Care! Show notes, transcript and references Time Stamps: 02:43 The Gender Unicorn and how it helps us better understand gender identity,  expression, and sex assigned at birth 11:15 Gender dysphoria 14:16 The organ or anatomical inventory 16:46 The inevitability of mistakes 18:39 Ways to ensure gender-affirming care in clinic  
What goes into a capacity assessments? Is it just reciting risks, benefits and alternatives? Explore this and more on this At the Bedside Episode! Show notes, Transcript and References: Time Stamps: 2:04 Introduction to decision making 4:12 Choice 8:24 Understanding 11:22 Appreciation 13:58 Reasoning 21:55 Common myths and misconceptions 25:11 When and how to call a psychiatry consult for capacity assessment 27:47 Conclusion Tags: CoreIM, AMA Discharges, Psych, Competency, medical ethics, medical humanties
What are the new guidelines for influenza treatment? What are the diagnostic ratios of flu symptoms and tests? Time Stamps 03:10 The art of diagnosing the flu 05:17 Bayesian statistics and the diagnostic odds ratio 07:09 The ins and outs of diagnostic testing for the flu 08:44 Changes in influenza guidelines - testing and treatment 11:17 The not-so-rosy origin story of neuraminidase inhibitors (NAIs) 13:47 Neuraminidase inhibitors (NAIs), mortality benefit and limitations of studies 15:49Take aways
What is the difference between a case manager and social worker? What are the limitations that social workers and case managers face? How do you create a safe space for the interdisciplinary team? Show Notes and References Get CME-MOC credit with ACP! Time Stamps: 03:54 What are the various roles within a multidisciplinary teams? 10:42 Understanding limitations of social workers and case managers 15:55 The “behind the scenes” paperwork 18:42 Insurance and medications 22:17 Insurance and disposition options 25:08 The importance of creating a safe space for better communication
What are the symptoms? What distinguishes coronavirus from other influenza-like illness? When coronavirus is suspected, what should you do? Show notes and references CME credit: ACP Interactive Learning Module Time Stamps 01:30 Novel parts of coronavirus 03:00 What symptoms do patients present with for the novel coronavirus? 04:22 What distinguishes coronavirus from other influenza-like illness? 05:31 When coronavirus is suspected, what should you do? 07:13 What does testing for coronavirus entail? 09:06 What kind of isolation is required? 10:13 Do patients need to be isolated in biocontainment units? 10:42 What is treatment for the novel coronavirus? 12:30 Potential for vaccines 15:23 What is R0? 17:12 Animal reservoirs with 2019-nCoV, SARS, and MERS 19:18 What should we tell patients for prevention?
How do you learn from diagnostic errors? Walk through a case that the host had initially gotten wrong and uncover possible reasons as why from data gathering to hypothesis generation to the interplay between hypothesis generation and evaluation. Learn interesting tidbits on prior work in medical education around how we think, particularly around diagnostic failures. CME Credit: Time Stamps 02:39 Case Introduction 04:46 Yes/No questions with our first two discussants 18:43 The diagnosis is revealed 21:14 Why did I miss the diagnosis? 27:44 Using diagnostic problem solving to break down the case and understand our errors 30:20 The importance of data gathering 30:49 Introducing our third clinician 34:17 Hypothesis generation 37:11 The interplay between hypothesis generation and evaluation 38:34 The win-stay, lose-shift heuristic 41:33 Cognitive forcing strategies 49:32 Knowledge vs. experience Tags: Dermatology, rash, DRESS, AGEP, varicella
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