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Author: Guido Jansen, Vaimo

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The Core of Commerce Podcast explores the commerce strategies and technological innovations that are driving the growth of the world’s most dynamic industry — eCommerce.
The retail and digital revolutions are well underway, providing businesses with new opportunities to innovate and delight in the name of customer experience. But in an industry that’s forever shifting, how do businesses know where to focus next in their eCommerce strategies?
The Core of Commerce Podcast explores the industry’s hottest topics to inspire you and give you practical tools to improve your commerce business. Host, Guido Jansen, talks to the industry’s brightest minds, who are pushing the boundaries of commerce. From platforms and payments to mobile apps and marketing, and much more, Core of Commerce equips you with cutting-edge knowledge to help you achieve and exceed your digital commerce goals. The Core of Commerce Podcast is brought to you by Vaimo. For actionable commerce advice that your business can start implementing today, see Vaimo’s blog.

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5 Episodes
Together with Phillip Jackson we take the example of Magento 1's End Of Life (EOL), talk about how that's impacting merchants and why you as a merchants (or agency that is serving merchants) - regardless of platform - really need to have a plan when your system is about to get deprecated.
Meet Mark Miano, Executive Vice President of Sales and Partnerships at Glew. Glew takes all of the data available to you and transforms it into a singular structure. Key Takeaways:Why ecommerce businesses need niche data analysis;ETL - extract, transform and load (the keyword being transform);KPIs you should be monitoring;The difficulty of tracking rate of change of LTV over time;How to integrate Glew data analysis into your standard workflow every day;How everyone can start using Glew.
Listen to this episode with Dominic Klein of Shopware as he introduces Shopware 6, the best eCommerce platform available on the market.Key takeaways:Why Shopware became open source;The history of Shopware;The new features of Shopware 6 and how they enhance the UX;Why your choice of eCommerce platform could be hindering your growth;The first stable version of Shopware 6 will launch in December 2019;Why businesses should use eCommerce platforms over marketplaces.
If you’re looking for innovative ways to engage with your customers, listen to learn about RFM modelling with Karl Stone. Key takeaways:What RFM modelling is;Why your business needs it to better understand customers;What KPIs you should look at for your particular business;The biggest challenges that e-commerce managers face;How to automate the RFM process;The common mistakes that people or companies make when using RFM modelling for the first time.
Here's a sneak preview of what you can expect from this podcast in the coming months.
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